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When Customer Dissatisfaction Is a Tech Business Model

chispito Facebook did not abuse their users (257 comments)

And no, I don't think they abused their "product" either. They did what they always do--show people things selectively to elicit a response. Usually it's called "advertising." In this case called it "research."

5 days ago

A Thousand Kilobots Self-Assemble Into Complex Shapes

chispito Expensive little suckers (56 comments)

I remember, as TFA mentions, these wondrous little $14 robots. Except if you're not Harvard, the distributors are charging about $125 for each one, and hundreds more for the programmer and charger.

about two weeks ago

Silicon Valley Doesn't Have an Attitude Problem, OK?

chispito Re:Tech Community (262 comments)

try again. not an example. it's barely a real fallacy anyway.

No real fallacy would be caught dead in that argument.

about two weeks ago

What Do You Do When Your Mind-Numbing IT Job Should Be Automated?

chispito Re:So any net savings (228 comments)

The "Is it worth the time?" comic is illustrative, but I think it's built on false premise. I don't automate parts of my job (just) to save time, I do it because repetitive tasks, that I know can and should be automated, drive me insane. Even if there is no net time savings, I'd rather take the creative route.

about three weeks ago

Inside BitFury's 20 Megawatt Bitcoin Mine

chispito Re:Please answer me one question (195 comments)

Selling bitcoin mining rigs is a guaranteed profit.

...assuming a guaranteed buyer.

about a month ago

'Just Let Me Code!'

chispito From an Ops point of view (372 comments)

I have really come to love the creative exercise of scripting my job responsibilities on the operations side of things. I can keep it simple, or make it complex. I can adhere or not adhere to whatever style I wish. I make the cost-benefit analysis as to whether I'm going to write it or not. I can share it with my coworkers as soon as there is an obvious benefit, or keep it on the down-low if it is not yet ready for prime time.

I own my scripted 'products' and I reap the full benefits of them.

about a month ago

SpaceX Releases Video of Falcon Rocket's Splashdown

chispito Re:Why the annoying sound track ? (49 comments)

Not everyone has such a short attention span that they need jangley noise to keep them from moving to another web site.

Because I'm assuming actual audio from the video, if it were recorded, would be useless for PR purposes? Just turn off your sound if the music bothers you.

about a month ago

The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

chispito Re:Pft (962 comments)

Shit, what neighbourhood do you live to have people show at your door with batS?

Seconded. I've never had any of the stuff he describes happen to me. Either he lives in a post apocalyptic dystopia or he's not very discreet at school/work/play.

about a month ago

The Improbable Story of the 184 MPH Jet Train

chispito Re:A Century Ago (195 comments)

Look at LA's transit history. Or watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Of course, in reality the Judge Dooms of this world won.

about a month and a half ago

Rand Paul and Silicon Valley's Shifting Political Climate

chispito Re:Double standards (533 comments)

So it's ok for conservatives to not be open to liberal ideas but it's not ok for liberals to be cool with conservative ideas? Nice double standard you have there.

Okay, fine. Be a conservative and don't even talk about diversity. Or be a liberal and talk about diversity, but mean "people who look different but think the same." Pick your poison.

about a month and a half ago

Meet the Muslim-American Leaders the FBI and NSA Have Been Spying On

chispito Re:They're not a corporation (223 comments)

Until they incorporate they're not entitled to free speech or religious exemptions.

Non sequitur.

One is a case involving employer responsibilities for health care, in light of the religious views of the employers. The other is an article about individuals being surveiled for their religious views.

about a month and a half ago

Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

chispito Re:Cry Me A River (608 comments)

I wonder if anyone in the architecture profession has ever proclaimed "Well if you really want to change the world, empower regular people to build skyscrapers."

Well what about building a shed out back so your tools don't rust?

about a month and a half ago

Rob Pardo Says Farewell To Blizzard

chispito Re:Rats...Ship (93 comments)

I'm not sure how Minecraft applies, though I agree that Blizzard now is not the Blizzard of 10 years ago.

about a month and a half ago

The View From Inside A Fireworks Show

chispito Re:Idiotic (200 comments)

Beyond all of that, this is about public perception. The complete tool who did this is practically begging to have members of the public pile onto the FAA's existing effort to, in practice, shut down this entire hobby and almost every attempt to put these tools to work in research and business. Gee, thanks.

More likely, members of the public will watch the video and think it's great and isn't it great that someone is able to do that. Relax.

about 2 months ago

NSA Considers Linux Journal Readers, Tor (And Linux?) Users "Extremists"

chispito Re:Extreme? (361 comments)

I do feel kind of extreme. Extremely awesome for being a Linux user!

Most Linux users do.

about 2 months ago

Google Is Offering Free Coding Lessons To Women and Minorities

chispito Re:I'd love some free Google classes (376 comments)

But I'm a white male. I have nothing Google wants. :(

Actually, if you would kindly run all of your personal and financial information through our marketing algorithms--er, "free cloud tools and services," that would be fantastic. Thanks.


about 2 months ago
top, Mensa Create Dating Site For Geniuses

chispito Re:But people forget what MENSA concluded (561 comments)

This is a contradiction. It is not easy to do these things, whether they are done for good or evil. If your measure of intelligence does not account for understanding other people, it is flawed.

CEO's are stupid as boxes of rocks, but they can sell themselves and talk others into doing things and convince people they know what they are doing.

about 2 months ago

Toyota's Fuel Cell Car To Launch In Japan Next March

chispito Re:10000 PSI Bomb (216 comments)

I don't think it's the pressure of the rocket fuel that would make me nervous.

Just what I want, twin 10000 PSI bombs waiting underneath me for just the right fender bender.

about 2 months ago

The Rise and Fall of the Cheat Code

chispito PC multiplayer games still have cheats (178 comments)

PC multiplayer games still have cheats. They just have to be set from the console, by an administrator.

about 2 months ago


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