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NVIDIA Launches Maxwell-Based GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 GPUs

cecom Re: Only 4 displays, sticking to AMD. (118 comments)

If you need six displays for software development, something is seriously wrong with you.


Scotland's Independence Vote Could Shake Up Industry

cecom Re: FUD from start to finish... (489 comments)

Yep, a kickstarter campaign will work miracles for a medical systems startup. Good one.

4 days ago

Python Bumps Off Java As Top Learning Language

cecom Re:The Future's So Bright (415 comments)

Absolutely! OpenSSL should have been written in Python. In fact I am starting a new fork of OpenSSL called PythonSSL - we will be rewriting the codebase in Python to finally improve the performance and get rid of the horrible looseness of the abomination called "static typing" and declaring your variables, replacing it with dynamic typing where bugs are impossible.

about 2 months ago

Google's Definition of 'Open'

cecom Re: Lack of Understanding of Open Source (168 comments)

Pfffft. Who cares? Let's all hate Google. How dare a for profit company not give out everything for free? Those greedy bastards!

Oh, and Google stole all my personal information by showing me ads when I used the services they provide for free in exchange for showing ads. Google's evilness knows no boundaries!

about 7 months ago

Online Shopping: Hazardous To Junk Food's Health

cecom Re: Dear Anthony (151 comments)

You are saying "I am a vegan" as if it is a disease and not your own choice. Nobody is forcing you to be a vegan. If there aren't enough vegan products, the solution is simple: don't be one.

I am in a much more difficult situation myself: I only eat foods which contain meat. I have to tell you, no food producers and no restaurants are sensitive to my needs! Those bastards. I have been asking for meatball bread at my local Safeway for years, but they simply ignore me and laugh at me. Insensitive clods!

about 10 months ago

Scientist Seeks Investment For "Alcohol Substitute"

cecom Re:I Have a Glass of 2006 Ribera del Duero Here... (328 comments)

Oh, please, spare us the pretentiousness. Of course the main reason people drink is to get intoxicated. That is why wine exists. You may like to pretend that you enjoy it purely for the taste, but that is horseshit. As a society we have cultivated a "taste" for wine/single-malt scotch/whatever simply to justify our alcoholism and to make it more varied and fun.

about 10 months ago

Java 8 Developer Preview Released

cecom Re:What do lambdas provide that anon classes do no (189 comments)

I don't dispute that it is useful, but it is less so than it might appear at first sight. IntelliJ IDEA already could automatically collapse anonymous inner classes into lambdas in the IDE, even with Java 6.

The huge disappointment is that they *could* have supported real closures, just like C#. I am not aware of a technical reason not to. But they didn't, and the whole hoopla is about a very mild syntactic improvement, just as generics were.

1 year,7 days

Java 8 Developer Preview Released

cecom Re:What do lambdas provide that anon classes do no (189 comments)

Sadly you are wrong. Java8 lambdas offer nothing over anonymous classes because, unlike C#, they only capture read-only variables, exactly as do anonymous classes. It is a sad joke.

1 year,9 days

Are You Sure This Is the Source Code?

cecom Re:Debian is not just binary (311 comments)

You only see buzzwords because you don't understand the technical differences, not because the technical differences are not there. Debian guarantees a fully reproducible build environment. I can rebuild anything in Debian, even the whole distribution, without any special effort and be confident that I will get exactly the same binaries (modulo timestamps and signatures).

That may or may not be important to you personally, but it is a big deal technically and there is an extraordinary amount of technical details and additional work that goes into achieving it.

about a year ago

Are You Sure This Is the Source Code?

cecom Re:Incorrect suppositions. (311 comments)

The whole point is that the distro build is supposed to be 100% reproducible, with the exception of things like timestamps and signatures. And it is with Debian, as he found out. But not the other distros he tried. And that is a real problem.

Why? naive people might ask. Because that is the only way to verify that a binary is what is claims to be. And is the only way to reliably support and diagnose something. It is shocking how few people on Slashdot realize that.

about a year ago

GNOME 3.6 To Include Major Revisions

cecom Re:Why Linux? (327 comments)

You don't really realize what a premium experience means... I don't want to restart the OS when I install a browser, for example. Don't get me wrong, the Linux desktop has way too many kinks, but the problem with the Windows mono-culture is that people don't even see the huge problems because they are so used to them.

about 2 years ago

Scientists Find Gene That Predicts Happiness In Women

cecom Re:Spoilers (323 comments)

