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The One Mistake Google Keeps Making

cinnamon colbert but is it google (386 comments)

surely you remember alta vista and the pathetic northern light (the internet in folders, extra clicks that you don't need)

and why does google get such praise ?
the gmail interface is screwed up ; their flagship - the search engine - is horrible (you think google is a good search engine ? are you not understanding that in the absence of competition it is hard to understadn what a good SE looks like)

about a month ago

A Smart Electric Bike: Taking the Copenhagen Wheel Out For a Spin

cinnamon colbert The Real Problem (136 comments)

here in Boston, where I live
Narrow twisty roads, and when the snowbank gets high, narrower roads
non highway routes are often circuitous
Dark at 5PM much of the year (and add in the snowy, narrow twisty roads...)
Did I mention potholes ?
Rain snow sleet
weather down to teens to single digits many days of the year
lack of decent bike racks (some day, some smart person will write a n y times op ed about how bad bike racks are)
no showers, or cruddy showers
not so good when you have to go pick up your kid at school, or dance recital, or...

maybe inside Cambridge or Boston itself, a bike might work
For much of MA, no so good

the problem is NOT that we need easier to use bikes
the problem is that we have a car suburban orientation; change tax laws and zoning so people are packed into citys, and bikes will take care of themselves

about 3 months ago

Independent Researchers Test Rossi's Alleged Cold Fusion Device For 32 Days

cinnamon colbert Re:I've been keeping a short position ... (986 comments)

Dear Sir:
please tell us who you are; I have some ocean front Miami real estate I can let you have for 5 dollars an acre..min purchase, 1,000 acres...
I mean seriously, you short exxon cause of this garbage ?
are you a troll or merely insane ?

about 4 months ago

Independent Researchers Test Rossi's Alleged Cold Fusion Device For 32 Days

cinnamon colbert knowing history helps (986 comments)

in particular, the history of perpetual motion machines: "inventors", aka charlatans, were unbelievably clever in designing what appeared to be Perp Mot Machines
the idea that you can fuse H and Ni to form Cu at less then, roughly, 10^7 deg C is absurd

it is like someone claiming that they can run a mile in 10 seconds; it is just not credible; even if you see someone do that with your own eyes, you know there is trickery involved

about 4 months ago

Researchers Report Largest DNA Origami To Date

cinnamon colbert Re:"Self-Assembling?" (36 comments)

uh, aren't these usually bp conserved, so they are iso energetic ?
if the net number of bp is reduced, where is the deltaG to make this go ?

about 4 months ago

Researchers Report Largest DNA Origami To Date

cinnamon colbert Re:Addendum (36 comments)

is this the same montagnier who claimed he could do immunology over the telephone ? (twisted pair, back in the day)'
if you are a troll, congrats , you have gotten a lot of people riled up about your nonsense; if you are serious, politely, let me say that you are barking up the wrong tree here
the nature article is about neuronal membranes, nothing to do with DNAassembly

you might consider that people spend hours inside MRIs, where the magnetic field is ~~ 10,000 times that of the earth
(oh, wait, now you have MRI magnetoresponsive DNA induced tumorigenisis....)

about 4 months ago

Researchers Report Largest DNA Origami To Date

cinnamon colbert I work on DNA (36 comments)

and the idea of a lambda/M13 hybrid is cute, I bet dollars to donuts that this is not an industrial scale process by any means; long DNA (>10,000) is hard to work with and unstable
(wild type lambda DNA from, say, N E Biolabs, is about 250 dollars a *milligram*)
anything priced in milligrams is not, imo, an industrial process

it is true that much shorter DNA is sold for, afaik, macular degeneration, and whole virus particles are also used; this is not the same as origami things

anyway, DNA is temperature and pH sensitive, needs to be kept wet, and is attacked by numerous microorganisms, which secrete enzymes that chew up DNA, a good source of valuable, scarce nutrients like Phosphorus and reduced Nitrogen

