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Printers Could Be the Next Attack Vector

chef_raekwon sigh. nothing to see here. move along .. (175 comments)

this has been a possibility for quite some time (in the tens of years) - having worked in said industry many years ago. I suspect that these 'researchers' finally realized this, and needed some press in our economic downturn. Anything that is connected to 'them there intertubes' could, in theory (and likely in practice) be 'the next vector'.

about 3 years ago

Mario's Raccoon Suit Enrages PETA

chef_raekwon thought I'd be witty .. (491 comments)

and post about the 'People Eating Tasty Animals' .. blah blah.

Apparently after a quick search, I've realized there are more folks eating tasty animals, than those that are against such preposterous notions (preposterous to them, of course. not me, I eat lamb).

more than 3 years ago

I Name My Servers After:

chef_raekwon Cuban Cigars! (722 comments)

Romeo *my laptop* - Julieta *wifes laptop*

more than 3 years ago

Cocaine Found At Kennedy Space Center

chef_raekwon only 2 scenarios (276 comments)

only 2 real scenarios that my feeble mind can comprehend from this.

1 - someone dislikes the NASA program, enters Space center .. places bag at nice sorta easy place to be found .. bam, discredit.
2 - astronaut wants to take some coke to space, as he/she cannot stand sleeping in space (is that a pun?), or having the latest Russian/American/(insert country here, really) creep watch you sleep. at the last second before take off .. said astronaut loses nerve, ditches the drug, hops on the shuttle .. and heads into the history books. bam, someone who dislikes NASA program finds coke.

my 2 cents.

more than 3 years ago

Chrome Is the Third Double-Digit Browser

chef_raekwon Domestic Cars lose ground to Foreign Imports! (299 comments)

Every time I read about browser wars, it reminds me of the domestic cars in the 60s/70s .. leading into the 90s and new millenia. More and more, domestic cars lose ground to better made, better driven imports -- and we as consumers see the benefit. All that was really required was a little competition, and education.. domestics will get better slightly, then hit bankruptcy, then come out of bankruptcy with a viable product. If we transpose that onto the browser wars, MS will have a decent product in about 5 years, but will have completely lost face and market share to just about every foreign maker imaginable.

just some odd thought/ramble. cheers

more than 3 years ago

Protect Your Pre-1997 IP Address

chef_raekwon Re:Seriously? (275 comments)

you mustn't understand how companies deal with their capital expenditures, and replacement costs of infrastructure.

a company is going to replace network gear typically every 5 years or so. same company may replace servers every 3 years depending on need/workload.
those replacements are typically spelled out 6 months prior to the year in which they are replaced, and the new cost is put into the capex. capex goes through approvals, and typically gets a nice little chop because IT wants to add/replace too much. capex goes back to IT Director, who plays with the numbers, removes a few upgrades, sends capex upward for approval.

once approved, engineers are going to replace gear that will benefit the organization for the next 3 to 5 years, where the cycle will repeat itself. and because the spend is kept artificially low, only the most deserving pieces get the money.

why would engineers think to deal with IPv6 if IPv4 is not a real pressing issue when upgrading? the pressing issue is going to be the pressure to lower latency, remove bottlenecks, and scale bandwidth. when your boss(es) are breathing down your neck because you dropped 500K on some new gear, the last thing you're thinking about is solving the internet's (someone else's) problems.

about 4 years ago

Oracle Solaris 11 Express Released

chef_raekwon Re:Wait, what? (160 comments)

well .. admittedly 'IBM Solaris' sounds worse -- we're left with the lesser of two evils I guess.

more than 4 years ago

OpenSolaris Governing Board Dissolves Itself

chef_raekwon Re:And nobody cared.... (198 comments)

yes, too big for RHEL. Running RHEL on RISC = dumb. Running Solaris on RISC/SPARC (read M4000/M5000) = bankable.

more than 4 years ago

NetApp Threatens Sellers of Appliances Running ZFS

chef_raekwon Re:They're afraid of ZFS (231 comments)

my my - more AC BS.

when you require actual performance from your storage (in the environs of 6k-10k+ iops), please come back with some money in your hand.

  -- IT Management

more than 4 years ago

NetApp Threatens Sellers of Appliances Running ZFS

chef_raekwon Re:They're afraid of ZFS (231 comments)

While people are buying $250,000 NetApp installations, the exact same hardware, performance and connectivity will go for $5000 of high-end hardware and a couple of hours work with ZFS

lies. having worked in this industry for far too long, when I see bullshit claims like this, I have to call it. There is no way in hell you will get multiple trays of 15k rpm FCAL storage and redudant FAS controllers for 5k, I dont care if you're Samuel Jackson in the negotiator.

