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Humans Evolving Faster Than Ever

chrisjbuck Times of plenty (253 comments)

I think population dynamics show that in times of plenty (little natural selection, abundant food) populations explode, what the human population has been doing the last 100+ years. It's the spring that doesn't come or massive outbreak of disease or new dominant predator that culls the population, when that selection occurs the random genetic variations may give rise to competitive advantages. It is only after the population goes through the selection event that any mutations that proved advantageous will spread right through the population, then the population has evolved. Before the selection event the population is just randomly diverging.

more than 2 years ago

Workplace BlackBerry Use May Spur Lawsuits

chrisjbuck AT&T + NSA can help! (286 comments)

Surely the NSA could verify that it was all non-work related "tapping"? And isn't "tapping" slang for "laying some pipe" which is slang for "rooting" which is slang for...

more than 6 years ago


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