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Ask Slashdot: Why Can't Google Block Spam In Gmail?

cirrustelecom Gmail... yeaa.... (261 comments)

I have a gmail account that I only use for testing e-mail from client domains... odd that I have never used the e-mail address but I receive about 40 spams a day that are not marked as spam.. I wonder if someone ever got ahold of a list of gmail addresses somehow from Google and distributed the list.

about a week ago

UK Ham Radio Reg Plans To Drop 15 min Callsign Interval and Allow Encryption

cirrustelecom Encryption (104 comments)

Some HAMs in the US tried to get the FCC to allow encryption on HAM radio about a year or so ago under the guise of HIPAA... that did not go very far. Although, it would be nice to ID every 15 minutes instead of the current 10 in the US.

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Do About Repeated Internet Overbilling?

cirrustelecom maybe (355 comments)

Maybe they are counting encapsulation?

about 2 months ago

Phoenix Introduces Draft Ordinance To Criminalize Certain Drone Uses

cirrustelecom Re:Photographic law precedence (200 comments)

it a crime to use a drone to film, audiotape or photograph people

So I can fly first person then...

about 2 months ago

Will Your Next Car Be Covered In Morphing Dimples?

cirrustelecom Mythbusters (138 comments)

So Mythbusters does it first but MIT will get the patent?

about 3 months ago

Used IT Equipment Can Be Worth a Fortune (Video)

cirrustelecom worthmoney couldn't find ... (79 comments)

Worthmoney couldn't find items I searched for... It said they were not in their database although was able to show me a full name during a search. That does not make sense!

about 7 months ago

Microsoft Promises Not To Snoop Through Email

cirrustelecom inject (144 comments)

If Microsoft could read, couldn't they also inject crafted evidence into his account? Might be a nice way to take down opposition...

about 7 months ago

Microsoft to Issue Emergency Patch For File-Sharing Hole

cirrustelecom Maybe.. (348 comments)

At least they didn't describe it as a MAC vulnerability

more than 5 years ago


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