I run multiple datacenters with emc, hp and netapp filers -- if you pay 250k for a netapp installation, you're pretty much getting what you pay for. what you're paying for is IOPS, disk caching, and throughput. You can turn to just about any storage provider, you will pay the same price for similar enterprise grade hardware. All I ask is that when you're stringing your two cans together, you leave out the reference to how alike it is to a 'real enterprise grade' product -- because talking about petabytes of SATA isn't even in the same continent, let alone the same country.

more than 4 years ago

The Go-Anywhere Cyber Cafe In a Shipping Container

chef_raekwon Re:Cargo cult (145 comments)

the funniest part is that you 're-used' the Solaris installer for your funny post. I wonder if it was keyboard-only driven.

more than 4 years ago

The End Of Gravity As a Fundamental Force

chef_raekwon Re:Stop posting articles from arXiv! (650 comments)

Well, that's a little bit like saying, "I lost a quarter over there by the wall, but I'm searching here because it's got better lighting"

There was this time period, way back when, when a couple guys with names like Kepler and Galileo, decided to look at planetary motion in a different light, taking it from a 'different angle' of the hows/whys celestial bodies would appear to spin in the night sky. maybe I'm off base, but sounds pretty much like someone looking at this in a different light, proposing a different theory that lines up with the cosmos.

more than 4 years ago

Easing the Job of Family Tech Support?

chef_raekwon .-[insert easy way for tech support here]-. (932 comments)

lots and lots of suggestions -- and i may have missed it above - but just cut an image of the system, in a ready to use state. use that ghost thing, bam bam, youre done. next time moron get system all bitched, wipe it clean in about 10 minutes.

more than 5 years ago

Where Should We Focus Our Space Efforts?

chef_raekwon Re:The Moon (703 comments)

people, people, people. I watched 'Contact' last night. I say we just build a whirly thingy (x2, in case some crazy lunatic with a creepy stare blows one up) and worm hole it everywhere, like to Vega. Profit!

more than 5 years ago

How Do You Manage Dev/Test/Production Environments?

chef_raekwon senor nebuloso (244 comments)

this is such a nebulous question. you want your dev/qa/pre-prod to emulate your production environment as much as possible. this subject in itself could fill a book on best practices, techniques, and the like. Easiest said by saying: keep all developed code separate from 3rd party application code. packages/versioning/repositories are a good start. make things relocatable, have one installer, and have it take multiple environmental variables. ie - make environment variables 'run time', don't make the same mistake everyone makes - and make them 'build-time'.

Best of Luck.

more than 5 years ago

Japan's Cell Phones May Get DRM, At Music Industry Behest

chef_raekwon Good Lord! (189 comments)

the skillz market for hacking phones just went up again. when will these music industries/RIAJ/RIAA/etc ever learn from Amazon/Ebay/etc? Its all about customer experience. This may be the same reason why top100 music generally licks balls.
my 2 cents.

more than 5 years ago

The Amazing World of Software Version Numbers

chef_raekwon every build engineer has .. (321 comments)

likely responded to this, and so shall I.

as part of the scm world -- i like to be true to a real dotted quad notation when referring to build versions. i've never really built code that is deployed to the public world .. only code used on company production servers for public consumption (mostly java based web sites, and middleware) = Major level 1, Minor level 2, Patch 3, Build 4.

Major = major release. no longer compatible with previous versions.
Minor = minor release, still compatible with previous versions (with same Major)
Patch = the number of patch builds required to get to latest production patched code
Build = the daily build number. increments by 1 until dev/qa is complete, and code is released to Staging servers.

build numbers stop, once patching starts. the patching denotes the patch to last known good build.

ie -- dev/qa releases should always be num.num.zero,buildnum. (
once released to staging - and if a patch is required -- the rev increments as such for the first patch - second patch, and so on.
once in production -- wait until next release.

if code is released to the public, and not running on a company's servers -- always drop the build number. so, if you're delivering binaries to the public, cut it down to 1.2.2 and deliver your rpm/pkg/deb, etc to the world.

if this confuses you, im available for hire at your location. references available upon request. :p

more than 5 years ago

Researcher Trolls MMO, Surprised When Players Hate Him

chef_raekwon Re:Being an asshole makes people angry, film at 11 (895 comments)

sorry dude -- and not to downplay what the original post is about...but i played JK2, and the rest of the game sucked ass. The only decent part *was* the sabering .. so, playing on a server where getting into duels was pretty much the best part. If you honestly wanted to shoot a guy (who happened to be running around with a saber) with a pistol .. it turned into the proverbial 'knife to a gun fight'. saberists didnt stand a chance .. and it ruined the game so to speak. infact, it just turned the coolness of having a saber into unreal tournament without the headshots.

and who wanted that?

more than 5 years ago


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