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Cybersecurity Czar Job Is Useless, Says Spafford

chazd1 The position type is better known as (104 comments)

an "organizational attenuator".

Someone has to dampen energy that might elsewise get into the mechanisms that matter to the the alphas.

more than 5 years ago

No Hand-Held Devices In Ontario Cars

chazd1 What About my 2meter handheld? (584 comments)

What about microphones for the police? I get it. The police are more professional and mentally equipped to handle the additional multitasking. Please don't try this at home. Go about your business.

more than 5 years ago

Where Should We Focus Our Space Efforts?

chazd1 Re:The Moon (703 comments)

The colonization efforts will be just like Antarctica without air.

Without fuel in antartica there would be no water.

more than 5 years ago

The Case For Mandatory Touch-Typing In High School

chazd1 AhHah! You have a smoking gun! (705 comments)

Let us consider that the schools in which you are talking about having this mandate is in our public school system (AKA Socialized School). Of course this mandate will never happen. It should, but it won't. I bet dollars to donunts our private schools already have made this mandate.

I can't help but think that we may be in a similar situation with health care if that becomes socialized.

How would you like having a claim turned down for a preventative gene test early in life that will be a precuror or something that helps your health success many many years from the date of the test.

more than 5 years ago

The Myths of Security

chazd1 It's the soft stuff on the inside. (216 comments)

It is a common understanding that the weakest link in information security is people. Until we are able to tell what people are thinking and protect ourselves from either their malice or ignorance it will be a problem.

Education of users is clearly a fundemental pillar in information security. I am sure social engineering schemes will continue to improve in their effectiveness in exploiting vulnerabilities.

Working againist this cause is that no one will be able to concretely say that an information security program created revenue (except of security product suppliers). The only real hook that keeps executives funding security is the criminal and civil exposure they deal with. Keeping the execs out of jail is worth funding.

more than 5 years ago

AOL Picking Up Journalists Shed By Conventional Media

chazd1 The Big Media-of-Media Shift (94 comments)

I think this is pretty big news.

It seems just like when Virgin Atlanic airlines took advantage of complacent and poorly managed (at the top) Pan Am Airlines and cherry picted talent. Look who is around now. I think we may finally be seeing the shift in media from print to web for newspapers. It is a big ship and it takes time. Industries reinvent themselves, sometimes as other companies.

more than 5 years ago

Navigating a Geek Marriage?

chazd1 Expert Criteria (1146 comments)

Consult experts, those who have been married several times. You know how repetition sets the learning experience.

Oh Yeah. Have lots of sex. And explore sexual frontiers together. It is not what you do today. It is about what you look forward to tomorrow.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Uses Human Computing Game To Tune Bing

chazd1 Phrasing Please! (119 comments)

The director of this department is Alex Trebeck.

When they happen on an AVI or WAV the score is doubled.

The final round consists of a handwritten query and a wager of how many hits the target query will actually manifest.

It is all so exciting. Exciting enough on which to base a TV show!


Drive Fast. Take chances.

more than 4 years ago

What If the Apollo Program Had Continued?

chazd1 Simularities Bizzaro World (389 comments)

We would still be driving around the planet in gasoline driven speedsters.

We would not have not cured world hunger.

We would have more than enough nuclear warheads to destroy the planet.

Wars would not have been abolished.

The 747 wouldn't still be the largest airliner.

Oh yeah.. wait a minute, where have I been?

more than 5 years ago

For Airplane Safety, Trying To Keep Birds From Planes

chazd1 Duh. (368 comments)

I mean the technology exists already. What do you think the dish in front of NCC-1701 is for?

more than 5 years ago

Classic Books of Science?

chazd1 it Kant be science (451 comments)

C'mon.. from the best selling Author of the Golden Rule. "The Critique of Pure Reason" Immanual Kant

It is not the easiest read, but the discussion of the nature of scientific thought is provoking.

