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Slashdot Anniversary: Bristol, GB

chrisbeatty Another question (-: (16 comments)

Seeing as how the official party window is supposed to be the 19th to the 28th...is this date set in stone?? Reason being I'm not moving to Bristol until the 23rd/24th!!

If it is, no bother!!

more than 7 years ago



chrisbeatty chrisbeatty writes  |  more than 7 years ago

chrisbeatty (811646) writes "The Register are reporting that Microsoft are threatening a UK developer, Jamie Cansdale who built software to run unit tests in Visual Studio.

What starts as a jovial chat with a senior Microsoft manager has led to Microsoft beginning legal proceedings due to the program working for the free Visual Studio Express product. The developer is now refusing to back down, is Microsoft not just pushing the development community, the support & good press they give away from itself?"


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