Science doesn't mean what you think it means. It is funny because you are obviously wrong and blatantly biased, yet you persist. You may not like it, or you may have not experienced it if you are a female (for which I am sorry), but for anyone who is not spending time in their parents basement it is very obvious. The number of independent experiments confirm it.

about 2 years ago

How Intuit Manages 10 Million Lines of Code

cecom Re:No offense, but that doesn't sound like a lot (304 comments)

Yeah, right, you wrote, debugged and tested 500 lines per hour for 800 hours... We believe you. Now take your pills, your straitjacket, go back to your room and let the adults talk.

more than 2 years ago

Koobface Malware Traced To 5 Russians

cecom Re:Eastern European Malware (64 comments)

I come from Eastern Europe and I think that it is socially driven. Corruption is so prevalent in absolutely every aspect of life - from traffic tickets to simply buying something in the store. So "white collar" crime like this is socially acceptable.

It is most definitely not economically driven - in Eastern Europe there is a huge hunger for competent developers, so unless Russia is an exception (I doubt it), it is easy to find a legal well paying programming job.

Full disclosure: I left Eastern Europe a long time ago and I am not Russian, but I am extrapolating from my own country.

more than 2 years ago

Women Arrested For Refusing TSA Search of Children

cecom Re:Don't Fly (1017 comments)

The "porno scanners"? Give me a break. You are so scared that somebody is going to see your naked body? Big whoop. What are you ashamed of? This is getting ridiculous.

While I personally do think that the TSA is ridiculously ineffective and this is security theater, I don't get why most Americans are so ashamed of their bodies. It is ... unnatural for lack of a better words. It reminds me of the idiocy surrounding Janet Jackson's nipple. The whole world was laughing. Duh, she is a woman - she has nipples. My mother has them too.

I remember in Europe little girls and boys as old as 5-6 years old used to run completely naked on the beach. Of course in the USA that would be considered "perversion", I guess. The perversion is in fact the exact opposite.

more than 3 years ago

Android Phones More Prone To Hardware Problems

cecom Re:My experience confirms it (220 comments)

It isn't that, I think. The phone is ringing, but the screen remains black so there is no way to answer. Often I have another problem - it can't hang up; just locks up there and only removing the battery fixes it.

In a strange way it is by far the best phone I have ever had, and by far the most unreliable one :-)

more than 3 years ago

Android Phones More Prone To Hardware Problems

cecom My experience confirms it (220 comments)

I love my Nexus One, but I have to say the statistics are probably true. I have to reboot it a couple of times per week - the touch screen stops working, or the screen just turns black when I am receiving or making a call. Sometimes I have to resort to removing the battery. A co-worker with a Nexus One is having similar problems, so it is not that my specific device is defective.

As much as I hate Apple, my wife's IPhone 3GS hasn't had any problems whatsoever and she's had it for longer.

more than 3 years ago

The Longhorn Dream Reborn

cecom Re:Standard modus operandi (254 comments)

No, no, you don't understand. Microsoft does this because they care! Ask any Windows developer :-)

Seriously though, objectively speaking, no matter how ridiculous this technology churn seems to us looking from outside of the Microsoft universe, it does keep people perpetually employed. It feeds not only Microsoft but a huge ecosystem of businesses, consultants, IT experts, MCEs, support stuff, technical book authors, administrators, etc. It is great!

It may look inefficient, but if it was really inefficient, would it continue to exist and be successful in a market-driven economy? Well, of course market rules wouldn't apply if there was a monopolist in the room :-)

Just to show how objective I can be, the constant API churn of the Linux kernel acts in much the same way. And it sucks.

more than 3 years ago



Terrorists and oil rigs

cecom cecom writes  |  more than 3 years ago

cecom (698048) writes "What would happen if terrorists started shooting bazookas at offshore oil rigs? It appears that would certainly be easier than flying planes into them. Are oil rigs well guarded? Are the oil companies liable for the cleanup & etc in case of a terrorist attack? In short, could we easily see the current environmental disaster magnified a hundred times and is there anything we can do to protect against it other than completely banning offshore drilling?"

