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Ask Slashdot: Is Outsourcing Development a Good Idea?

cifar24 Re:Just remember (403 comments)

Very true. I run a small consulting company here in India. I do notice that our developers hesitate to explicitly say "No" or "It can't be done". They don't even ask question if they do not understand something well. I'm not sure if this is a cultural influence though.

So you have to actually instruct them to do so, or they will leave you hanging, or worse, spinning their wheels on the clock for days on the wrong thing.

more than 2 years ago

Best IT-infrastructure For a Small Company?

cifar24 Re:Just remember (600 comments)

MS Office is great... but then you have to live with a windows OS. We use linux and for what we need, Open Office is more than enough.

more than 4 years ago

Indian Government Threatens RIM, Skype With Ban

cifar24 Re:You're wrong (281 comments)

True, but providing clean water to more than a billion people is not cheap and not easy for sure. India's defense budget is significantly less than China's and only a fraction of USA's defense budget. National security is as important as the basic needs of the citizens. The root cause of the India's problem is the administrative system which is only about 60 year old. Our system has been evolving and the governments pro-technology attitude is driving the growth of India. We have a lot to learn from the developed nations, but certainly we are a lot better than some of the developed nations in areas such as health care & education (secondary education).

more than 4 years ago

'Month of PHP Security' Finds 60 Bugs

cifar24 Re:One of the biggest problems is configurability (120 comments)

I can related to that. Most people code in PHP because they learn it in 1 day and then they are hooked to it. The power of PHP is its simplicity. We do web stuff with PHP because we tried JAVA and it was TOO costly. To us, any improvement will help as long as it is well documented and documentation has high google page-ranking.

more than 4 years ago


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