Phage lambda and M13 propagate in E coli, a gram neg organism that makes pyrogen; purification of injection grade material from gram negatives is not a trivial task
The idea that DNA will be useful for almost anything but niche markets is absurd

there is something about bio stuff (DNA, cancer, stem cells) that just acerbates the buck rodgers teen ager in every slashdotter

about 4 months ago

Climate Damage 'Irreversible' According Leaked Climate Report

cinnamon colbert Re:Delayed action (708 comments)

Global GDP is about 85 trillion dollars
0.1% - 1penney on ten dollars - is 85 billion dollars a year
you know what they say, 85 billion here, 85 bn there, pretty soon it adds up to real money..

about 5 months ago

Climate Damage 'Irreversible' According Leaked Climate Report

cinnamon colbert Re:It's IPCC...not IPPC (708 comments)

glad to see someone is up on the latest news.
however, if you read those storage papers, they usually conclude with something like, extra warming when the storage stops...

about 5 months ago

Climate Damage 'Irreversible' According Leaked Climate Report

cinnamon colbert why do we care (708 comments)

obviously, because global warming may lead to something very bad and very $$; if it doesn't lead to these things, not a lot of people will care.
How do we know global warming might lead to something bad , at least in a quantitative sense ?
All (all) of our detailed knowledge is from computer programs (climate models) which simulate changes in the future

However, It is an observed fact (fyfe) that over the last ten years, the surface temp of the earth has not increased as much as predicted by models; the models fail.
The models also can't reconstruct the last few thousand years (Liu), where we Know what happened.

This anomaly is the main current argument of denialists (those who think global warming is not occurring, or is not manmade, or is not important) and cause for concern among climate scientists.

Several attempts have been made to find the missing heat without great acceptance, eg Cowtan (who are not, afaik, climatologists) say that the missing heat is in the Arctic, which is not well measured by instruments.
It appears that Chen and Tung have found the answer: the earth is warming, but the heat is going into the ocean instead of the atmosphere.

SO: the models are clearly not accurate even on a 10year time scale.
so why should we take seriously alarmist views about the future ?
I guess it is probability: if there is even a X% chance that something really bad could happen, is it worth spending ~ 0.5% of global GDP (~ 850 billion dollars a year) to prevent this possible catastrophre ?

Me personally, my house is about 5 miles and 200 feet up from the Atlantic Ocean, so global warming is good for me: I get beachfront property......




chen and tung

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Future-Proof Jobs?

cinnamon colbert luck is really important (509 comments)

So our biotech company is folding, and people are scrambling for jobs
our VP/marketing is in the Airport, and she runs into a guy , a rich guy, she hasn't seen in ten years
She says, yadda yadda, company going under, microarray slides, yadda..
and the guy says, I've been looking to aquire microarray technology....

I mean, you can't make this crap up

anyway, maybe your daughter is interested in money and career, and maybe she ain't

However, there are two things I feel pretty confident about:
  for most Americans, the primary or major source of retirment income is soc sec
hence, the most important thing she can do is vote for democrats who pledge to support soc sec

for most working americans, their most important financial asset, far bigger then their house, is the ability to earn a wage
hence, disability insurance is like really important ( i would think that people who consider themselves logical and mathy can figure this one out...)

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Switching From SAS To Python Or R For Data Analysis and Modeling?

cinnamon colbert why is cool desirable (143 comments)

I mean, if SAS works, why waste time on hot cool stuff that may be obsolete in a year or two ?
this whole innovation for the sake of innovation thing is so last century
(see a post on crooked timber about a week or so ago, also P Krugman in his blog flagged a New Yorker article on the cult of innovation)

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Switching From SAS To Python Or R For Data Analysis and Modeling?

cinnamon colbert Re:Innovation is more than tools (143 comments)

mod up spot on
it ain't the tools, it is the tool users or their culture

about 7 months ago

IRS Lost Emails of 6 More Employees Under Investigation

cinnamon colbert but LEGALLY, how do you proove (465 comments)

that an email on someone elses computer came from the shown recipient ?
after all, people could be going to jail, or loosing their pensions: it is not enough to say, hey, lets look at other hard drives; you need forensic chain of evidence.

