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TrueCrypt Gets a New Life, New Name

cellocgw how about "InvisiFile"? (227 comments)

That's easy to pronounce, and since part of the intent of the encryption software is to present a disk with no evidence of there being an encrypted file, the 'invisibility' part may make sense to the nontechies.

I was going to suggest Data-B-Gone but that's probably trademarked by QVC :-)

2 hours ago

Netropolitan Is a Facebook For the Affluent, and It's Only $9000 To Join

cellocgw (168 comments)

Welcome NewUser003!
We recognize everyone's desire for privacy, so for an additional $5000 you can get "Blocker" which stops even the other club members from seeing your page.

Then, for an additional $5000 you can purchase "UNBlocker," which allows you to see the pages of everyone who bought "Blocker."

(turtles all the way down)


'Why Banana Skins Are Slippery' Wins IgNobel

cellocgw Re:This is asinine in the extreme. (123 comments)

That didn't used to be the criteria. Back in the old days (you young punk...), nearly all the IgNobels were given for completely daft yet published works. Like the Japanese fella who claimed to find microscopic homuncula, or the folks who sold DNA-free fragrance in a double-helix bottle, or measuring people's brainwave patterns while they chewed different flavors of gum.

Nowadays it's all "wait, that actually makes sense after all!" What's the fun in that?


Australian Police Arrest 15, Charge 2, For Alleged Islamic State Beheading Plot

cellocgw Re:lets pump the brakes here and analyze. (161 comments)

you seem to think that there was never a communist threat. As a Western European I am quite glad that communism never came further west than it managed.

First of all, it wasn't "communism," it was Soviet expansionism. And the USSR wasn't even vaguely socialist, let alone communist.

2 days ago

Developing the First Law of Robotics

cellocgw WWED? (164 comments)

That is,

What Would Ender Do?

(You can choose from either his mindset in "Game" or "Speaker")

2 days ago

Developing the First Law of Robotics

cellocgw old OLD news (164 comments)

IIRC, it's in "Red Storm Rising" (Tom Clancy) that a weapons system fails because its algorithm targets incoming missiles based on range, so when two birds have identical range, the algorithm went into a tight loop and never produced a firing solution.

This (and the present "First law" implementation) has nothing to do with morals and everything to do with understanding how to deal with corner cases.

2 days ago

ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children

cellocgw Re:they will defeat themselves (949 comments)

A society that doesn't allow math won't last long.

But on the bright side, they won't know how long they lasted.

3 days ago

High School Student Builds Gun That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint

cellocgw Re:Great one more fail (589 comments)

Call me crazy but none of my firearms accidentally go off.

Standard answers apply here:

1) Yet
2) You're not everyone
3) Many policemen would far prefer that their gun not be useable if someone takes it away from them.

about a week ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

cellocgw Re:No, no. Let's not go there. Please. (903 comments)

If the religious "would shit themselves", then atheism _would_ be a competing "religion", at least in their view.

In fact, to many (not all) of the religious folk I know, that's exactly what atheism is. They can't even comprehend the possibility of just plain NOT believing in a nonexaminable paradigm.

about a week ago

CERN Tests First Artificial Retina Capable of Looking For High Energy Particles

cellocgw oblig (60 comments)

I see what they did there.


about a week ago

Researchers Working On Crystallizing Light

cellocgw more dumb jokes (129 comments)

Just wait until they create Photon-Nine. The entire universe will freeze! aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

about a week ago

Researcher Fired At NSF After Government Questions Her Role As 1980s Activist

cellocgw Re:Wrong Title (499 comments)

that's been drinking way too much cool-aid from the bottom of the deep-end of the pool.

As TNY would say, "Block that metaphor!"

And BTW, it's "Kool-Aid," you insensitive-to-trademarks clod.

about a week ago

Ask Slashdot: What Smartwatch Apps Could You See Yourself Using?

cellocgw moar vibrationz (471 comments)

No, not Rule34, you insensitive clod ^W^W perv.

But for those who wanted their smartwatch to vibrate on incoming messages, why not an app to send you the message, translated into Morse code, via vibration pulses?

about two weeks ago

SpaceX and Boeing Battle For US Manned Spaceflight Contracts

cellocgw Gov't contract award..... bah (123 comments)

While commercial corporations interested in launching their product into space may go with the best price/performance ratio, the chances of a USG contract even being written in a vendor-agnostic manner are slim. It's all about whose district or state the potential money will go.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Smartwatch Apps Could You See Yourself Using?

cellocgw Re:Apple Watch app (471 comments)

Golf would be my choice.
Show me how far I am from the next hole.

Ok, do you want the result in:
1) yards
2) meters
3) Libraries of Congress
4) Strokes

about two weeks ago

Northwest Passage Exploration Ship Found

cellocgw This is a metric for Malaysia Air (80 comments)

Stuff that sinks in the ocean tends to be lost for a long time. Absent a tedious, obsessive magnetometer scan of the Indian and Antarctic Oceans, I would expect the missing airliner to be undiscovered for rather longer than these British ships.

about two weeks ago

In France, a Second Patient Receives Permanent Artificial Heart

cellocgw Re:France? Artificial heart? (183 comments)

I don't suppose the patient's last name happens to be Picard?

