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Complex Life May Be Possible In Only 10% of All Galaxies

chmod a+x mojo Re:Let's do the math (304 comments)

And if you read TFS they are only talking about life similar to ours; there is nothing saying that in other regions life hasn't evolved to be able to handle those kinds of environments.

This is exactly why it is impossible to predict the finding of "life" in non-earth environments, there are just too many variables that we don't even know to look for. I.E. life based on something other than carbon, life than can flourish in extremes we could never dream of surviving... be it temperature, pressure, or even radiation bombardment. And that is only a tiny fraction of differences, any one of which could be overlooked, and the probability is there would be multiples of these differences all at once.

2 days ago

Ask Slashdot: Workaday Software For BSD On the Desktop?

chmod a+x mojo Re:Easiest way... (267 comments)

Maybe if you only want clicky clicky ways of changing things. Otherwise there is still a full terminal and BASH installed, and you can update many many system settings through the CLI. I am using a terminal right now as a matter of fact.

Then there is the questionable applescript / automator scripts you can make. I say questionable because I don't know if they can change any deep system things, but automator at least can do some pretty neat tricks... I don't know if Linux has something comparable, other than shell scripts which I can still run in OS/X.

about a week ago

Intel To Expand Core M Broadwell Line With Faster Dual-Core Processors

chmod a+x mojo Re:Intel's new Tock-Tick release cycle ... (52 comments)

What jobs do Joe and Jane Average have that won't be well served by a C2Q or Phenom X4 from 7 years ago? None, not a damned thing, in fact many can get by just fine on a C2D or Athlon X2 and never notice any difference because they just aren't stressing the chips.

Bullshit. Maybe, MAYBE they are not stressing the C2D / C2Q chips if they only browse the net / read and reply to emails. Otherwise stuff like watching 1080P, and to a lesser extent 720P H.264 10bit videos ( or even 8bit, without GPU acceleration ), which more and more videos are in now, pushes a C2D into the 80-90% utilization range. Then they can't do any background tasks on the CPU when watching movies.

Even if it does do everything you need, the thermal profile is horrid... I moved away from my Prescott that did everything I needed to a C2D simply because I didn't want the thermal profile of the throat of an active volcano on my motherboard anymore, or the fans that sounded like jet engines that cooled it. The benefits of less heat output and less power input by far outweighed the performance gains ( those had been only a bonus ).
No one can know if we are going to hit a thermal wall anytime soon, the next breakthrough could be happening right as we discuss. Add that to the fact that Intel is reaching ARM power profiles with similar, or higher, clocks, and that x86 / x86_64 vastly outperforms ARM on a per clock-cycle basis and Intel has nothing to fear.

And congratulations on being an AMD only shop, heaven forbid your customers have any kind of choice in the matter. AMD hasn't made anything more than an "adequate" chip since the K6. Can you name one x86 based laptop / net-top / tablet that uses AMD chips and boasts long battery life made in the last few years? I've seen quite a few Intel based ones that boast 6-7+ hours VS. the AMDs that are usually rated at ~5+.
You may think I'm "trolling" asking that, but I am actually quite serious, if there is some AMD chip out there that is really power efficient I would like to know, it's just that the only really efficient stuff I have seen recently was all Intel.

about three weeks ago

New Study Shows Three Abrupt Pulses of CO2 During Last Deglaciation

chmod a+x mojo Re:Abrupt, but like 100 years abrupt? (132 comments)

And for all those who argue we are burning too much fossil fuels, those carbon atoms weren't created into existence in the ground as they were today, unless you believe the earth is 6000 years old!
They were a part of the global carbon cycle, and buried during mass extinction events and processes that sequestered them to where they are today.

Ummm, close, but no. It was sequestered over hundreds of million years to billions of years but the bulk of the carbon from the carbon cycle is tied up in a few places, neither of which has anything to do with mass extinctions. The huge bulk of CO2 ( currently ~400PPM atmosphere, ~60*atmosphere dissolved in the oceans, and ~10,000*oceans+atmosphere is tied up in rocks ) is tied up in the carbonates, I.E. limestones and dolostones. Coals come from swamps, and oil comes from mostly shallow-ish marine bacteria that had periodic blooms and die-offs that settled into the sediments on the seafloor and got buried.

about a month ago

Study: Past Climate Change Was Caused by Ocean, Not Just the Atmosphere

chmod a+x mojo Re:Obvious to Engineers (185 comments)