about 7 months ago

Artificial Pancreas Shows Promise In Diabetes Test

cinnamon colbert so much for the stem cell hype wagon (75 comments)

for years, we have been pouring billions (literaly) into stem cells, without a whole lot to show for it
A few tens of millions, and a bionic pancreas is nearing usability

tell me again why the bandwagon for stem cells

about 7 months ago

The Sci-Fi Myth of Killer Machines

cinnamon colbert doesn't anyone remember (222 comments)

the original starwars concept ?
Satellites in space would look for the heat signature of a rocket in boost phase, and decide, in a time to short for humans to be involved, if Russia was launching ICBMs at us

The idea that machines can't be autonomous and deadly is just silly beyond belief
Since we are creating them, they will be like us: Does anyone else think we will get treated the way we (Europeans) treated Amerindians
The potosi silver mine, the mouth of hell ??

about 8 months ago

$30K Worth of Multimeters Must Be Destroyed Because They're Yellow

cinnamon colbert The real story (653 comments)

fluke multimeters are about a 100 bucks
Cheap ones that are readily available on ebay (you don't need sparkfun) are under 30

so, the real reason is that fluke is desperate to stop the loss of market share; each multimeter spark notes sells for 15 bucks is a potential 100 dollar sale that fluke lost

about 10 months ago

Should Everybody Learn To Code?

cinnamon colbert Re:Impossible (387 comments)

just total BS
however, if you can post some data to back up your posistion - and not just anecdotal candidate couldn't understand C indirect pointer stuff - I will gladly apologize

sure, maybe 60% of the population can't become good coders, but they can learn enough to , say use Perl to filter stuff, or at least understand that coding is not magic

about a year ago

Should Everybody Learn To Code?

cinnamon colbert is coding more important then (387 comments)

there are so many hours in the school day.
Look at the world: real problems are war, famine, violence, lack of love
this has nothing to do with coding
I think that rather then take hours out of the k12 curriculum for coding, we should take hours out for psychology.
maybe if children learned more about them selves and others, ti would help with the big problems

about a year ago



Everything you have heard about Fast and Furious is totally wrong

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 2 years ago

cinnamon colbert (732724) writes "I recently heard Katherine Eban talk about her reporting on “fast and furious” on the NPR show “The Connection” (http://onpoint.wbur.org/2012/07/02/fast-and-furious-fortune )
If she is right, those people who have been attacking Eric Holder (primarily D Issa and his committee in congress) has been perpetuating an enormous scam, a scam so large that it is astonishing

Under AZ law, it is legal for an 18 year old without a record to walk into a store and buy 20 AK47s with cash (apparently, stores advertise discounts for bulk purchases).
And, it is legal for that 18yro to walk outside and sell those guns to someone else.
The ATF was monitoring this, but under AZ and Fed law, they could arrest someone only if they had reasonable suspicion that one of the buyers had illegal goal: in the USA, you can't arrest someone cause you don't like em (at least in theory) or you suspect that they are a Drug Cartel Gun Buyer; you need evidence.
The ATF could also make an arrest if the saw that the guns were going across the border (a violation of export law).
The ATF agents were trying very, very hard to make cases, by monitoring and wiretapping, trying to build cases against this constant illegal activity (upwards of 2,000 guns a DAY go into mexico from the US)
However, due to these laws, in many cases they were unable to make a case; in one instance, a gun sale occurred on the Sat of MLK holiday, and by the time the ATF agents got wind of the sale, the guns were gone for 3 days.