How do you know when it is really science? How can you be so sure? Slash-dotters are so sure.


more than 5 years ago

How Do You Document Technical Procedures?

chazd1 Underappreciated (401 comments)

There are many skills in this area that stay the same through the technology bubble we are witnessing in information technology. When you write you need two things. 1.) Purpose 2.) Target audience.

Concentrating on Audience for this reply... a very good technique is to use a "personna" or "profile." Create a fictious person providing an age, gender, education level, personal habits and so on. You then write that that target. Of course, not everyone who reads will fit in the personna exactly, but your personna will will have a bell curve associated of applicability to other audiences. Agree on the personna with all who are contributing material.

It works almost like magic.

more than 5 years ago

New York Wants To Tax Internet Downloads

chazd1 Welfare state (485 comments)

New York is a welfare state.

It is real condition http://mises.org/story/2225

OUR system needs fuel in form of money. Anything that can be considered (at least to a tipping point) as a social negative will be taxed like crazy to keep the machine running. It is a process like perpetual motion. It will attrify and die eventually unless we come to our senses and correct the current system.

Tax revolt NOW!

more than 5 years ago

Students Call Space Station With Home-Built Radio

chazd1 Re:Not a first (330 comments)

It is a dissapointment that the frequency and mode were not described in the article, esp. since it was a science article. The frequency, mode, power and antenna certainly provide "a never been done before" criteria.

Ham radio was and still is at the forefront of comunications technology. This article describes a simple publicity stunt to promote a particular school.

73's N2TYQ

more than 5 years ago

Do Nice Engineers Finish Last In Tough Times?

chazd1 Productivity (613 comments)

In a well run company the engineer is graded through both quanity and quality of output. Being a nice guy (if slanting the outcome) will be a plus in not loosing their job.

Everybody wantes to be around a good guy, bosses and co-workers alike.

about 6 years ago

O'Reilly Interview Digs Into the Tech of Storm Chasing

chazd1 Related to Saul Wurman, yes (64 comments)

You may find it interesting that Joshua is the son of Saul Wurman. The Information Design icon. His dad coined the term Information Architecture!

more than 6 years ago

Talk-Powered Cell Phones Won't Need Batteries

chazd1 Sceptical to say the least. (197 comments)

OK. Do some simple math. Let's say the RF output of the phone (radio) is 250 mw (low). The generaly rule of thumb is that the power in to an RF stage is twice that of the output. So we need 1/2 watt to power the rf amplifier. The voice out of a human lets say is 1 watt. Again the efficiency is not 100%. Let's say it is again 50 % or 1/2 watt. That is doable you say? Well, everyone knows there is no free lunch in radio, physics or insurance salesman. Look at the duty cycles, the voice is not 100% duty cycle. The radio will be closer to a 100% duty cycle than voice because of channel overhead. Given the need to power the receiver, the modulator, the LCD screen, the microprocessor, there is no way it will work. Interesting concept. But not for another 50 years.

more than 6 years ago

Is Windows 7 Faster Or Just Smarter?

chazd1 Re:Worse than that. (619 comments)

Having worked in marketing and well as puely technical roles it is clear as a bell what is going on here.

When new product uptake isn't up to projections the marketing dept. has a few options. One of the options in its arsenal is to "relaunch". Windows 7 is clearly a "relaunch" of Vista. With all the development time and Money put into Vista don't think for a second that they can develop yet another code base in a fraction of the time. It is the same product with a different name.

Relaunches are used when there is a perceived problem in the marketplace and the engineering dept.says the product is sound.

more than 6 years ago

Low-Bandwidth, Truly Remote Management?

chazd1 Control the power. (215 comments)

I think it is important that you have all the equipment you can on IP addressable Ethernet Power strips so you can physically cycle the power remotely independent of higher level computer control. Something like this: Power Strip

There is no substitute for the ability to toggle the most significant bit--for sure.

It sound like this is for Science in Antarctica.

more than 6 years ago


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