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Glitch In OS X Search Can Expose Private Details of Apple Mail Users

chthon Other mail agent (49 comments)

That's why I use claws-mail

about three weeks ago

In Paris, Terrorists Kill 2 More, Take At Least 7 Hostages

chthon Finished in the mean time (490 comments)

Both brothers are dead and their hostage is freed

about three weeks ago

MI5 Chief Seeks New Powers After Paris Magazine Attack

chthon Re:Fuck the Nanny State (319 comments)

It seems that the practical implementation of sharia IS a tyrannical nanny state.

about three weeks ago

How We'll Program 1000 Cores - and Get Linus Ranting, Again

chthon Re:Pullin' a Gates? (449 comments)

The thing is that I remember reading it in Elektor around 1982 or 1983. I think in the context of an electronics show.

about a month ago

The Dominant Life Form In the Cosmos Is Probably Superintelligent Robots

chthon Re:Well, duh (391 comments)

Revelation Space, Alastair Reynolds

about a month and a half ago

Material Possiblities: A Flying Drone Built From Fungus

chthon Manta! (52 comments)

If it is a flying fungus, then it is not a drone, but a manta!

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Electronics-Induced Inattentiveness?

chthon Unchain Your Brain (312 comments)

This week I found a book in the library, "Ontketen je Brein" (Unchain Your Brain), the result of scientific research by Dutch psychologist Theo Compernolle.

In this book, he show how the brain really works and what adversely affects it.

The main thing he he does not stop repeating is: take a break, go off-line.

The main brain chains are:

  • Being always on-line
  • Multitasking and context switching
  • A continuing low level of stress
  • Lack of breaks and sleep
  • Open offices

Very interesting stuff to read.

about 2 months ago

Microsoft Rolls Out Robot Security Guards

chthon BOTS! (140 comments)

That will probably soon be the name of the Microsoft canteen.

(Got a 10 year old daughter who likes to watch Nickelodeon)

about 2 months ago

2014 Nobel Peace Prize Awarded To Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzay

chthon Re:Really? (144 comments)

Possibly not in the US, I would not know about the UK, but here in Europe, she regularly has been in the news and on the agenda for her work.

about 4 months ago

US Strikes ISIL Targets In Syria

chthon Re:I'll just let my sig do the talking (478 comments)

That is the big problem from North Africa to the Middle East: quelling sectarian unrest between all kinds of religions apparently needs a dictator.

about 4 months ago

ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children

chthon Re:they will defeat themselves (981 comments)

People will need to realize how the second world war was won.

The Japanese did horrible things, the SS did horrible things. In that regards, ISIL is not that much different.

Actually, ISIL make the same error as the Japanese. The Japanese thought that they could terrorise the opposing armies by acting brutally and barbaric. That did not work out for them (look what happened on Guadalcanal).

The main problem is that current opposing political forces in the Middle East will have to work together to crush ISIL.

about 4 months ago

Mushroom-Like Deep Sea Organism May Be New Branch of Life

chthon Re:New branch of life? (64 comments)

It is on the front page of WIkipedia. There you can read up on why it took almost 30 years to recognize it as a new specied.

about 5 months ago

The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane To Nowhere

chthon Re:Lawn Dart Alert! (364 comments)

The people involved learned certainly nothing from history.

While Germany was dabbling with all kinds of expensive new tank designs, the Russians built only one kind (with incremental improvements) but in large quantities. Guess which one made the difference? Actually, the same goes for the English and the Americans. While inferior, the Sherman tanks could be made in much larger quantities.

about 7 months ago

HUGO Winning Author Daniel Keyes Has Died

chthon Re:Sad, but... (66 comments)

I discovered 'The Hobbit' on my Speccy in 1984. The first adventure game I ever played. I then tried to solve it with a cousin of mine who had the book.

In order to stay on topic, I read the story when I was 11 yrs old in another book (for Dutch and Belgian Slashdotters: Het Bonte Boeketboek), a kind of single-topic book, but with the topic seen from different angles. This one was about the human body, and this story was part of the chapters about the brain and the nervous system. I must say that it did made an impression, but due it being written in the first person I did not completely understand it at the time. But I always felt sad after reading it.

about 7 months ago


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chthon chthon writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Suiker! Een voedingsstof die niet tot ons basisvoedsel behoort en die allerlei negatieve effecten heeft op de volksgezondheid van de westerse, geindustrialiseerde landen.