Further, there have been accusations that there is a list of “2,000 guns” supposedly walked deliberatley into Mexico so that ATF agents could track the cartel.
Total lie – this is just a list the ATF compiled of LEGAL but questionable sales, those same sales they were trying as hard as they could to stop.
So, you can see the whole story that the ATF was letting known criminals make straw purchases so they could follow guns is a total perversion of the truth, which is that lax gun laws pushed by the NRA and GOP caused this problem.
Further, at least some of the ATF whistleblowers who testified to congress are suspect; one of them was not stationed in Phoenix , nor a part of FnF, and this agent had a long document history of antagonism with his superiors (complaining about the email ringtone on his computer, but, oddly, no complaints about FnF)

For reasons not entirely clear, the Obama admin is going along with this; it could be that they don’t want to upset the NRA/gun lobby prior to the election, or that they are incompetent (their inability to sell healthcare reform points to incompetence or arrogance)."

Link to Original Source

Time to switch from FireFox to chrome ?

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 2 years ago

cinnamon colbert (732724) writes "I discovered Firefox in version two, and left IE and opera in the dust; I was, in a micro way, an FF evangelist — I got lots of people hooked on FF.
Recently, FF has been crashing and freezing, a lot, and the kids tell me to switch to chrome.
I would say that at least once a day, I click on a link and *my entire computer* freezes until something happens — not just FF, which is frozen solid, but other programs and the Windows 7 OS
They have new revs on what seem like an hourly basis, yet basic functionality, like a usable way to deal with bookmarks (if you have more then 100) is totally lacking.
what do you think — time to put FF on the dusty silicon shelf ?
PS: as we should all remember, Google sends a lot of money to mozilla, and that money resulted in administrators getting higher salarys then coders. Perhaps the money was a slick google plot to turn FF into an MS like piece of code — slow, bloated, full of bugs with a lousy gui."

Intel web site king of the useless links ?

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 4 years ago

cinnamon colbert (732724) writes "While trying to find out how many people are employed by Intel, google led me to this URL
(http://www.intel.com/intel/company/corp1.htm) which says,
quote " Number of employees
The number of Intel employees can be found in our annual report."
if you click the annual report link, you go not to a pdf of the annual report but the investor relation page; in the clutter there is a large box that says 2009 annual report — but the box is static, you have to click the link under it.
That brings you to this weird video that seem designed to show that Intel is cool and hip
There is no link to a pdf of the annual report, which is a pretty standard thing on most corporate websites, instead you get links to selected parts of the annual report in online format.
However, if you perservere, and click several more times on the right links, none of which is entitled "annual report" you do get to a page that has the 2009 AR..but no links to prior years. After a long wait for the Intel servers (must be Itanium on Windows ME) to get the document.
You find that If you search the document for the word "employee" you don't get any hits that have employee headcount. So,given all of this, my question to the slashdot community is: among major corporations, does this win some sort of award for give people who visit our corporate site the run around ?"

Link to Original Source

What is your opinion of the whitehouse webpage ?

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 4 years ago

cinnamon colbert (732724) writes "What is your opinion of the design and layout of the official whitehouse webpage, www.whitehouse.gov, and the special site , www.recovery.gov., which was setup to tell people where the money in the 1T (trillion) dollar stimulus bill is going ?
To me, both sites seem glitzy and technically cutting edge — the graphics are great eye candy and there is a lot of fancy video and so forth. But in terms of meeting user needs, the Whitehouse.gov site seems cluttered and dis organized, designed mainly to feed the 24/7 news cycle, by providing a constant update of tidbits that media and news organizations can use. But the site lacks overall focus and organization; in particular, there do not seem to be overview pages that help the ordinary citizen understand all of the stuff related to one issue — if you search "recovery act" you get 1300 odd hits (!) but there is no organization or prioritization of those hits.

I thint the recovery.gov site is a lot better organized; it provides a huge amount of information that you can view in GIS or tabular text format. The site also makes it clear that a lot of people have gotten money; at the micro level, you can search your city or zipcode; in my zipcode alone there are 3 awardees: 225K to some company developing software to analyze 911 calls; 60K to the city for some sort of police training program; and 3K to the city agency that helps poor people. And you can view this info on a map, showing the street grid and the location, or in a text table
At the macro level, the site provides good summary statistics of how many jobs (reported by fund reciepients) have been created or saved, and where those jobs are.

