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The Psychology of Phishing

clickety6 Re:well (118 comments)

They register domains similar enough to the company and often related (support-raytheon for example) so that even people that look for questionable URLs can be fooled.

It doesn't help that legitimate companies that should know better do the same. I recently got a survey from PayPal, but rathet than going through their verified site at, the links in the email directed only to It looked like a classic phishing scam but was apparently a legitimate survey request.


German NSA Committee May Turn To Typewriters To Stop Leaks

clickety6 New Snowden (243 comments)

A suspected security mole was today apprehended with 5 reams of carbon copy paper...

about two weeks ago

The World's Best Living Programmers

clickety6 Longest uptime (285 comments)

"The world record for continuous application availability may be held by the Irish National Railway, which is said to have logged an unbroken 17 years running on OpenVMS version 3.2." I'd say the guys that wrote such a stable system must be pretty good programmers.

about two weeks ago

FDA: We Can't Scale To Regulate Mobile Health Apps

clickety6 Apps exist that measure your blood pressure? (123 comments)

Do they really because I've only seen apps for monitoring blood pressure readings, readings taken by an external device. How is an app supposed to measure blood pressure?

about two weeks ago

Study: People Would Rather Be Shocked Than Be Alone With Their Thoughts

clickety6 Curiosity shocked the cat (333 comments)

I wonder if the test would be the same if they had let people shock themselves ponce beforehand and then asked them to sit in there for 15 minutes. It seems to me that if you put a big red shiny button in front of them and tell them to ignore it, you're testing their limits of curiosity and self restraint more than their ability to sit and think quietly. It's a "Don't think about punk elephants!" situation.

about three weeks ago

Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature

clickety6 Re:OR (579 comments)

Go to agree with you about the American driving licenses. Took my original test in the UK in a manual shift car (do it in an automatic and that's all you're licensed for). Hill starts, emergency stops, 3 point turns, reversing around corners, reversing into small spaces, instructors trying to catch you out by telling you to take the next available right just as you come to a one-way street that you can't take, tests done during rush hour through winding streets, and more.

Some years later, took a test in Arizona. A few simple questions I crammed the night before, an eye test (Can you read the letters, sir? Yes, I can. OK, you pass), once round the block in my automatic (taking all right turns) and then reversing into a space I could quite easily have driven in head first and still had enough room for second car. And that was it!

It's obviously designed to get people into cars and not to weed out bad drivers.

about three weeks ago

Baton Bob Strikes Back Against Police That Coerced Facebook Post From Him

clickety6 Re:lol mimes (203 comments)

how does a mime have a "verbal altercation"?

Sign language.

Rude sign language

about three weeks ago

Overkill? LG Phone Has 2560x1440 Display, Laser Focusing

clickety6 Give it a name (198 comments)

Galaxy, iPhone, Nexus and....G3.

If you want recognition, give it a name - preferably a cool name, but at the very least something people can pronounce without sounding like they're playing Battleships.

about three weeks ago

Update Your Shelf: BitLit Offers Access To Ebook Versions of Books You Own

clickety6 Re:Write your name with a pen? (82 comments)

So print your signature on a piece of transparent plastic and lay it over the page before you photograph it...

about three weeks ago

NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks

clickety6 Super-sized or Over-Sized (532 comments)

As a European, I remember going into my first cinema in LA and as it was a hot day, deciding to get a drink to sip on during the film. I asked for a small coke but watched the counter assistant pick up a large, circular container. "No, no! I just wanted a small coke, not a bucket of popcorn" "Sir, this is the cup for a small coke..."

about a month ago

Belief In Evolution Doesn't Measure Science Literacy

clickety6 Re:Wait a sec (772 comments)

Jesus the human may not have been a fictional character.

Jesus the son of God most certainly is.

about 2 months ago

Should We Eat Invasive Species?

clickety6 Re:Don't see why not. (290 comments)

Poison dart frog. Definitely not edible!

about 2 months ago

Firefox 29: Redesign

clickety6 Re:It has a combined address/search bar (688 comments)

You can search in the address bar.

You can piss in a sink too... doesn't mean using one facility for two different functions is a good thing.

about 3 months ago

Online Skim Reading Is Taking Over the Human Brain

clickety6 Re:The world is changing. (224 comments)

Average Ãoe high level exec à = 575

From my education i am roughly at "Average College Professor".

regularly correcting semantic and syntactic mistakes in pages of code which i never saw before

did that when i did a group-internal rss

Doesn't seem to work for spelling mistakes and typos though ;)

about 4 months ago

Ad Tracking: Is Anything Being Done?

clickety6 Re:And if your business model depends on ad revenu (303 comments)

And if your business model depends on ad revenue. Then get a new one. If you can't find a way to fund what you're doing with ads then do something else.

You don't find it just a teensy bit ironic that you're posting this on Slashdot?

about 4 months ago

Peanut Allergy Treatment Trial In UK "A Success"

clickety6 Re:Standard practice... (192 comments)

So we blend it first and then divide it into 70ths?

about 6 months ago

Device Mines Precious Phosphorus From Sewage

clickety6 Re:Every utopian prediction (96 comments)

~~ I even know one person who actually expressed that his ideal send off would be for his friends and loved ones to cook and eat his flesh. ~~

  1. don't bury me if I should die
    I don't want my bones to lie
    six feet under - six feet down
    covered by unfeeling ground
    please don't leave me here alone
    with nothing but a cold, hard stone
    a name, two dates and nothing more
    don't leave me for the worms to gnaw
    peel off my useless skin
    and expose the meat that lies within
    chop me, slice me, mince and dice me
    mix me with those herbs and spices
    turn me into sausages
    and invite my friends round for the feast
    lay me down on smoking Teflon
    hear me sizzle as I fry
    make my headstone mashed potato
    warm and fluffy, piled up high
    smother me in steaming gravy
    let onions be my funeral wreath
    give the mourners knives and forks
    and tell the priest to cry "let's eat!"
    so succulent!
    such tender Tim!
    I never knew he had such taste!
    and he made so many sausages
    let's have some more - a shame to waste
    eat heartily my faithful friends
    for this is how I want to end
    don't bury me if I should die
    if there's a heaven - let me fry!

about 6 months ago

Building a Better Bike Helmet Out of Paper

clickety6 Re:Rain (317 comments)

I actually thought about that. However, there are very few cost effective methods of waterproofing paper that work

Tetrapacks seem to work quite well at keeping liquids in for a reasonable cost. If it can keep liquid in, it can surely keep liquid out too.

about 6 months ago



Colfer asked to write a sixth HHGTTG Book

clickety6 clickety6 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

clickety6 writes "According to this this article in the Guardian, Eoin Colfer, the Irish author of a number of books including the popular children's book series "Artemis Fowl", has been directly approached by Douglas Adam's widow, Jane Belson, to write a sixth book to continue the (even more) increasingly inaccurately named Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy."
Link to Original Source


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