Vooraleer Amerika werd ontdekt en de Engelsen het suikerriet begonnen te ontginnen op de Caraiben, bestond suiker eenvoudigweg niet. Om dingen te zoeten werd honing gebruikt. In het begin van de negentiende eeuw zochten geleerden op het Europese vasteland een andere bron van suiker omdat de Engelsen alles in handen hadden en Napoleon boycotten. Zij vonden de suikerbiet en de moderne suikerindustrie was geboren.

Europees commissaris voor Landbouw Fischler zou graag hebben dat de suikerprijzen dalen.

Wat is de reden hiervoor eigenlijk ? Hij wil de markt vrijer maken zodat er meer concurrentie is, en hij wil ook allerhande subsidies afschaffen.

Het gevolg is dat overal ter wereld de suikerprijzen zullen dalen, en daar wordt niemand goed van, noch de ACP landen, noch de Europese suikerbietentelers, maar ook de bevolking niet.

Als de prijzen van de suiker dalen, dan zullen er minder mensen hun inkomen halen uit suiker, dit betekent meer armoede.

Als de prijzen van suiker dalen, dan zal dit ook een extra negatief effect hebben op de volksgezondheid, die toch al niet te best is.

Men zou juist zijn best moeten doen over de ganse wereld om de prijs van de suiker omhoog te drijven, zodat er minder suiker gegeten wordt en de daarbij behorende welvaartsziekten verminderen.

Ik heb niets tegen Europa, ik ben blij dat het er is, want het garandeert vrede in een grote regio, het heeft economische voordelen en het vrij verkeer door gans de Unie van personen en goederen vereenvoudigt heel wat.

Het grote probleem met de EU is evenwel de schizofrenie die is ontstaan tussen de Europese Commissie en het Europees Parlement.

Als ik het mij goed herinner zijn ministers er om besluiten genomen door het parlement uit te voeren, niet om zelf besluiten te nemen.

Het feit dat de heer Fischler een maatregel wil introduceren die in feite niets dan negatieve gevolgen heeft, is voor mij een duidelijk voorbeeld van de stompzinnige kortzichtigheid die op dit ogenblik overal heerst op de ganse wereld op alle niveaus van leidinggevenden.

Het lijkt mij dat de mensen die voordien de Europese Unie hebben opgericht zich veel meer lieten bijstaan door specialisten om hen raad te geven, terwijl het tegenwoordig meer bon-ton is om autoritair op te treden vanuit de gedachte 'ik zit hier op mijn hoge post, dus alles wat ik zeg zal wel juist zijn, ik wens geen tegenspraak'.

Het web is in feite de ideale plaats om het verzet tegen deze maatregel te organiseren. Iedereen die zijn geld verdient met suikergewassen te verbouwen kan wederzijdse contacten leggen, maar dit kan aangevuld worden met raad van specialisten die voorspellingen kunnen doen voor de volksgezondheid en wat dit gaat kosten aan extra ziekteverzekering als suiker en alle daarvan afgeleide producten goedkoper zullen worden.


chthon chthon writes  |  more than 10 years ago

It's probably two years since I registered as chthon on Slashdot. I have never used the journal before, although I have opinions on many things. My problem is that before long, my opinion becomes a rant which goes on in all directions.

I thought about it some time, and the advantage of this Slashdot journal is that I do not need a real website, nor that I have to go through the trouble to install blogging software.

It is on the Web, I can use it if I want to.

My personal goals in using this journal are :

  • Clear up my mind around a whole lot of topics that are waiting.
  • Learn to write creatively.
  • Try to write as writers that I like, with different purposes for different writers (want some names ? Vance for his eloquence, Voltaire for his nasty pen, Demosthenes to learn how to convince people).

I will also write some times in Dutch, because there are some topics here in Europe that must be discussed. If I have time I will translate them, which is also a good exercise (it is easier for me to write in English than to translate from Dutch to English).

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