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How the Year Looked On Slashdot

cdgeorge timeline (161 comments)

Maybe you should provide your own timeline feature.

about 3 years ago

Russian Hacker Selling 1.5M Facebook Accounts

cdgeorge What about FB? (193 comments)

It's pretty clear to me that the hacker actually broke Facebook security and stole bulk data. Question is, what is Facebook doing about it? Shouldn't they be chasing after this in some way? After all, it's their service I'm using ...

more than 4 years ago

Intel To Challenge Android With Moblin For Mobile Devices

cdgeorge Internet money (108 comments)

The reason for not using Android is of course the Android market. Should Intel want some of that internet money, they need to create their own app market. Which they did.

more than 5 years ago

Google Releases the SDK For Version 1.6 of Android

cdgeorge Re:Why the hate towards bt? (69 comments)

There's no hate, just a matter of time. From http://source.android.com/projects/bluetooth-faq: "Q. When will Java Bluetooth API's be released in an SDK? A. We are not ready to announce a release target for Bluetooth API's. We do understand there is demand for a Bluetooth API, and it is a top priority for the Android Bluetooth team."

more than 5 years ago

After 8 Years of Work, Be-Alike Haiku Releases Official Alpha

cdgeorge 8 years is a long time (411 comments)

Question is: Does anyone care anymore?

more than 5 years ago

Windows 7 Will Be Free For a Year

cdgeorge Hmmm (528 comments)

I bet this will convince some of the PC dealers to ship with Windows 7 instead of XP.

more than 5 years ago

Is Apache Or GPL Better For Open-Source Business?

cdgeorge Re:GPL offered protection from competitors (370 comments)

If you're that afraid you'll loose to competition, than you'd better not open source your code. But, really now, suppose that a new business wants to compete with you by using your own code. This means they'll have to 1. Understand the market 2. Hire/Use existing developers to understand the code and be able to create new features 3. Spend a lot of money to create a competitive brand (Hey, this shiny new thingie i've created for you is the best, and you shouldn't go to those guys i've copied from and know what they're doing) 4. Make sure those code better and faster than yours Leaving all this aside, have you ever seen this in action?

more than 5 years ago

Will Oracle Keep Funding Sun's Pet Java Projects?

cdgeorge Re:Applets are still used for games (234 comments)

I don't think so. Even Yahoo is pulling the plug on their games (e.g. chess) and is using Flash instead.

more than 5 years ago

Anonymous Network I2P 0.7.2 Released

cdgeorge Re:I2P vs TOR (231 comments)

i just googled for the above text by mistake, and google already found the entry comment. Is this fast or what?

more than 5 years ago

NYC Wants Ideas For "Taxi Technology 2.0"

cdgeorge cdgeorge (302 comments)

How about free internet? That would make up for being caught in traffic.

more than 5 years ago

US Electricity Grid Reportedly Penetrated By Spies

cdgeorge Big surprise (328 comments)

I'm sure China and Russia are having the same kind of problem.

more than 5 years ago

WineConf 2005 Sets Deadline for Wine 0.9

cdgeorge Re:I could be out of line... (179 comments)

I guess this is because it's very important to set goals. While the deadline in itself is kind of annoying, one can afford to wait for the perfect software while it has a (better) running version.

more than 9 years ago



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