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South Korea Backtracks On China As Source of Cyberattack

cigawoot Re:Hanlon's (125 comments)

In an Intranet that isn't the case. However, the bank really failed if it wasn't using subnets allocated for private use...

1 year,23 days

The Science of Hugo Chavez's Long Term Embalming

cigawoot One word (215 comments)


about a year ago

French Police Unsure Which Twin To Charge In Sexual Assaults

cigawoot Re:Lie Detector Test (626 comments)

Well, I'm not sure how France's legal systems work, but a polygraph test in the US typically doesn't fly in court anyway. Usually they use a polygraph as a means of focusing on a suspect so they can acquire other evidence.

about a year ago

School Board Considers Copyright Ownership of Student and Teacher Works

cigawoot Re:Kid's artwork? (351 comments)

But, the students are not employees, and signed no waiver when they enrolled.

I agree. A school should not be able to claim copyright on a student's work because they're not employed by the school. Teachers, on the other hand, are employed by the school, and thereby their work should be the property of the employer.

about a year ago

Texas High School Student Loses Lawsuit Challenging RFID Tracking Requirement

cigawoot Re:This wasn't about privacy. Not entirely. (412 comments)

If they're so concerned with it working off campus, have the badge shielded while outside the school, only take it out when needed. If wearing the badge offends their religion, permit them to have it in their pocket, ready for examination upon request.

about a year ago

Toyota To Show Off Autonomous Prototype Car At CES Show

cigawoot Re:Never really understood the point. (126 comments)

Additionally, I dislike driving. If I could beam myself to work and back, I would. However, lacking Star Trek-era transport technology, I'll settle with not having to deal with the road while driving to work.

Being able to just tell the computer where I want to go, sit back, and play my 3DS while it takes me there would be amazing.

about a year ago

Valve Reveals First Month of Steam Linux Gains

cigawoot Re:DRM (295 comments)

This posts smells of someone who doesn't want to pay for video games, so they instead attack others who DO wish to pay for their video games.

Not everyone subscribes to Richard Stallman's point of view of "free software is good, everything else is evil." There IS a time and place for non-free software. Verbally abusing me on Slashdot while posting as an Anonymous Coward will not change that fact.

Also, your use of Astroturfing is flawed. The definition is as follows (Wikipedia):

Astroturfing refers to political, advertising or public relations campaigns that are designed to mask the sponsors of the message to give the appearance of coming from a disinterested, grassroots participant. Astroturfing is intended to give the statements the credibility of an independent entity by withholding information about the source's financial connection.

The only financial connection I have with Valve is I spend money to buy video games that utilize their service. Otherwise, I'd consider myself an independent entity.

By the way, any idiot can put in dollar $ing$ in$tead of $'$! Just an FYI.

about a year ago

Valve Reveals First Month of Steam Linux Gains

cigawoot Re:DRM (295 comments)

In addition, Valve has said they have the ability to unlock your content in the event Steam were to ever shutdown.

about a year ago

Valve Reveals First Month of Steam Linux Gains

cigawoot Re:DRM (295 comments)

Yes, Steam is DRM. However, Steam is DRM that gives something back in return.

Being able to download your games as you please, store your saves (on supported games) in the cloud, automatic updates, and the ability to easily download mods for games (when supported), makes Steam more palatable when it comes to DRM. Most DRM schemes just take away from the user without giving anything back in return, Steam is different.

about a year ago

How Do You Give a Ticket To a Driverless Car?

cigawoot Re:There would be no need... (337 comments)

I'd just say, straight up, that traffic infractions caused by the software are the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle, or the person the vehicle was rented/leased/loaned to. If faulty software caused the infraction, then it should be the responsibility of the owner to sue the manufacturer.

Problem solved.

about a year ago

NASA To Encrypt All of Its Laptops

cigawoot Re:i don't understand... (226 comments)

My company uses Check Point FDE. Its good software, provides an easy way for the helpdesk to provide either a one time login or a password reset if needed in order to allow and end user into the system. OTLs and Password Resets can be audited, if needed.

about a year and a half ago

Blizzard Sued Over Battle.net Authentication

cigawoot Personal Responsibility (217 comments)

Instead of taking personal responsibility for the security of their own account, they instead sue Blizzard. Blizzard CANNOT control the end user's computer (not as much as they wish they could, at least). Therefore, the security of your login credentials are the sole responsibility of the account holder. Blizzard can't keep your computer from getting infected with malware, falling for a phishing scam, or sharing your credentials with your little brother.

about a year and a half ago

Staff Emails Are Not Owned By Firms, UK Judge Rules

cigawoot Re:While on the clock... (111 comments)

Okay, I'm guilty of not RTFA

about a year and a half ago

Staff Emails Are Not Owned By Firms, UK Judge Rules

cigawoot While on the clock... (111 comments)

Most emails written using a company's email system are done while on the clock. This makes these emails property of the company in my opinion.

The company I work for also required that I sign a system access agreement, which includes that anything created (including emails) are the properly of the firm, period. Doesn't matter if you're killing time between calls to write lyrics to the song, technically those lyrics belong to the company if they're written using a firm-issued computer connected to the firm's network.

about a year and a half ago

"Badass" Bug Infects and Kills Borderlands 2 Characters

cigawoot hardcore mode (189 comments)

Sounds like this should have been implemented at the start. A hardcore mode would have been fun.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: When Does Time Tracking at Work Go Too Far?

cigawoot The Expectation of Privacy at the Workplace (630 comments)

This is my opinion, but when you're on the clock you have no expectation of privacy.

When you're working, you're being paid to do a job. When you work for 8 hours, you're selling your time to an employer. Your employer has every right to monitor what you're doing with the time you've sold them.

In the call center I work in, we really don't have a "Bathroom" idle code, and its pretty redundant. Instead we have codes such as Lunch, Break, System Problem, End of Day (for doing time sheet), Unavailable, Meeting, Training, etc. We're expected to take our bathroom breaks using our allotted "Break" time (which is 30 minutes over a 8 hour day) or during our Lunch. If we have to take a bathroom break and we've used all of our break time, we can use unavailable, but its heavily discouraged.

This allows the call center to maintain their SLAs by keeping their workforce accountable for their time used, which is 100% okay.

I'm very happy with the way my workplace keeps tabs on how I use my time.

about a year and a half ago

Google Didn't Delete All Street View Wi-Fi Data

cigawoot Who cares? (150 comments)

Why are people getting their panties in a bunch for collecting information that was being broadcast publicly?

That would be like someone getting upset because something they posted on Twitter was used to deny them a job.

about a year and a half ago

Facebook Scans Chats and Posts For Criminal Activity

cigawoot Re:Facebook is a public place (483 comments)

"So Google has the right to monitor your chats and emails?"

How do you think Google sends targeted Ads to you based on the content of your emails?

Google is just as privy to your emails when sending it via Gmail as your employer is when you send email via your corporate email system.

about 2 years ago


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