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Consumer Reports Says Tesla Model S Is Best Overall Vehicle

chelunick Re:"Green" (318 comments)

Ummm I drove the model S several times and it's handling isn't top notch, it is slack , vague and inert and gives no actual feel of the road your wheels are on. It is very deceptive. The car is also too low, prone to scrapes and bottom slappers and try driving it up hill and it will empty those batteries in very little time. The ride is also too flat. It's comfortable but again, deceptive and gives of surreal feeling of insecurity. The Model S is far from being a genuinely great car. It is hardly a car to start with, it's just an expensive gadget. Many people praise the car, and then drive home in something else and I am willing to bet so did the editor from CR. It is rather surprising , though, how popular the thing is here on /. It's like someone gets paid to advertise Tesla here.

about 7 months ago

Lawsuit: Oracle Called $50K 'Good Money For an Indian'

chelunick Don't huit mah feeweengs (409 comments)

Yes, the exchage was a little crass but it is nothign new and the reaction is ridiculous. Grow a friggin pair and thiken up that hide. This hypersensitive society is doomed to .. doom us all.

about 8 months ago

Soviet Union Spent $1 Billion On "Psychotronic" Arms Race With the US

chelunick cheap (230 comments)

I know it might sound a lot but there are indications US military spent that ammout on a a few toilet seats and a hammer

about 9 months ago

NHTSA Tells Tesla To Stop Exaggerating Model S Safety Rating

chelunick Is this iApple 2.0 ? (284 comments)

It is unbelievable what a cult like atmosphere happens on /. every time the subject of that "car company" and it's "glorious leader" comes up. It's like the iApple "revolution" of early 2000 .. .except back them the dumb masses were the ones adulating iJobs and "his" creations. What the heck is going on with the nerds today? In my day we had no problem seeing evil for what it is and Tesla, the car company, is no bueno. And , just a question, how many of you actually owns that hateful thing .. or at least how many of you have driven it? As for the article at hand, Musk is banking on the same principles iApple and others have done it before him : people are vain, people are stupid, and if you lie beautifully and show them shinny lights and smooth surfaces, people will believe anything you tell them .. Case in point: the comments on here. Maybe in some tests the car of doom fared better than some of the markers NHTSA has, but so did other vehicles before. Yet I never saw VW claiming “5.2 stars” for their Jetta or any other nonsense. Y'all needs to relax .. none of this is under any of your control ... sit back , relax.. and think a little before wetting your undies trying to defend filthy rich douches who couldn't care lee of your existence .. if they were aware of it.

about 9 months ago

Tesla Model S Can Hit (At Least) 132 MPH On the Autobahn

chelunick Re:It can drive? (410 comments)

I don't know the exact number but my, now defunct, 2003 SAAB 95 Aero could do that. It was geared especially for mid-range acceleration. I am sure there are plenty sub $60K sedans that can match that feat. And you don't have to look like a douche in them :)

about 10 months ago

Tesla Model S Can Hit (At Least) 132 MPH On the Autobahn

chelunick Re:WTF? (410 comments)

I was on the phone, probably touched somehting I wasn't suppoed to.

about 10 months ago

Tesla Model S Can Hit (At Least) 132 MPH On the Autobahn

chelunick Re:It can drive? (410 comments)

ooooooh my deepest apologies for my ignorance. How dare I misspell something .At least I don't use auto-correct on the phone. And no, 210kmh is not respectable in this day and age, not for a car that costs as much as that thing. Unless you've been living in your mom's basement for the past 20 yrs and you think a Fiero really is “a poor man's Ferrari”. As for your "ELECTRIC" point, there are a number of EV's that went faster than that years ago. This is just another fluff piece meant to increase the hype and sales of a rather ridiculous product.

about 10 months ago


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