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Has the Second Dotcom Bubble Started?

chubachub33 Valuation Bubble (298 comments)

I think a better name would be The Social Valuation Bubble.

more than 3 years ago

Facebook Posts Mined For Courtroom Evidence

chubachub33 ....next worthless job? (191 comments)

...just like the flood of "social media gurus" that promise that they will get you noticed on the web, should we now expect a slew of Social Media lawyers?

about 4 years ago

The Elite's Sour Side

chubachub33 Xbox 360 is hurting their loyal fans (94 comments)

I beleive that Microsoft is really sticking it to their loyal XBox 360 fans more than anything. They have been known to always provide current owners the ability to add on anything that is created after the release of the console. That is what I liked so much about Microsoft rather than Sony is that they did't force you to buy a 500 dollar product like PS3. Now out of no where they create a new "elite system" that doesn't allow current console owners the ability to upgrade. Other than the harddrive, which i'd rather buy a cheaper usb one, there is no way that a current console owner will be able to experience the capabilites of HDMI without buying the new console. I thought that the main idea of the console was that you wouldn't have to upgrade, like you did with the PC. I am very fustrated with this, and I am hoping they can find a way to allow 360 pro console owners the ability to experience the advanced audio and video. If they don't I think people will just start going out and buying a PS3 instead because now this new elite version is almost just as much money.

more than 7 years ago


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