Twilight of the GPU: an epic interview with Tim Sw

cecom cecom writes  |  about 6 years ago

cecom (698048) writes "At NVIDIA's recent NVISION conference, Sweeney sat down with ArsTechnica's Jon Stokes for a wide-ranging conversation about the rise and impending fall of the fixed-function GPU, a fall that he maintains will also sound the death knell for graphics APIs like Microsoft's DirectX and the venerable, SGI-authored OpenGL. Game engine writers will, Sweeney explains, be faced with a C compiler, a blank text editor, and a stifling array of possibilities for bending a new generation of general-purpose, data-parallel hardware toward the task of putting pixels on a screen."
Link to Original Source

FreeBSD 7.0 overcomes Linux in SMP performance

cecom cecom writes  |  more than 6 years ago

cecom (698048) writes "After major improvements in SMP support in FreeBSD 7.0, benchmarks show it performing 15% better than the latest Linux kernels on 8 CPUs under PostgreSQL and MySQL. While a couple of benchmarks are not conclusive evidence, it can be assumed that FreeBSD will once again be a serious performance contender.

Some posters on LWN have noted that the worse Linux performance could be related to the Completely Fair Scheduler, which was merged into the 2.6.23 Linux kernel."

Link to Original Source

Ubuntu refuses to fix critical hdd bug

cecom cecom writes  |  more than 6 years ago

cecom (698048) writes "Ubuntu has now semi-officially declined to fix the notorious "High frequency of load/unload cycles on some hard disks may shorten lifetime" hard drive bug in a comment attached to the bug report. This bug drastically shortens the life of laptop hard disks and is shared by most, if not all, Linux distributions. The nature of the problem makes it less likely that a fix can easily be developed by the community — it requires coordinated testing on variety of hardware and cooperation from HDD manufacturers. A feat that apparently Microsoft has managed to achieve; reportedly the problem is not present in Windows XP. Debian was among the first to deliver a workaround, however it is not really a solution addressing the core of the problem. On the other hand the "wait-until-somebody-else-fixes-it" attitude of commercial Linux vendors (as is well known Dell uses Ubuntu on its Linux laptops) poses some serious questions."
Link to Original Source



GPL can be retroactively revoked ??

cecom cecom writes  |  more than 7 years ago

This came up in a discussion in RWT. One poster presented very good arguments about why Sun's releasing of Java under GPL is not as great as it seems because Sun can _at any time_ retroactively change the license, thus closing the source again, making distribution illegal, rendering all derived work created under the GPL illegal too.

Sounds almost like FUD, but check out this explanation by a lawyer, especially the section "Why contracts are better than licences":

To quote from the article: "In the context of software licensing, this means that there is nothing that can be done to stop the licensor from changing the licence conditions, including makinq them non-free or withdrawing the software altogether. It doesn't matter if an open source licence claims to be irrevocable. Because the licence hasn't been paid for, it isn't."

This is all seriously f*cked up.

There is some more relevant information in this Wired article:,1367,35258,00.html (on the second page).

Namely two things:

  • The law requires "a written instrument signed by the owner of the rights licensed." So, if you release something under GPL, but you haven't signed a legal document with pen and paper, it is not really valid ??
  • Nonexclusive licenses given for free are generally revocable, even if they purport to be irrevocable. Even if the GPL license is treated as signed and is covered by 205(e), it might still be revocable.

Yet more information here:

And here:

From David McGowan, Professor of Law, University of Minnesota Law School.

Quoting a little: "Termination of rights

[...] The most plausible assumption is that a developer who releases code under the GPL may terminate GPL rights, probably at will.

[...] My point is not that termination is a great risk, it is that it is not recognized as a risk even though it is probably relevant to commercial end-users, accustomed to having contractual rights they can enforce themselves.

The Free Software Foundations GPL FAQ disagrees with the conclusion I reach here. The FAQ asks rhetorically can a developer of a program who distributed it under the GPL later license it to another party for exclusive use and answers No, because the public already has the right to use the program under the GPL, and this right cannot be withdrawn. 89 Similarly, Lawrence Rosen, general counsel to the Open Source Initiative, has stated (in an FAQ on the SCO/IBM case) that Linux is available free, forever. Neither statement addresses the issue I raise here; I am not aware of the legal basis for either statement. I read them as understandable efforts to keep community members from over-reacting to low-probability risks. That may be sensible real-world pragmatism, a question I leave to the entrepreneurs. As a strictly legal matter, however, these comforting statements are too strong.[...]

What would happen if an author terminated GPL rights? If a single rights-holder held all the rights in the program, then termination would stop future F/OSS development of that program; users would no longer have the right to distribute modified versions of the code, or even unmodified copies of the versions they had."

--end quote--

Botom line: if for example Microsoft bought Sun in a hostile takeover Free Java would be dead. Similarly, if Oracle bought MySQL AB. Or if somebody bought Trolltech. Or if Linus Torvalds died and who ever inherited the copyright to his parts of the Linux kernel didn't care about free software.

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