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For New Zealanders, No More Phones as Sat-Nav Devices

chelroms great (364 comments)

just great... but it can avoid accidents and can help accidents... http://www.techandgizmo.com/

more than 5 years ago

4-Winged Proto-Bird Unearthed in China; Predates Archaeopteryx

chelroms wow (140 comments)

this is cool i thought only cabal online has this animal but this true... http://www.techandgizmo.com/

more than 5 years ago

AU Government To Build "Unhackable" Netbooks

chelroms Unhackable what??? (501 comments)

their is no way it cant be hack.... there are many bright brains in the world and they cant read them all.... their is one joke i knew hack the automated Poll machine in the Philippines and Sen. Cayetano will give you 100million pesos philippine money... she had big trust on the machine she didn't even know hackers are analyzing it now... http://www.techandgizmo.com/

more than 5 years ago

Google Barks Back At Microsoft Over Chrome Frame Security

chelroms hmmm (150 comments)

the two big companies is getting very serious about this... lets see whats next... i am interested about this two... http://www.techandgizmo.com/

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Says Google Chrome Frame Makes IE Less Secure

chelroms hey microsoft (459 comments)

hey Microsoft you always pushing your company too hard don't dictate us which one would we choose... if some love google ok make that as a challenge make yours more advanced than theirs so that we chose you in the world today its full of challenges... http://www.techandgizmo.com/

more than 5 years ago

Best Tablet PC For Classroom Instruction?

chelroms just a suggestion (176 comments)

i've been studying and searching for good devices.... i only recommend to read on this site maybe the one you are fits the gadgets in here... here yu go mr. dosert...http://www.techandgizmo.com

more than 5 years ago


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