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Dell Enters HDTV Market with Plasma Display

cerebralsugar Dell is not an R&D Company (285 comments)

But what does a company built around making inexpensive PCs know about HDTVs?

Answer - Nothing. Dell printers are Lexmark. Dell Notebooks are Acer. Dell plasmas are probably BenQ's or some other cheap import brand with their name on them.

Dell = Excellent marketing company. Excellent PC company, if you count sticking together other companies motherboards and processors as manufacturing. But you can't have your finger in all pieces of the pie at once. They would go broke actually opening a factory for every new product line they delve into.

R&D Department? Dell's R&D per percentage of sales is a fraction of that compared to IBM or HP.

Am I bashing Dell? Hell no, I wish I owned some stock.

more than 9 years ago


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