Don't forget that this also has feedbacks. The global oceans hold ~60x atmospheric levels of CO2, and warm water will hold less dissolved gasses, leading to outgassing of CO2 and leading to more ocean warming. You will also get more water vapor ( another greenhouse gas ) in the atmosphere, but that will - eventually - be countered somewhat by the albedo effect of the large scale clouds that will form.

about 1 month ago

Fiber Optics In Antarctica Will Monitor Ice Sheet Melting

chmod a+x mojo Re:WTF, the antarctic gets FO before me? (92 comments)

Nope, I require science, something you don't seem to have a firm grasp of as of yet. Try taking a few classes, looking at and actually understanding the massive amounts of data available, and after that coming back in a year or three when you actually have a chance at understanding the difference between long and short term trends.

But, if you actually have data proving climate change wrong, for the love of $DIETY publish it in a peer reviewed journal, you will become famous... I won't hold my breath though.

about a month ago

Debian's Systemd Adoption Inspires Threat of Fork

chmod a+x mojo Re:And this is why Linux will never win the deskto (555 comments)

Though macports & brew fill that gap somewhat, but the build times - the agony.

Don't forget, if you only want a .5 megabyte terminal application you also have to install ~5+GB of xcode....

I'd love to run macports (and have in the past), but that huge chunk of space the xcode install takes up kills the SSD space I have.

about a month ago

KDE Releases Plasma 5.1

chmod a+x mojo Re:Bring back KDE3 (60 comments)

I felt the same way... at least for 4.1/4.2/and early 4.3. Then I installed trinity after using KDE4.x for a while and my eyes wanted to bleed from the old jagged rendering and ugly aged looking icons. Felt great, just like an old friend, but it was fugly as hell.

Thankfully KDE4.x started to improve along the way and is just as comfortable now as 3.x was back in the day. You should check it out once again... just use the "desktop with icons" activity from the activity switcher if your distro doesn't have that as the default.

about a month and a half ago

KDE Releases Plasma 5.1

chmod a+x mojo Re:Does anyone still use Gnome? (60 comments)

Are you talking about the open application window list? If so, just go to the taskbar settings and set it to "do not sort", in Debian at least it is set to sort "alphabetically" by default.

Other than that particular way, and it behaves as soon as you apply the settings, I haven't noticed any movement on the taskbar.

about a month and a half ago

BitHammer, the BitTorrent Banhammer

chmod a+x mojo Re:It's okay when I do it... (429 comments)

The really interesting part would be if it was the network OWNERS torrent traffic he tries to knock out.
That's potentially a denial of service attack, after all the owner of the WIFI may be distributing business related things ( doesn't really matter if it is or not - the network owner can do what they want with their connection ) and denying the use of the network to the owner is illegal.

about a month and a half ago

Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To Linux, Through Chromebooks

chmod a+x mojo Re:How important is that at this point? (197 comments)

I've had this discussion on slashdot before, mostly the one thing that keeps me from GIMP as a semi-pro photographer is the UI. I've used PhotoShop since the 7.0 debut up to CS3 and a brief poke at PS-CC, so I know the UI and where I expect to find stuff for my workflow... hell I could do the tasks I need to while asleep by now. GIMP on the other hand - and if you will excuse the graphic ( pun fully intended ) description - looks like the UI designers chowed down on all the UI elements and threw up on the screen. I've also used Linux, and GIMP, for many a year now and remember how much the GIMP devs hate listening to the users... we asked for how many years before they finally implemented single window mode?

SO the main problem isn't that GIMP is lacking features, it's that the UI is horrid to long time users of PS, leading to the "experts" not using it and thus leading to no one teaching the newbies to learn the program / UI. That's the main reason PS is taught in schools, it's what is known and used by the "experts".
For the inevitable slashdot car analogy: you can have two cars that can get from point A to point B along the same route in relatively the same timeframe, one that costs a fair bit to use but is an industry standard car like all others on the road ( PS ), or a free one that does nearly the same as the paid car but has bicycle handle bars for a steering wheel, a manual transmission with a reversed standard H shift pattern, the fuel pedal is on the handle bars and the brake is where the gas pedal usually is on normal cars, and you have to enter and exit through the trunk.... You can guess what vehicle 99% of people who have ever driven a normal vehicle will take.

