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Miro Public Preview 2 Released

chatooya chatooya writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Nicholas Reville writes "The Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF) has released a major update to the F/OSS cross-platform application Miro. Public Preview 2 includes OPML support, better crash reporting, and lots of bug fixes and tweaks. PCF, which is leading the charge for open video distribution, has concurrently published a pitch for creators to offer video RSS for their content: "To preserve choice and flexibility for creators, it is crucial that video RSS be at the center of internet video... Even the largest broadcast networks like NBC or CBS are vulnerable if their primary distribution platform is proprietary.""
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chatooya chatooya writes  |  more than 7 years ago

chatooya writes "OpenCongress is a new website that brings together multiple public data sources about Congress into a clear, simple package. If you've ever tried to look up a bill on the official thomas.gov, you'll know why this is badly needed. The new site offers multiple RSS feeds for every bill, every member of Congress, and dozens of issue areas — want to track the latest actions on technology bills? Just get the feed. It also aggregates blog posts and news articles for every bill so that you can follow the public debate. And, of course, you can track the campaign donations the make the whole system go. The site software is open-source software, built as a joint project of Participatory Politics Foundation (founded by the same folks that make Democracy Player) and the Sunlight Foundation."

chatooya chatooya writes  |  more than 7 years ago

chatooya writes "A major new version of Democracy Player — the cross-platform FOSS video player + RSS downloader + video organizer — was released today. Democracy Player has been growing very quickly over the past year and is trying to stake a claim in the online video world for open source and open standards."

chatooya chatooya writes  |  more than 8 years ago

chatooya writes "I'm Executive Director of the non-profit that makes Democracy Player, the cross-platform, GPL, video RSS reader that's built on VLC and Mozilla. I recently wrote an article about why openness matters for online video as much as it does for the web, and why that openness is threatened. From the article: "How do you avoid a world where YouTube is the arbiter of all video content? You do it by centering the video experience around viewers rather than around video hosting companies... when you talk about open-source, open-standards, Firefox, net-neutrality, xhtml/css, blogosphere and netroots, you should also be talking about video over RSS." Mike Hudack who runs the video hosting service Blip.tv wrote this response.

note to editors about the credibility of this story: democracy is the most popular video rss reader and an interview with me was posted on slashdot a couple years ago: http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/08/26/18 2205"


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