What is odd, is that with all this technology and information, the site isn't convincing — you can spend hours pouring over the data without really getting an overview that convinces you that all these billions of dollars are well spent."

Am I the only one who thinks turbotax sucks ?

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 4 years ago

cinnamon colbert (732724) writes "I'm finishing my taxes (here in eastern MA we have an extension to May 11, due to unusually heavy rains that caused significant flooding), and once again, I'm amazed at how bad turbotax is — all the stuff people like to say about M$ is true about turbotax.
Setting aside all the on screen messages that are poorly phrased and cryptic, entering data is a slow and painful process. To enter data, Turbo tax has two main modes; one is the step by step inteview, where you answer one question/screen; the second mode is "forms" where you can enter data directly into whatever form you are interested.
To give an example of how bad turbotax is, consider what you have to do to enter cash contribuitons to a charity; it takes something like six screens; the forms method is, if any thing, even worse, since the forms are in a hierarchical manner, with the final entry generated from worksheets.
But maybe I'm the only one who feels this way."

Hypocrisy in the healthcare debate

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 4 years ago

cinnamon colbert (732724) writes "Although the GOP has denounced the recently enacted health care reform bill, and not one republican member of congress voted for it, The miami herald reports today that one of the chief provisions of the bill, "individual mandates" (you have to buy health insurance, just like you have to buy car insurance) is a Republican idea.
I'm sure there is a lot of hypocrisy on both sides; what is your favorite example"

Link to Original Source

Is Haiti Obama's Katrina

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  about 5 years ago

cinnamon colbert (732724) writes "Per this story http://www.gregpalast.com/, the response of the US to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti has been slow. For instance, Iceland — a nation of 300,000 people — managed to get a team of 37 search and rescue specialist , with all the gear they need to be self sufficient, on the ground in Haiti in *24 hours*.
The US ? From the article "AP reported that the President of the United States promised, "The initial contingent of 2,000 Marines could be deployed to the quake-ravaged country within the next few days." "In a few days," Mr. Obama? "
For the open source enthusiast, there is an added twist: Wikipedia has an outstanding article on foreign response to the Haiti Earthquake, that can be used for fact checking."

How do I find President Obama's Schedule ?

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  about 5 years ago

cinnamon colbert (732724) writes "As a MA voter, I wanted to go and see the President on his visit to our state tomorrow (Sunday, 17 Jan 2010); as many of you may know, there is a special election on Teusday to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Senator Kennedy. Surprisingly, the GOP candidate (Brown) seems to be, according to the polls, tied with the Democratic candidate, state AG Martha Coakley.
Thus, even though Coakley should be a shoe-in, she is in a tight race, and the POTUS is coming to MA to help her.
(Full Disclosure: as a Liberal, I wish to protest what I perceive as a right wing, pro wall street/anti main street bias in Obama's administration)
As of Saturday morning, no details of the visit are available. I can understand, why, for security reasons, they might keep details of Obama's travel under wraps. However, I was very surprised to find that there does not seem to be an online source that describes the Presidents past schedule. Eg, on such and such a day, he was here doing this, then here doing this, and so forth.
I can understand, for security reasons, why they might keep upcoming events under tight wraps, but why is there not a detailed daily diary/schedule available for the POTUS ?"

Healthcare reform - good or bad

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 5 years ago

cinnamon colbert (732724) writes "As widely reported (here on ABC news http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/HealthCare/howard-dean-health-care-bill-bigger-bailout-insurance/story?id=9349392/) Howard Dean is urging Democrats to oppose health care reform, as the bill is a "bailout for the insurance industry". What do you think ? In particular , are the supposed benefits — extension of insurance to 30 million people who are currently uninsured, and preventing insurance companies from denying coverage for pre exisiting conditions — actually going to make it into the real world, or will they die somewhere between passage of the bill and the implementation of the bill, which will take many years and regulations. We can see that this has alread happened to one "reform": a ban on lifetime benefit caps (a benefit cap is a limit on how much an insurance company will pay; if you are unlucky enough to need very $$ treatments, you can go over the cap under many current plans). The current bills pretend to ban lifetime caps, but they actually ban caps that are "unreasonable". Over the years, who do you think is going to have more influence on the legal definition of "unreasonable" — the insurance industry of someone else ?"

