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Dealing with Extended Warranty Vendors?

centurion Re:Lesson (144 comments)

i purchased my first laptop from best buy in '01. i am now on my 3rd laptop under protection plans. $6800 in machines and i've only paid $2950. the system worked perfectly fine for me. as far as what broke on mine, the lcd was flickering on my first one and the 2nd one the lcd latch broke that kept it closed (they didnt carry the manufacturer anymore so it had to be replaced). i can pretty much guarantee that before my current warranty is out that i'll be getting another one for as much wear and tear i have. people knock warranties all the time but i glad i paid $2950 cause i sure as hell didnt have $6800.

more than 9 years ago


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uh... this is new...

centurion centurion writes  |  more than 11 years ago

wow... this goes to show how much time i have anymore... i dont know this was even here! eek! not to mention that i have bad karma... *sighs* guess its time to start reading more on whats going on with slashdot...

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