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Are Glowing, Solar Smart Roads the Future?

chiefmojorising Re:Pipe Dream I suspect (193 comments)

Correct -- the tires I leave on from October to March aren't studded. Unfortunately there are a not-insignificant number of idiots here in the Seattle area (and, I'm sure, in other places) that *do* run studded tires for no good reason at all, so that is still a very real concern.

about 4 months ago

Double Take: Condoleezza Rice As Dropbox's Newest Board Member

chiefmojorising Re:Oh why not? (313 comments)


Kinda like my hammer is really good at driving nails but isn't so good at cleaning windows. Right tool for the job and all that. If your military isn't being used to smash another military you're probably doing it wrong.

Ah, crap. That should've been a car analogy.

about 5 months ago

Gesture Recognition Without Batteries

chiefmojorising Kinect... (22 comments)

...doesn't require batteries.

about 6 months ago

Edward Snowden's Lawyer Claims Harassment From Heathrow Border Agent

chiefmojorising Re:Thugs. (261 comments)

Copyright infringement at the very least in all likelihood -- make sure that you use *homemade* vile porn.

about 7 months ago

You Might Rent Features & Options On Cars In The Future

chiefmojorising THE FUTURE IS NOW!!! (1 comments)

Options like OnStar and satellite radio have been around for years.

about 8 months ago

Hackers Reveal Nasty New Car Attacks

chiefmojorising Re:High risk (390 comments)

You might -- depends on how and where the cut is. There are a *lot* of things you can do that'll be just as deadly that are delayed and difficult to detect; whether you're affecting software or hardware is irrelevant if physical access is requisite to implement the hack. Headline is just a bit more sensationalistic than it should be.

about a year ago

Hackers Reveal Nasty New Car Attacks

chiefmojorising Re:High risk (390 comments)

Seriously. I've got a hack that'll disable the brakes on any car ever made. It's called a hacksaw (heh) and requires even *less* access than these guys had.

about a year ago

Boston Marathon Bomber Charged With Using 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'

chiefmojorising Re:Yes (533 comments)

Don't use a musket, though. Firearms over .50 qualify as WMDs too.

about a year ago

New Bill Would Declassify FISC Opinions

chiefmojorising Re:I can see it now... (130 comments)

I can't help but agree. What he did certainly damaged the government but I don't see how the *citizenry* or the union itself has been substantively damaged -- quite the opposite, in fact. Our rights aren't subject to abrogation by arbitrary laws; they are inalienable. What the government has been doing may be "legal" only by virtue of passage of laws that are in direct conflict with the Constitution. As far as I'm concerned those laws aren't valid -- the Constitution has supremacy.

Snowden's releases so far have been quite targeted, not the same firehose of the Manning releases; I do put them in different categories. What he's released pierces straight into the heart of tyranny, though I expect all it'll take is an Extra Special Episode of Honey Boo-Boo and the public will forget all about this and put their heads back in the sand. I fear that the longer we let things like this go on the less opportunity we'll have to check it without bloodshed, but then I'm something of a cynic.

about a year ago

TSA Decides Against Allowing Small Knives On Aircraft

chiefmojorising Re:There goes another Swiss Army knife (298 comments)

Certain gun parts will cause them to seal luggage in the same way. A barrel, for instance, is a hell of a lot cheaper than the whole firearm, and has to be declared, baggage sealed, etc. Magazines don't count, but frames and internal parts do. I suppose even a spring might technically qualify.

about a year ago

House Bill Would Mandate Smart Gun Tech By U.S. Manufacturers

chiefmojorising DOA (750 comments)

There's no way this boneheaded bill will get past the Republican controlled House.

about a year ago

iTunes: Still Slowing Down Windows PCs After All These Years

chiefmojorising Re:why does your phone need software running on yo (519 comments)

He never mentions what version of iTunes he's using - perhaps it's still 10.x, which is horrible. iTunes 11 has actually fixed a LOT of stuff and is actually pretty decent and more importantly, fast. It's incredible how fast iTunes is nowadays. I'm not sure what Apple did, but damn it's fixed a lot of stutters, halts, and stalls.

God, 11 has been a buggy mess for me. Windows hiding when they shouldn't, often really slow to respond, just plain stops responding for up to something like 30 seconds regularly. I believe they fixed a bunch of stuff but they also seem to have broken more that affect useability. 10 seemed far more reliable.

about a year ago

Spoiler Alert: Smart Kids Become Successful Adults

chiefmojorising Re:Correction to Title (256 comments)

Actually, the article says the exact opposite of the title. The title should say

Whooooooa, there dude. You can't go around actually reading the articles here! Cut that out!

about a year ago

John McCain Working On Legislation For 'a La Carte' TV Channel Packages

chiefmojorising Re:WHY!? (614 comments)

Bull. The McCain of 2008 was a completely different man than the McCain of 2000. I don't know if it was the dirty pool Bush played during the 2000 election that did it or something else but he's just not the same guy he used to be.

about a year ago

DoD Descends On DEFCAD

chiefmojorising Re:Well there ya go (496 comments)

You're one to talk, Anonymous Coward. I see you posting here all the time!

about a year ago


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