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Twitter Turns 8; May Drop Hashtags and @replies

cfalcon Re:Only thing I hate about Twitter (96 comments)

Agh, my kingdom for a mod point. This is a very very good point that gets almost no play.

about three weeks ago

Blizzard To Sell Level 90 WoW Characters For $60

cfalcon Re:ruined long ago (253 comments)

Probably haven't killed any heroic raid bosses eh? The grouping part is still there, but it's not as present at the lower levels, or for the simpler things. But if you want to group, there's three tiers that make that mandatory and reward accordingly.

Currently the pve game is: Levelling and dungeons -> dungeons, scenarios at 90 -> LFR -> Flex -> Normal -> Heroic.

Everything from Flex up takes a premade group to succeed with. Heroics take a lot more effort and dedication, etc.

about 1 month ago

Blizzard To Sell Level 90 WoW Characters For $60

cfalcon Re:Is this fun? (253 comments)

As you would expect, some people really like leveling, and that is mostly what they do. Others view it as a regrettable grind that comes with the genre, a cockblock before they can get to the part they like.

about 2 months ago

Blizzard To Sell Level 90 WoW Characters For $60

cfalcon Level 100 is the cap (253 comments)

On live, level 90 is the cap. The for-sale 90s are intended to be brought to the new expansion, which goes up to level 100. Since all the content is at level cap, this move makes some sense. The summary should at least mention that level 100 will be the cap when these things are for sale. Pretending that "the game is the experience of leveling, after which you have won" can be forgiven, but leaving out the actual level cap? Shenanigans.

about 2 months ago

Dogs' Brains Have Human-like "Voice Area"

cfalcon Dogs are best (139 comments)

I love all these studies that constantly come out showing that dogs are, well, loving, loyal, and built to hang around humans. Of COURSE they are. Dogs are domesticated, and like, are the best thing ever.

I would like to see more studies about how flexible these relatively large changes are, and how fast they can occur. We all know about the Russion project to make "dogs out of foxes" by domesticating foxes by choosing them based on friendliness:


Do these little foxes have a section where they are mirroring the dogs? In other words, is this morphological change something that happens when an animal is domesticated into a pet, or are dogs just special because awwwww doggie?

about 2 months ago

E-Sports Gender Gap: 90+% Male

cfalcon Are we supposed to be shamed? (320 comments)

That we like something that other white dudes and asian dudes are into? Fuck no. It's fine. Not everyone has to like every thing. If only white guys like it, that doesn't mean that something must be WRONG with it, or white guys, or that the whole institution is sexist and/or racist.

The NBA isn't very racially diverse, and has 0 sexual diversity. Who gives a fuck?

about 2 months ago

E-Sports Gender Gap: 90+% Male

cfalcon Re:Huh? (320 comments)

Played at high level, sports don't really increase fitness beyond a point, they increase your ability to play in your role. Football players shorten their lives in many ways, and no, not all of them are related to head banging injuries. Is that fitness? For a quarterback, likely. But plenty of the team is about fulfilling a role. Sumo wrestlers don't live long either- sustaining that much muscle (and of course the famous fat) is hard for any body.

Played at a casual level, of course sports offer benefits. Play football with your other sedentary buddies and you will all increase health.

Played at a high level, e-sports don't really increase cognition beyond a point, they increase your ability to play in your role. Starcraft players don't go on to make vast maps in their head, or use their extraordinary decision making skills in some manner, because a role for those explicit cognophysical tricks just doesn't exist outside of video games. Is that intelligence?

Played at a casual level, of course e-sports offer other benefits. Play starcraft with your other non-computer aware buddies and you will all get better at computers, reaction time, decision making, planning ability, and other facets of cognitive health.

about 2 months ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

cfalcon Noscript (2219 comments)

I didn't see anything up there about not needing the perpetually insecure javascript to comment. That's a pretty big deal.

about 2 months ago

Designer Seeds Thought To Be Latest Target By Chinese

cfalcon Surprisingly shitty (164 comments)

I just got the "hey go check out beta" alert. I figured it would be the same with with different underhood. WOW this is shit. And sure enough, I had to enable scripting. Bro, it's fucking COMMENTS. It doesn't need java, or script, or javafuckingscript.

