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Nearly Half a Million Yahoo Passwords Leaked [Updated]

charlieman Re:Plaintext passwords again? (233 comments)

I think I'll start using variations of "FUCKYOUSTOPUSINGPLAINTEXTFORSAVINGPASSWORDS!!!" as my password. Too bad /. only allows 20 characters.

more than 2 years ago

Reaction To Diablo 3's Always-Online Requirement

charlieman Re:It seems good (591 comments)

If the humble bundle has teach me something, it is that 20% of the market of game buyers are Linux users.

I don't think these companies should be ignoring 20% of potential buyers, specially when the work to make it run in Linux is already half done for the Mac.

more than 3 years ago

Law Enforcement Wants To Try 'Predictive Policing'

charlieman Will it work? (377 comments)

Criminals could just commit crimes in places they usually don't. Or choose at random. Actually, if the police starts putting more officers in the crime ridden part of town, that means the other parts will be easier targets.

more than 3 years ago

Best Resource For Identifying Legit Applications?

charlieman Re:Does the vendor make md5 or sha1 hashes availab (255 comments)

Compare that to a clueless windows user who hasn't updated anything since he got the computer...
Usually people who want the latest version of something is because they need certain functionality it brings. The clueless person will conform with just having the application.

Default repositories could satisfy the clueless users perfectly.

more than 4 years ago

Best Resource For Identifying Legit Applications?

charlieman Re:The repositories dummy. (255 comments)

I'm not a windows user, but whenever I'm forced to use it, I really miss the package manager.

One would though that with so many users, some of them could get together create a dpkg/synaptic-like program and make a repository with all the free software available for windows. It could also contain scripts for installing freely downloadable software that can't be redistributed. Heck, they could also allow some password based solution for software vendors who want users to get updates easily adding their repository.

more than 4 years ago

Designing the Computer UIs In Movies

charlieman Death Note (371 comments)

The made it interesting showing a guy writing on a notebook.

more than 4 years ago

Canadian Blood Services Promotes Pseudoscience

charlieman Re:Not surprising. (219 comments)

People all over the world take age/maturity serious.

How come the amount of revolutions the earth gives around the sun can determine if you are eligible for drinking, having sex or driving?

more than 4 years ago

Ubuntu Reaching Out To 16,000 Anime Lovers

charlieman Re:There is one problem, though (293 comments)

rule 34 anyone?

Ubuntu's next version: Sexy Schoolgirl

Tentacles will come by their own...

more than 4 years ago

Google Offering Print Versions of Online Books

charlieman Re:No thanks. (147 comments)

On other news, good bye trees!

about 5 years ago

The Hidden Cost of Using Microsoft Software

charlieman Re:Only Proprietary? (691 comments)

Real world companies use NPV (Net Present Value) instead of TCO. The only reason they make comparisons in TCO terms is because free software wins in NPV.

more than 5 years ago

MS Suggests Using Shims For XP-To-Win7 Transition

charlieman Re:I know you slashdotters hate to hear it (316 comments)

Yeah of course, but in GNU/Linux mostly you don't need to pay to upgrade so you barely need backwards compatibility.

Also, is this some sort of privileges sandbox?

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Downplays IIS Bug Threat

charlieman Re:WebDAV used much? (114 comments)

"I'm right until you prove me wrong" ?

more than 5 years ago

The Dangers of Being Really, Really Tired

charlieman Re:"Shockingly"?? (469 comments)

It's so shocking it will leave me sleepless.

more than 5 years ago

Usenet Group Sues Dutch RIAA

charlieman Re:Recollection (90 comments)

and of course, the lawyers always win

more than 5 years ago

Artificial Ethics

charlieman Re:I prefer (210 comments)

I think your 0 and 1 are the same thing...

more than 5 years ago



Should players be penalized for errors made by the developers?

charlieman charlieman writes  |  about 2 years ago

charlieman (972526) writes "Yesterday ArenaNet banned players for exploiting an error in their new game Guild Wars 2. The so called exploit was in fact an error on ArenaNet's side, leaving weapons at a low price from some vendors. Players saw this and started making profits buying and selling the items.
Should players be penalized for errors committed by the game developers? Taking in account that the game is fairly new, the economy hasn't stabilized yet and most don't know the value of things. Today they've given these players a "second chance", but shouldn't they be apologizing instead?"

Link to Original Source


charlieman has no journal entries.

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