Other than that, there is the non destructive editing and smart objects mentioned. I personally think the workflow for working with layers, clipping masks, and paths in PS is easier and more streamlined as well, but that is a personal opinion due to my workflow.

about 2 months ago

2015 Corvette Valet Mode Recorder Illegal In Some States

chmod a+x mojo Re:If I own the car (269 comments)

Wrong way. You are paying the hotel to stay there with a reasonable expectation of (semi)privacy. The Valet is not paying YOU to drive your vehicle, YOU are paying the valet ( both in tips and through their wages being rolled into purchase prices ) to drive your vehicle.

Playing devils advocate:
It's been argued here and elsewhere that employers are justified in recording employees using the employers equipment at work; the valet is just another subcontractor that you hire while he/she works for the hotel / restaurant / wherever you go. Since the valet is an employee you should be able to record them, especially seeing as there really shouldn't be a difference in recording voice versus recording text ( email / IM ) from a computer.

That said, it should be an interesting court case if it gets argued. It has the potential to affect OTR truck drivers as well since some companies record audio / video of them. Again, it will come down to employment definitions, since the employer of the truck drivers must disclose that the employee is being recorded. It may mean that even a small sign in a prominent location in / on the vehicle would be all that is needed, something like the "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" signs on cars.

about 2 months ago

Anonymous Peer-review Comments May Spark Legal Battle

chmod a+x mojo Re:Anonymous public peer review (167 comments)

I have a real problem with the concept of anonymous peer review without editorial oversight or not included in a due peer review process.

You mean it wasn't a good idea to basically make a 4chan for scientific paper review?

Who would have thought it, after all, 4chan turned out to be such an awesome, wholesome, and welcoming place... do I really need to add the huge sarcasm tag after that statement?

about 2 months ago

Kickstarter Lays Down New Rules For When a Project Fails

chmod a+x mojo Re:Good. IndieGoGo should do it too (203 comments)

I haven't looked into it in quite a few years, but I believe the European roadways last ~2x as long as the American roadways but cost roughly the same to maintain over the same time period ( meaning it costs the same to repave the road twice with half the thickness as it does to pave once at 2x thickness... + maintenance over the same time periods). The main reason, at east used to be, that the European roadways where laid down in mats double the thickness of the American pavings.

So the only real advantage Euro-roads have is full deconstruction / reconstruction times are further apart, while having to do roughly the same minor repairs at maintenance times similar to American roadways. Basically cost wise it was a wash, with the American roadways having a lower initial cost layout to pave previously unpaved areas, a huge advantage when you think of the geographical areas needed to be paved per country.

Now of course things may have changed in the intervening time, but I doubt it. It was actually an interesting study to look at how similar the differences actually turned out to be in the end.

about 2 months ago

Slashdot Asks: What's In Your Home Datacenter?

chmod a+x mojo Mine looks like an ugly hack (287 comments)

My personal setup is a frankencenter. I have everything from an old Cyrix300Mhz to a P3 733Mhz HP Netserver to random P4 / Prescotts serving up a combined total of ~12TB + 6TB for desktop / laptop backups. Some of these "machines" are not even in a physical case...

The main trick for the power hungry crap is only keeping what you really need powered on at any time. Most of the old really power hungry stuff is deep cold storage and rarely powered on except to test data integrity. That way I only need to provide cooling ( in the summer at least ) to the P4 / Prescott machines that have the bulk of my more accessed data.

So, all in all it's ugly, hackish - since it is all cobbled together from spare parts from other jobs, and works like a charm.

about 2 months ago

Navy Guilty of Illegally Broad Online Searches: Child Porn Conviction Overturned

chmod a+x mojo Re:Problem? (286 comments)

Oh yeah?

Well those cops that planted cocaine on you can get a slap on the wrist, but you still get Felony possession since it is still technically illegal to be in possession of any amount of coke.

Sound absurd? Thats exactly what you are advocating, taken to an extreme.

about 2 months ago

Technological Solution For Texting While Driving Struggles For Traction

chmod a+x mojo Re:A solution in search of a problem... (326 comments)

Unless you've can point out specific problems with his solution

Hmm, how about just of the top of my head:
1: requires DATA since it sends stuff to servers "somewhere" which leads to...
2: big time invasion of privacy, who is this stupid company, why should I trust them with the location of both myself and my kids ( as in the "example" )
3: why should I trust some unknown yahoo to keep my data secure when no one else seems to be able to... and exact times family members are separated from each other / the house is empty are even worse than CC# leaks.
4: It can only stop phones that are registered to it, so that second burner phone is the one that gets texted on.
Annnnnnnnddd after all that there comes the absolute biggest flaw:
5: It's opt-in, the people that would normally text and drive anyways aren't going to buy it.