This could be the death of this site. Sad. Been browsing this since early college.

about 2 months ago

Stop Trying To 'Innovate' Keyboards, You're Just Making Them Worse

cfalcon Re: Oh yes (459 comments)

Dvorak is unquestionably better. The only folks who tried to show otherwise had a Bone-Ta-Pick- they were free market types trying to show that QWERTY was not a failure of the market, which it is- it selects for short term gains over long term efficiency.

The thing is, unlike the shitpile keyboards demonstrated in TFA, I can walk up to a QWERTY box and make it Dvorak. Modern OSes memorize by user, so it doesn't shit on the other users of the machine. Sure, the keyboard still LOOKS dumb- older, nicer keyboards let me swap letters around, after all, and newer ones are not yet smart enough to have the letters generated by LCD or whatever- but it's still fully functional for me or someone who likes the masochistic QWERTY bullshit. Changing caps lock to some split thing, fucking around with the rest of the layout for no reason, breaking the keyboard for anyone but a tippy-tappy casual, is fucked up. I game, I program, I write, and all of these demand a real fucking keyboard, not some shit show. 100% agree with TFA, and no, Dvorak is not any manner of counterexample.

You know what key I always have to disable in the registry though? Fucking Windows Key. The auto-lose key in any game, and conveniently placed directly between two constantly hit thumb keys. What a debacle.

about 3 months ago

TrueCrypt Master Key Extraction and Volume Identification

cfalcon Re:LOL "investigators" (222 comments)


I think "attacker" is the better term. The purpose of security is to *work*, we should choose terms that map to that.

about 3 months ago

TrueCrypt Master Key Extraction and Volume Identification

cfalcon Re:In other words (222 comments)

No dude, it PROMPTS you for the password. It's not in the "bootup process", that's the whole point.

about 3 months ago

TrueCrypt Master Key Extraction and Volume Identification

cfalcon Re:Memory dump lol (222 comments)

Truecrypt is used across many platforms. Unlike cryptsetup / loop fun, you can walk it to a windows box, mount and modify, and walk it back.

about 3 months ago

TrueCrypt Master Key Extraction and Volume Identification

cfalcon Re:Why can't encryption be in the SATA controller? (222 comments)

The google terms for this don't gimme shit, sadly. But there is logic stored on the drive that is executed internally- I'm pretty damned sure. It's not firmware in the classic sense (it is stored on parts of the drive that are not exposed externally), and it's complex enough that you definitely don't want to trust it with your encryption.

On this topic, about a year ago a slashdot was on this topic. You can see people shred the stupid fucking idea of trusting encryption that security experts can't inspect:

about 3 months ago

TrueCrypt Master Key Extraction and Volume Identification

cfalcon Re:Why can't encryption be in the SATA controller? (222 comments)

Fuck that bro. You want to trust the private little OS that disks have running in them? If you can't audit the source code, it's crap.

I'm sure they would implement fucking 3DES or some shit and call that secure, or a terrible version of AES that is accidentally on purpose super weak, and that's assuming they don't just cache the fucking keys.

Hardware encryption solutions that you can buy? You have no reason to trust them.

about 3 months ago

Federal Judge Rules Chicago's Ban On Licensed Gun Dealers Unconstitutional

cfalcon Re:Took them long enough... (934 comments)

"An armed society is a polite society" - Robert Heinlein

about 3 months ago

Why Engineers Must Consider the Ethical Implications of Their Work

cfalcon Destruction can be moral (406 comments)

The big difference with medical knowledge being used to torture versus, say, design of a weapon, is that weapons have moral use. Defense is inherently moral, and technology makes that safer and better. Technology used to kill is the same as a sword being used to kill, is the same as a rock- if the man behind the tool is working towards good, defending his nation / family / self, then the action, and the weapon is moral.

Torture, on the other hand, is always wrong. But that doesn't make scalpels evil, or handguns, or rockets.

about 4 months ago

Code.org: More Money For CS Instructors Who Teach More Girls

cfalcon Useless sexist assholes (381 comments)

Sexist assholes hard at work. Ignore the skilled and dedicated boys, we're trying to something something who the fuck knows.

Useless morons. I guess we can write off code.org as being anything but shitsacks.

about 5 months ago


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