Switch to IE from firefox due to pdf problems ?

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 5 years ago

cinnamon colbert (732724) writes "I use firefox as my main browser, both at work and at home, but am considering switching back to IE due to one particular problem with FF: it frequently hangs when opening pdfs. This might not be a problem if only the tab specific to the problem pdf (or problem server — I don't know what is actually going on) froze, but what often happens is that all the open tabs freeze, and I have to shut down the browser — a real pain, particularly if I haven't bookmarked the pages or saved other pdfs that were open. Is this a serious problem for anyone else ?"

Small Company needs software to manage information

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 5 years ago

cinnamon colbert (732724) writes "I'm looking for software that can help my company manage information in documents that may be in pdf, doc or web form. I work for a biotech company with 15 people, and we have large numbers of documents that range from very technical scientific publications (usually pdf) to company reports like 10-Ks, to web pages to newspaper articles to pictures. We use these documents to review and stay current with the scientific literature; to learn about what competitors are doing, gain market information (who is selling how much of what), generate publicity for our products ,and so forth.
We currently use the windows file tree as our organizer, which creates several problems: I can't put one file into multiple bins; I can't use keywords to search; I can't organize files into groups.
What I would like (I think) to do is organize the information by keywords and subjects; associate groups of files into binders, and create summarys for the binders (eg, I might have 5 files that go together, and my own summary of what the five files mean); add sticky notes to anything at anytime (actuallly, I would like keywords and stickys [comments in adobe acrobat] to be the same: words in stickys are keywords, and keywords show up in the stick; add URLS and webpages directly from the browser; have a function that mimics or is compatible with a package like endnote or procite or papyrus or refcite (formats bibliographys in word docs)
I'm not even sure what the solution looks like, but it needs to be cheap (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez. This has a lot of features that scientists need, such as keyword search returns a list of articles that can be viewed by abstract."

McCain on health care

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 6 years ago

cinnamon colbert (732724) writes "Paul Krugman in yesterday's NYT:

OK, a correspondent directs me to John McCain's article, (http://www.contingencies.org/septoct08/mccain.pdf) Better Health Care at Lower Cost for Every American, in the Sept./Oct. issue of Contingencies, the magazine of the American Academy of Actuaries. You might want to be seated before reading this.

Here's what McCain has to say about the wonders of market-based health reform:

Opening up the health insurance market to more vigorous nationwide competition, as we have done over the last decade in banking, would provide more choices of innovative products less burdened by the worst excesses of state-based regulation.

So McCain, who now poses as the scourge of Wall Street, was praising financial deregulation like 10 seconds ago — and promising that if we marketize health care, it will perform as well as the financial industry!

From: http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/09/19/mccain-on-banking-and-health/"

slashdot format and code

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 6 years ago

cinnamon colbert (732724) writes "Dear Sir: I cannot be the only person using firefox who really dislikes the changes to the /. GUI in the last year; given the intelligence shown in the original code, I am surprised that you are making these changes. I submit that any piece of software has a natural evolution, and after a certain point, you have most of the features that you need; if you keep tinkering, you just make the code baroque. /. has reached that point — the changes over the last year are, imo, a net loss to usability. Every month, I find myself on /. less and less (don't say it,...a good thing) Please — I love /. and think you are going in the wrong direction !! Please — poll your readers on this !!"