There, that took all of 5 seconds to think of.

about 2 months ago

Amazon Instant Video Now Available On Android

chmod a+x mojo Re:video is OS specific.... why again? (77 comments)

Would you prefer that mega-corps not make their videos available for streaming at all?

If it's going to be like this, where devices are more than capable of playback and it is an arbitrary decision to promote their own hardware then yes... fuck it, why should I care if that company offers streams.

Other than that older hardware platforms might not have enough CPU power, enough GPU power, GPGPU functionality, or the correct video decoder ASIC. Or that the company that funded the video's production wants some assurance that a subscriber won't just tee a rental into a capture program and distribute it without charge to the public.

Yeah, all of my devices[1], which can play Netflix just fine, are too damn weak to play the mighty Amazon Prime videos.( according to you and Amazon).. right. It's not like they stream in a supported format that almost... wait, as far as I know ALL android devices have support for H.264/263/ and a few other encodings right out of the box, I know my Droid that was one of the first gen Android phones did.
Not that the selection is really something to write home about anyways, I'm a prime member and there really isn't anything that Netflix doesn't have in a much easier layout to boot.

[1]: Nexus 7 both gen1 and gen2, Nexus 10, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note2, Motorola Bionic ( no clue about Netflix on this one, don't care either ), and a OG Moto droid original ( probably no Netflix either ), Oh yeah, and a Nook Color.

about 3 months ago

Numerous Methane Leaks Found On Atlantic Sea Floor

chmod a+x mojo Re:Feedback loops (273 comments)

There is a feedback control that may help mitigate a small portion of the effect already, humidity. Water vapor concentrations in the atmosphere contribute to warming.... until they are concentrated enough so that the albedo effect kicks in ( clouds reflecting sunlight away ).

That isn't to say that it will be the panacea in any way, shape, or form though - since it will barely have an over-all effect short term. I was merely pointing out one tiny feedback check that is going on as we speak.

about 3 months ago

Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

chmod a+x mojo Re:Infrastructure? (727 comments)

One other question: why would it matter if I got a copy from TPB (other than the obvious danger of malware)?

Because the people that actually pay for PhotoShop are the ones who are much more likely to use the more powerful features instead of just being an amatuer ( no matter how good SOME of them are ) just fooling around with it. We can tell you the limitations of the software ( gimp actually can do a fair amount of what PS can, it's mostly the horrid UI that holds it back). Part of it is also plain old cussedness on the users part, we KNOW the shortcuts and where the tools / actions we need to do are in PS... when we look at gimp it looks like the UI threw up and we can't find what we want without a detailed search that breaks our concentration away from the project.

I beleive you are sincere, and I'm curious. Have you used GIMP 2.8 in Single Window mode? How about Blender?

Yes, I checked it out when 2.8 first came out ( the floating windows wasn't a deal breaker, only annoying ). It's the rest of the UI, it's very cluttered* and un-intuitive*.

One example from working on OS/X a few weeks ago when I checked it out again:
I select the 1px brush tool expecting a one pixel brush like I would get by default in PS. My "1px" brush was actually 3px in a horizontal bar by default ( and the brush shapes toolbox was out constantly cluttering up the UI ) and couldn't' for the life of me figure out how the hell to just get my brush to be 1px just by looking at the UI ( there was no 1px square in the shapes toolbox).

*In PS all tools are grouped by function( with the most commonly used on top with press and hold to bring up the lesser used tools) and the tool selection toolbox is user selectable either 1 or 2 tools wide, in gimp, at least by default it is a more scattered something like 5 tools wide and no grouping + other toolboxes embedded within the tools toolbox. This is in addition to some filters and adjustments being in odd places ( at least to a long time PS user ). One that I seem to remember all the time is the DeNoise filter not being grouped with other filters that deal with noise in gimp.

I don't use Blender, I use PhotoShop and Lightroom for photo editing, not the modeling / animating stuff Blender was meant for.

I actually LIKE Creative Cloud now, for $10 a month ( which is something like 5 minutes of work ) I get the most up to date PS and Lightroom instead of 300+ every few years. Obviously I would rather not pay anything ( hey $10 is a couple drinks a month ) but so far gimp just doesn't work out yet... and judging from the time it took to get single window mode, even if someone came up with a truly nice UI the devs would fight implementing it for years to come.

about 3 months ago


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