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SCOTUS Says DNA Collection Permissible After Arrest

chris.evans Yeah (643 comments)

And when will this database be used against you for employment screening receiving services?

about a year ago

First Looks At Windows 8.1, Complete With 'Start' Button

chris.evans Re: Not good enough (800 comments)

Metro has protential, it is a nice way to group social media and most used programs like weather and maps for when user doesn't need to work with files.

about a year ago

How Did You Learn How To Program?

chris.evans Vic20 basic (623 comments)

I taught myself vic20 basic when my mom got me a commodore vic20 in 1988. Then I started to learn turbo c++ 2.01 in 1993 and I defected to turbo pascal 7 in 1994 and now I am a nasm and gcc fan currently.

about a year ago

NTSB Recommends Lower Drunk Driving Threshold Nationwide: 0.05 BAC

chris.evans Money getting strategy (996 comments)

This is just their attempts to drive up the arrest rates /tickets for drunk driving, now you an get it by the cops just for having one or two beers..

about a year ago

California Lawmaker Wants 3-D Printers To Be Regulated

chris.evans Fear driven (856 comments)

This is fear driven regulation, just because it is possible to make a gun (unlikely) we shouldn't punish the owners of the equipment.

about a year ago

Device Can Extract DNA With Full Genetic Data In Minutes

chris.evans can you say (95 comments)

full dna scanning and forced disclosure of your dna traits. The government and private corps can now scan you for undesirable traits

about a year ago

Google Glass Is the Future — and the Future Has Awful Battery Life

chris.evans iwatch (473 comments)

I rather put my 1500$ to a iwatch that has better screen than this google glass thing.

about a year ago

Helium Depleted, Herschel Space Telescope Mission Ends

chris.evans Re: Orbital pickup truck (204 comments)

I don't want nukes going off in atmosphere,

about a year ago

Richard Branson Plans Orbital Spaceships For Virgin Galactic

chris.evans Re: $200K ... Uh Oh. (177 comments)

Only the super rich will be allowed to experience the thrill of zero g , I doubt the price will come down, unless newer rocket tech like plasma/ion rocket comes out, else it will be expensive to put your lbs into orbit.

about a year ago

One Bitcoin By the Numbers: Is There Still Profit To Be Made?

chris.evans Re: Remember the old adage (239 comments)

You don't know what you talking about, the cpu and gpu are not going away anytime soon.

about a year ago

'Master Gene' Makes Mouse Brain Look More Human

chris.evans Re: Disappointed. (121 comments)

Stupidity is a cultural measurement , I don't consider stupid people stupid, as we all have talents

about a year ago

Why Self-Driving Cars Are Still a Long Way Down the Road

chris.evans Re:Don't have to be perfect, just better (352 comments)

yeah, what about those that cant drive ? a self driving car would be a good thing for them,

about a year ago

ZDNet Proclaims "Windows: It's Over"

chris.evans Re:Whats the alternative? (863 comments)

Microsoft needs to come out with a user interface that works and stick with it. Always changing the model around creates too much learning curves, can drive people batty and away.

about a year ago

Microsoft Telling Users To Uninstall Bad Patch

chris.evans Is it me (154 comments)

Or is Microsoft always patching for this vulnerability ? You think they would fix it already ...

about a year ago

Why Local Is So Damn Hard For Startups: Foursquare Borrows $41M To Try Again

chris.evans First post (121 comments)

Yah first post !

about a year ago

Should the US Really Limit Chinese-Government Influenced IT Systems?

chris.evans Spyware (220 comments)

I am concerned china can use st software to spy on us , so yes that is a reason to limit Chinese software use.

about a year ago

How To Communicate Faster-Than-Light

chris.evans Silly (265 comments)

The info will arrive close to or near instantaneous the faster it travels

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: New To Linux; Which Distro?

chris.evans Re:Reinstall Ubuntu. (573 comments)

Manjaro linux is based on arch and has a good interface

about a year ago



What The New GPL Means For Enterprise IT

chris.evans chris.evans writes  |  about 7 years ago

anonymous writes "GPLv3 looks good for customers: It increases user protection from patents and lock-in, while clauses that could have affected Web services have been dropped. After two years of consultation, the Free Software Foundation has published version 3 of the GPL (GNU General Public License GPL), its first update in 16 years. Since then, GPL-licensed software has become a part of most enterprise IT installations (and a lot more besides), so its revision could have a major impact."
Link to Original Source

chris.evans chris.evans writes  |  more than 7 years ago

bbkfish writes "Could Apple's iPhone be at the mercy of a patent just granted to Microsoft? Could be, judging by U.S. Patent 7,225,409, "Graphical User Interface For A Screen Telephone," which was awarded to Microsoft on Tuesday. More potential worries for Apple: The patent isn't just for a phone, but for the underlying software, and the patent document even includes a helpful flowchart. H10IjJp40G4n0FH3T0Et"
Link to Original Source



Big Bang theory revisited

chris.evans chris.evans writes  |  more than 4 years ago The Big Bang Theory is wrong, the universe is infinite and regrowth of stellar material and fused atoms are expelled and recycled with every complete of a main sequence. Causing new star systems to form. Proof of point, is the Andromeda galaxy (Messier 31, NGC 224), if there was a big bang creation point to the universe, then why is it on a collision coarse with the MilkyWay galaxy? unless, galaxies make u-turns.

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