No, heart replacement is not what is meant by The Picard Maneuver :-)

about two weeks ago

Unpopular Programming Languages That Are Still Lucrative

cellocgw pfff, pick a truly "less popular" language (385 comments)

Go learn brainfuck and whitespace, and see how many jobs you can get with *those two* under your belt.

(and LolCode, too!)

about two weeks ago

How Astrophysicists Hope To Turn the Entire Moon Into a Cosmic Ray Detector

cellocgw Re:Can we have that in LoC units? (74 comments)

Fine a baseball thrown by a varsity high school player

Is that a European school or a South African school?

(well, somebody had to ask!)

about two weeks ago

Space Station's 'Cubesat Cannon' Has Gone Rogue

cellocgw Re:HAL9000 (143 comments)

Dave's not here, man....

Yea, I know, he's on Europa, at least that's where he's been for the last 4 years or so.. Just go with the flow of the joke... ;)

You damn young kids getting WHOOSHED again by us seniors. Now get offa my C&C LP collection... err, I mean lawn.

about two weeks ago



robocalls with a bucketfull of numbers

cellocgw cellocgw writes  |  about 10 months ago

cellocgw (617879) writes "Over the last few months, I've got multiple calls (on each of the numbers listed below), all with identical pitches selling the same home security system. These calls come thru despite my being on the "national do not call" list. I took a look at the FTC complaint page, but so far as I can tell it'd take me 4 pages' worth of form to report each number. What to do?

How about a new unit for data size?

cellocgw cellocgw writes  |  about a year ago

cellocgw (617879) writes "The explosion in file and memory capacity has led to a plethora of prefixes used for byte size: giga, pata, exa, and so on. Perhaps it's just time to add a "base unit" to the current bit, byte, and word appellations. Perhaps we could define a "Book" (abbreviation: Bk) as one gigabyte, and thus greatly simplify memory-naming requirements."

How the Republicans maintained control of the House

cellocgw cellocgw writes  |  about 2 years ago

cellocgw writes "A statistician over at Fellows Statistics did some analysis to see what factors were most strongly correlated with disparities between popular vote (per state) and the ratio of Democrats/Republicans elected to the House of Representatives. No surprise that the party in control of redistricting ends up on top; or that in recent times, computer-aided Gerrymandering has helped the Republicans maximize the disparity between popular vote and elected seats."
Link to Original Source

Proposed: replace comment score with arachnid graphs

cellocgw cellocgw writes  |  more than 2 years ago

cellocgw writes "Everyone with a slashdot number under 10^8 knows that the "Score: 3(Funny)" probably has a dozen "informative" and "Troll" and "redundant" moderations that aren't visible. How about we plot an arachnid chart, displaying the current number of every possible rating category? That would provide an awful lot more info in a reasonable space, and there would not need to be a max score limit."
Link to Original Source

Holy Softbook Destruction, Batman!

cellocgw cellocgw writes  |  about 4 years ago

cellocgw writes "This morning I went to a few of the many websites which feature the Quran (Koran). I loaded a bunch of webpages and downloaded a pdf copy of the book, then deleted the pdf as well as my browser cache. Does this count as destruction of a holy book? If not, where is the line drawn, seeing as destruction of mass-produced paperbacks apparently is a bad thing to do?"

Is a 9/80 work schedule a good thing?

cellocgw cellocgw writes  |  more than 5 years ago

cellocgw writes "My company is in the process of implementing a version of "9/80," a work schedule which squeezes 80 hours' labor time into 9 business days and provides every other Friday off. I was wondering how this has been implemented in other companies, and how it's worked out for other Slashdot readers. Is your system flexible? Do you find time to get personal stuff done during the week? Is Friday good for anything other than catching up on lost sleep? And perhaps most important, do your managers respect the off-Fridays or pull people in on a regular basis to handle "crises"?"

How to teach friends not to forward hoax email

cellocgw cellocgw writes  |  more than 5 years ago

cellocgw writes "I recently received the "your cell phone number is being given to telemarketers" hoax email from a not-very-technosavvy friend. I fear I reacted rather strongly, sending a reply that was a solid mix of Steve Ballmer and Richard Dawkins to all email addresses on the forwarding chain. While I did suggest they try fact-checking, and listed a bunch of sites like snopes and urbanlegend, I certainly wasn't very diplomatic. So: can you recommend a calm, respectful way to get these folks to learn not to pass along garbage stories?"

Sports injuries caused by breaking rules

cellocgw cellocgw writes  |  more than 6 years ago

cellocgw writes "Well, duhhh: a new study quoted in Science Daily says a large portion of sports-related injuries happen when a rule is broken. Even more amazing (not) is that the percentage of such injuries is far higher in soccer than volleyball. Who would have thought that contact sports were riskier than non-contact sports?"

cellocgw cellocgw writes  |  more than 7 years ago

cellocgw writes "We don't even have to know the picture is there. If there's erotica, we go for it. A recent study found it works for male and females, both hetero and homosexual."



re Brad and rhf comment

cellocgw cellocgw writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Thanks to Lost Race for calling me an old-timer :-).
I feel better already.


cellocgw cellocgw writes  |  more than 10 years ago

So anybody know who purplewalrus(457070) is, or how to contact him/her? PW showed up in my Freaks list and I've never heard of this fella.

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