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Ask Slashdot: Software To Help Stay On Task?

ckolar pomodoro timer (301 comments)

Well, if you can hold your attention on a single task for a short amount of time then I would try the Pomodoro Technique. I had issues similar to what you describe and this has helped me a great deal. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique Briefly: you pick a task, set the timer (the recommended time is 25 minutes), focus on that one thing, and then reward yourself with a five minute break. Reset timer, repeat. It can become game like, challenging yourself to stay on task until you get to the chime, and the 25 minute boundary seems like the right level of challenge versus attainability. Lots of free software/apps out there to help you with it.

about 2 years ago

Where Were You When PLATO Was Born?

ckolar In 30 seconds or less.... (162 comments)

Fifty years ago next week
Screens alit with amber glow
Press the NEXT key to begin
Name/group and shift-STOP make it go

AUTHOR MODE choose an option
Pad, avatar, wasted, or empire kills?
But DATA leads to one concoction
That's fun to play and builds your skills


more than 4 years ago

If Everyone Had To Pass A Particular 101 Course, It Should Be About...

ckolar Critical Thinking (1142 comments)

Uses in all areas of life, though not found in nature as often as would serve us.

more than 4 years ago

Photog Rob Galbraith Rates MacBook Pro Display "Not Acceptable"

ckolar Re:Where is the "mark for deletion" button? (504 comments)

Well, circa 1986 I worked as a photographer for a newspaper and we commonly used "photog" to refer to ourselves. What do I do at the paper, "I'm a photog." Who is covering the big game, "You're the photog, now get to the stadium." Why does Joe smell funny, "That is stop bath, he's a photog."

Detractors in this thread are reading way to much into it, this is not an assault on the language.

more than 5 years ago

How to Deal With an Aging Brain?

ckolar try using your brain less and tools more (684 comments)

As a 39 year old psychologist one month away from the big four oh and noticing cognitive slowdown, I would suggest trying not to force the issue but look for a way to hack it. I started using David Allen's Getting Things Done system three years ago and - yeah I know gimmicky business thing blah blah -- it is actually a great way to relieve yourself from having to remember things.

On the technical end I run Tracks to manage my work, there are a lot of GTD-related programs so shop around.

more than 6 years ago


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hacking the vote: learn access

ckolar ckolar writes  |  more than 10 years ago Well, no chance of getting this noticed in the current YRO thread, but there is a nice example of Howard Dean hacking a voting machine in all of 30 seconds or so. They use an unprotected Access database as the underlying data storage system and you can actually just go in and fidget with the vote totals.


POV / PBS story on water privatization

ckolar ckolar writes  |  more than 10 years ago P.O.V. - Thirst | PBS I caught this tonight by accident and was glad not to have missed it. It held out slight hope that mass grassroots movements might be able to stand up to the likes of Bechtel once they are done with Iraq and start privatizing water. The segments showing the people of Rajasthan organizing their own community infrastructure and boycotting bottled water got me thinking about how habituated we've become carrying it around all of the time.

One thing that's bugged me a great deal: what happened to having a cooler of water on the bench at a little league game that the kids drink from? Every game the kids are toting around all of those bottles and tossing them around all over the place, seems like another step away from exposing the kids to the concept of a community resource (albeit on a small scale and having nothing to do with Bechtel).


The President on broadband

ckolar ckolar writes  |  more than 10 years ago I was checking out the new video from the president and came across a technology issue speech that had this great bit on broadband. I could see SBC using this:

The President said: "Broadband, or what they call high-speed Internet, is critical in making our high-speed economy even more productive. That's what people have got to understand. You see, some people say, what do you mean when you say, broadband? Well, broadband is the capacity to move information a lot quicker and to move more information a lot quicker. As a matter of fact, broadband is four to 100 times faster than dial-up access. So in other words, if you -- if you have your -- if you're on a -- just a dial-up phone for your computer, imagine information getting to you a hundred times quicker. That means more information can move quicker."


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