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Ask Slashdot: Is Running Mission-Critical Servers Without a Firewall Common?

cheater512 Re:Fire(wall) and forget (341 comments)

"Yes of course we have a firewall installed on the server"
"Err but is it actually enabled?"
"Nope, this security checklist just said it needed to be installed"

Doing something for no particular reason is really really stupid.
Firewalls aren't magical bits of software that block security threats with zero configuration you know.


35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'

cheater512 Re:The American Dream (561 comments)

Any hey presto the problem has been isolated.

People will take financial advice from a talk show. And they think the lottery is a good investment. Etc...

2 days ago

LibreSSL PRNG Vulnerability Patched

cheater512 Re:This is not how you inspire confidence (151 comments)

Is there no other way for it to be exploited? Is that contrived example the easiest way to demonstrate it, or is it provably the ONLY way to exploit it?

about two weeks ago

Coming Soon(ish) From LG: Transparent, Rollup Display

cheater512 Re:Almost a million megapixels! (64 comments)

Sssh! Don't give them ideas!

"Your monthly fee is $1000 cents."

about two weeks ago

Alcatel-Lucent's XG-FAST Pushes 10,000Mbps Over Copper Phone Lines

cheater512 Re:However this begs the question.... (149 comments)

The latency isn't a by product of DSL technologies. It is caused by Interleaving.
If you are happy with a slightly slower connection, you can get lower latency but it must go slower to prevent errors.
Its usually a setting on your router, with Interleaving always enabled by default.

about three weeks ago

Netflix Could Be Classified As a 'Cybersecurity Threat' Under New CISPA Rules

cheater512 Re:Ob (125 comments)

Why go to TPB daily? Why not just use Sickbeard which will get your shows for you automatically?

about a month ago

NOAA: Earth Smashed A Record For Heat In May 2014, Effects To Worsen

cheater512 Re:It's about time (547 comments)

"I believe" at the start of your sentence? Slashdot doesn't generally tolerate religion very well you know.

about a month ago

NOAA: Earth Smashed A Record For Heat In May 2014, Effects To Worsen

cheater512 Re:It's about time (547 comments)

Thats strange. The appearance of facts generally doesn't stop Fox at all.

about a month ago

Court Releases DOJ Memo Justifying Drone Strike On US Citizen

cheater512 Re:Comrade (371 comments)

So....the US is even more oppressive against it's citizens than Soviet Russia?

Good work guys. How is that revolution going?

about a month ago

Improperly Anonymized Logs Reveal Details of NYC Cab Trips

cheater512 Re: Data Security Officer (192 comments)

What part of the story used ANY precomputed rainbow tables? None.

salt + "1234", if you know the "1234" then its a tiny brute force to get the salt.

about a month ago

Researchers Unveil Experimental 36-Core Chip

cheater512 Re:Different Power Supply Voltage (143 comments)

Add an extra atom. Pretty simple. No reason why it has to be 3 atoms thick.

In fact I hear that a few years ago the smallest features were hundreds of atoms! Who knows how they managed to deal with this tricky issue of higher voltages.

about a month ago

Harley-Davidson Unveils Their First Electric Motorcycle

cheater512 Re:Nice looking bike... (345 comments)

Didn't you know? Looking like a damned fool is compulsory for 'green' modes of transport.

about a month and a half ago

Unicode 7.0 Released, Supporting 23 New Scripts

cheater512 Re:The larger, the less useful (108 comments)

There is no such thing as fragmentation with Unicode. Most fonts only implement a small portion of it however.

If Microsoft and Apple both decide to implement 'Linear A' for example, they will do it with different fonts but using the same codepoints.

about a month and a half ago

"Super Bananas" May Save Millions of Lives In Africa

cheater512 Re:And hippies will protest it (396 comments)

Ahhh anecdotal evidence. The best kind.
Wait no that's not right. That is the most irrelevant kind possible.

By definition, the people who go to food banks aren't starving. Duh.
That is the system working.

about a month and a half ago

Judge Orders DOJ To Turn Over FISA Surveillance Documents

cheater512 Re:OCA (184 comments)

What would the terrorists that are (apparently) lurking behind every corner want?

Yep. They wouldn't give a rats ass about efficiency if it is in the middle of New York City.

But it probably would have been done already if there were the terrorists everywhere. Oh and the boogey man under the bed isn't real either.

about a month and a half ago

Judge Orders DOJ To Turn Over FISA Surveillance Documents

cheater512 Re:OCA (184 comments)

Anyone who hasn't figured out how a regular nuclear weapon works is an idiot. Its surprisingly crude.
You just need the time, money and material.

about a month and a half ago

Gecko Feet Inspire Hand-Held Spider-Man Paddles

cheater512 Re:Uh Oh! Here comes Iron Man (64 comments)

There was also walking on water like some lizards and insects do, but no not quite similar.

Van der Waals force isn't exactly a myth though, just a job for materials science.

about 1 month ago

Latin America Exhausts IPv4 Addresses

cheater512 Re:Any good hoster in Africa ? (197 comments)

I can't imagine connectivity to Europe, the US or Australia would be particularly good from anywhere other than Egypt.

Why do you need IPs? They aren't hard to get if you have a actual reason. (I'm a owner of a /24)

about 1 month ago


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