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World's Most Powerful Rail Gun Delivered to US Navy

chaoaretasty Re:For some reason (615 comments)

Except that Newton says your boat is underwater afterwards.

more than 6 years ago



crash course in the web for communication depts

chaoaretasty chaoaretasty writes  |  more than 5 years ago

chaoaretasty (701798) writes "I have recently taken on the job of redeveloping the website for a major hospital. Amongst the many things I need to do to actually get the website and backend up I've found that I need to educate the communications team on how to I'm having a lot of trouble convincing them why taking up space on the home page to a certain section because it's what they want to push as a corporate want is a bad idea as it adds clutter for something that users will skim over, why their 30 word sentance that might be fine in a press release won't work in an about us page etc.

Basically I need to slay some sacred cows otherwise no amount of redevelopment will stop it quickly becoming bloated, cluttered and hard to navigate.

I've read some good articles on how people use and look at web sites, discussing how unwanted information just gets in the way and is ignored, articles discussing eyetracking etc. What I can't find is a couple of documents I can give them in their language that explains how websites differ from other media, why certain things that are great in print can be very bad ideas online and how they need to change their thinking in order to create a really good website.

Has anyone else come up against this problem and how did you manage to get past it?"

Moneybomb for civil liberties

chaoaretasty chaoaretasty writes  |  more than 6 years ago

chaoaretasty (701798) writes "It was a sad day for civil liberties when the Senate passed the FISA bill with telecom immunity and a lot of the netroots community have decided that the only way to fight big well payed lobby groups is... with a big well payed lobby group. Strange Bedfellows is a cross party coallition to be a permanent face for civil liberties in Washington with a message that, whether left or right, if you support civil liberties in congress they will support you. To get off to a good start they are planning a moneybomb for August the 8th so if you want to help fight telecom immunity, warentless wiretapping and other encroaches on civil liberty head over and show some support. If nothing else help spread the word and give it a good old fashioned Digg."


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