Barack Obama website - sophisticated

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 6 years ago

cinnamon colbert (732724) writes "Barack Obama (or people associated with him) have a website http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/fightthesmearshome/ devoted to dispelling rumors. Aside from the depressing point that so many people are willing to spread such garbage, and that so many people pay attention, I was very impressed with the sophistication of the site — the content, layout, organization are superb. For instance, the site mixes text, photos and video, and does so in a context appropriate way."

better writing

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 7 years ago

cinnamon colbert (732724) writes "much of the writing in the posts on /. violates one of the 1st principals of effective communication: go easy on words like "very" "interesting" and so forth. Maybe the /coders could put in code which automatically strips out these words, which on wikipedia, are aptly named "weasel words". Which brings up another thought, howcome /. posts and replies don't auto link to relevant wiki articles ? Finally, can the /. editors have a rule that a post has to go back to an original source if available ? Many times, I see science posts which are based on a news story which is based on a press releas which may or may not (uusally not) give a url for the underlying science, which is usually a report or paper in the peer reviewed literature. The post should have a url to this underlying report which is the basis for the long chain of secondary reports. If the post is based on a press release which is based on an UNpublished peace of work, this should be noted, as unpublished work has (at least to the scientist) a connotion of second rateness. PS: the wording on the submission page about which section to use is unclear; please rephrase, thanks"



Liberal web sites that are trash

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I take www.commondreams.org as prototypical of liberal web sites. This site is basically a liberal national enquireer - long on hot button, simplistic articles, short on facts and reason.
(need to add specifics here)
Many times, they publish a "story" which is based on a press release (no url given) which in turn is based on a not yet published study (no url given)....

They have hundreds of articles about how bad the bush admin is to the poor, yet no links to statistics to back up the arguments.
Compare the avg commondreams article to a Frank Rich Sunday NY times op ed: what makes rich so good is that he weaves a lot of facts and specifics into his column, something that looks easy and is really hard.
Cockburn, where are you when we need you


henry kissinger - war crimminal

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Imagine you and your spouse, with your young children, are sleeping peacfully in your hut.
For some reason, an american soldier lobs napalm at you, and you watch in horro as the burning jellied gasoline burns a hole through your childs body.
The question I have for all those who think Dr. Kissinger, or Sens Kerrey or McCain, are not war crimminals is
As you look at your child burning to death, which is worse - the small of burning flesh or your child's pain.

Kissinger, and all the other evil white men responsible for Vietnam, are responsible for these crimes as surely as if they had stood there and lit the napalm iwth their own two hands


Exspensive travel coffee mugs and thermoses

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Why is it so hard to buy an exspensive stainless steel thermos or travel coffee mug ?
All the ones we have are seriously defective in design.
My son likes to take hot soup to school for lunch so we bought him this very exspensive pint thermos.
The stainless steel thermos, probably strong enough to stop a D9 bulldozer (1) had a 50 cent plastic screw cap, and this had a 1C plastic disc held by 1/2 cent of glue
The plastic disc fell off, and my son, being young, lost it, and now the thermos is worthless, as it leaks.

And as for the travel mugs - the lids are hard to sip out of without spilling, they have lots of crevices that are hard to clean and the useless stainless steel exterior put there entirely for show is not sealed to the plastic, so water gets between,and as we all know standing water grows things.

China ? most of the teapots from china are clearly defective and probably dangerous - just look INSIDE after a month carefully at the joints; corrosion indicates stuff leaking into your tea.


bad web design

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 7 years ago

1) pdfs in portrait instead of landscape. Since most screens will display a complete page in landscape, why do the morons make pdfs in portrait, so you have to scroll and scroll, or even worse, two column portrait so you have to scroll from the end of column 1 at the bottom of the page to the start of col2 at the top of the page ?

2) multiple clicks - don't get me started on this one, two or even three clicks to get to a pdf

3) white text on black background, or green text on blue, or whatever. For 3 thousand years, the std has been black text on white background. IF something persists for 3,000 years there is probably a reason.

4) Typos - quite common on the english language sites of japanese firms, I guess they consider Americans not worth the effort, but surprisingly common on american and european sites as well.


why are the media so bad

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Boston Globe, sunday 21 oct 200, page one - side bar "in the news" short summarys
"Mitt Romney narroly beat Mike Huckabee in a straw pol among evangelical activist. But the vote drew controversy because sponsers allowed anyone worldwide to vote online for $1. Nation, A18."

why does the globe not headline this, Rommney buys votes cheap and wholes sale ?

If you know psychology, you know that once you put in someones brain the "romney beat.." idea, it will tend to stick.


wisdom of crowds

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 7 years ago

This wisdom of crowds thing is really overblown.
If you give a crowd a multiple choice question with n choices, where ~ 100/n know the answer, of course the crowd will appear wise.
But if you give the crowd a question they don't know - like how to solve a bessel function, there is no wisdom in crowds.

The harder case is questions that appear difficult, but are influenced by the crowd itself, like the close of the tomorrows stock market.

also, many seemingly hard questions are easier then they look: if you don't have agred upon criteria for a correct answer beforehand, it is not clear what a good answer is.

Also, many questions relate to things that are trends that don't change much, like economic questions - say the quarterly consumer price index, which doesn't change all that much, most quarters - since it don't change much, it is easy to guess at


why are bush supporters not upset about body armor

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I can understand why bush supporters are not upset about his lying about why we went to war in iraq; if foreign policy lies were a problem, FDR for WWII and Jefferson for the Lousiana purchase would be in trouble.
I can also understand why they think it is ok to use 9/11 as an excuse for their right wing programs; politics is a rough biz, if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

I can even understand why they think a war to provide cheap gas for their suvs (altho this backfired) is ok; no one ever lost money underestimating the greed and callownes of the american voter.

And, altho it took me a while, I can understand why not paying the troops while you ovepay private contractors is ok: this is a mercenary army that is getting paid very well, and many of its members are from the military, so Bush is essentially buying off the military and creating a praetorian guard.

What I don't understand is why it is OK for bush to not supply body armor and armored vehicles to the troops - why do the military families support a commander in chief who should be court martialed for dereliction of duty.

Can you imagine what the rightwing would be saying if a Democratic president failed , as Bush, to supply body armor and armored vehicles ?

This ties in with the whole cargo cult religious aspect of the right wing: they have this myth that things were better in the 50s, but they are unwilling to confront what that means - blacks in the back of the bus, women dying of backroom abortions, and very high taxes on the rich.


why are the buses used in mass transit so bad

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Most americans are familiar with the buses used by mass transit systems.
And surely most people know that they are very noisy and smelly.
One can understand that the companies that produce these products produce crap; there is a reason Detroit has lost so much of the American car market to the japanese.
However, how can the elected and unelected people with responsiblity for purchase and oversight allow this to go on ?
The only reasonable answers are (a) they are being bribed; (b) they never ride the buses themselves so they don't care; (c) only poor people ride the buses, so who cares.


why the religous hate evolution

cinnamon colbert cinnamon colbert writes  |  more than 7 years ago

1)The moral aspects of religion - thou shalt not steal - are as reasonable as any other system of morals
2) The supernatural aspects - there is a god, and he did and does all this stuff - is as silly as thinking that the tooth fairy is a real, living, physical thing that comes into your childrens bedroom, or that the earth is flat.
3) Since belief in supernatural things is silly, the religous have a problem with how to defend themselves.
        a) Fanaticism - agree with me or I will shun you, or excommunicate you or kill you
        b) The only not totally bad argument is the unexplained wonder of the universe: surely thunder and lightning is so mysterious and wonderfull that no other explanation exists, but that Zeus is throwing thunderbolts.
        c) this is obviously very poor logic; if you don't understand something it could be for a number of reasons, and it is hard to defend one over the other.
4) However, since 3b is the only halfway decent argument that the religious have, they need to defend it. PArt of this defence is maintaining that whatever is unknonw is mysterious and supernatural.
5) This is why the religious hate science: every adance in science removes another wonderful thing they can point to.
4) Evolution is, to anyone, a wonderful an dmysterious thing, therefore perfact for the argument in 3b; if it is reduced to cold science the religious have one less ting they can point to.
6) Many scientists are arrogant, and they do condescencd, and they do a terrible job of explaining.

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