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An Engineer's Eureka Moment With a GM Flaw

clifyt Re:System failures versus personal ones (357 comments)

I've had mine changed twice as well, though only once at my expense. In the first case, I couldn't shut off the car or remove the key and had to pull a fuse to do so. The dealership actually admonished me over this and told me I just needed turn the steering wheel until it clicked and I could remove it. And when I brought it in, I asked the service guy that was on the phone and dismissive to personally come out and take the key out and show me what I was doing wrong. Never got the apology and he told me that pulling the fuse caused it to stick permanently. What a fuckwad. It was replaced under warranty.

The next one happened while driving in Alabama. Should have been under warranty as well, but we were in back countries and the dude that replaced it wanted cold cash and while GM has said if I find proof, they can repay me for it. But I don't think a hand written receipt for a switch that was pulled out of a junker will work...

GM has really soured me on their cars. I for one won't be buying a new Saturn! (Sarcasm!!!) Actually, probably won't be buying a new GM after this.

about three weeks ago

Elsevier Going After Authors Sharing Their Own Papers

clifyt Re:Breach of contract, copyright infringement (259 comments)

I gotta say, I don't see how this is a 'moral' right...I use to be a hired gun musician and worked on a lot of people's work.

In in no way did I ever want my name on any of these works, the only name I wanted was on my check. The people I worked with took it for face value that I worked on any of this stuff, and if they didn't, they weren't the type of clients I needed thus the portfolio was good enough.

As a current academic, the only time I've ever had problems was when the university decided to illegally take my work and sell it...there was no way I was going to sign a document not allowing my wok to be available. Any academic that can't read a contract is an idiot that shouldn't be an academic.

about 4 months ago

Why Apple Went 64-Bit With the iPhone 5s

clifyt Re:Bring the million-plus iOS apps to Macs... (512 comments)

I haven't used X Tools in years, but...you use pretty much the same libraries and compiler to compile iOS apps as you do OS X apps.

And there is already an emulator to check out your apps before you deploy.

And the big 3rd party development software tools already allow you to port directly to the Mac (I was working in a scripting language that I needed for psych research an app built last year for the iPad...and then realize I could do a desktop version just the same for the folks that didn't need to go into the field...it took me another few minutes to figure out how to set the resolution but that was about it).

Honestly, this sounds like someone that has no clue. Or maybe I have no clue...its been a while since I've done a damn thing

about 7 months ago

The 'Linux Inside' Stigma

clifyt Re:Android? (366 comments)

It might be in their product brochure, but most companies want to put a spin on their phone that it is theirs and not something everyone else has.

Few years ago it was big to talk about Android...now unless you are owned by Google or needing to differentiate the difference between your Win8 Phone vs your Android Phone, it isn't mentioned.

1 year,14 days

The 'Linux Inside' Stigma

clifyt Android? (366 comments)

Its almost like no one mentions Android on their phones anymore.

And the best selling Android tablet won't even mention it at all...

1 year,14 days

Automated System Developed To Grade Student Essays

clifyt Re:Grading is about feedback (253 comments)

"Grading is not, or should not be, about the grade"

I worked with Dr. Shermis back in the mid '90s on this (one of the professors quoted in the article) and we had our own software we were working on.

One of the very first things we had agreed upon was that grading and rating are two very different things. And when we worked on our software, it was designed to give back several scores that summarized why there was an overall score that was given.

Beyond this, *MOST* work in this area are not based around how to refine a research question or structure an argument. It was based around how to rate writing. From here, verbage could be created based around all the factors explaining why a particular metric was used as opposed to simply providing the metric. I left this field before it got that far, but its been a decade and I'm quite certain that this has happened because there were enough engines out there that could work in collaboration with one another to provide both quantitative and qualitative feedback (at the time, too many researchers were working against each other and either closely guarding their secrets or blatantly looking down their nose at the works of others because it was approaching the idea with a different vision).

That said, the #1 way to become a better writer? Write more. Even without feedback, you become a better writer simply by exercising these skills. With plain metrics? You become a far better writer simply by seeing that the computer thinks your mechanics could be improved. Maybe work on your creativity (this was by far the hardest to calculate), maybe see how improving one area weakens another as there were proven links between different areas that were almost always inversely proportional to one another except in the hands of talented writers.

And the problem with writing more? Instructors, especially writing instructors, are overwhelmed as it is. I would GLADLY grade 100 undergrad psych essays as opposed to a technical writing course. In our studies, one of the ideas was to allow more writing assignments, while giving more quality to feedback by the instructor...allow the instructor to read every 3rd paper for instance and give in depth analysis. Or maybe give more time to students that were struggling with basic concepts by catching them earlier. Almost all of this was designed to find ways to help the instructors do more with less, which is the reality of higher education these days. And when we did this, students actually got far more support than they did without our software.

Will their be lazy professors that just phone it in? Probably...but most instructors I've worked with have been passionate about their jobs, and the ones that weren't? They got this way because they were overwhelmed with the lack of resources provided to them.

BTW...every time I write about these subjects some jackass mentions my writing style. I'm not writing for publication, I'm writing for conversation (and most likely not proof reading nor thinking much more than a few words ahead...the opposite of the academic writing I use to do).

1 year,15 days

Paper On Conspiratorial Thinking Invokes Conspiratorial Thinking

clifyt Re:Switch Climate Change for 9/11 (371 comments)

Like I said, I rarely come here any more. Then again, I rarely go to my own site except to troll the people who still cling to it, so who knows!

But, most of what I read is pretty liberal here...

about a year ago

Paper On Conspiratorial Thinking Invokes Conspiratorial Thinking

clifyt Switch Climate Change for 9/11 (371 comments)

I bet you'd get a completely different response on /. from people if the subject of the conspiracy were 9/11 instead of climate change. Climate Change is something that most liberals and libertarians agree on. However, you swap the conspiracy for one closer to home?

I pretty much stopped reading /. for a couple of years except the post here or there that I was referred to because this site started to get hijacked by wackjobs. Maybe it was a corporate thing. Who knows. Either way, the signal to noise was highly in the wackjob category with 'truthers' trying to prove how it was all an inside job. Unfortunately, I headed to Reddit to get away from it and it turned out to be worse there!

You'll always find wack jobs and dumb fucks that want to believe, if only because it goes to their beliefs that the other side is corrupt and they are the only side of truth, as if everything is black and white. I know a lot of conservatives that believe in climate change, but they also believe it has happened for natural causes in the past exactly the same and we survived. Or that pragmatically, there is no way to go back except to put on the Birkenstocks and start eating granola and that if science is so advanced, eventually it will catch up and fix things.

Either way, the fact that neither side wants to back down is going to cause a division that naturally leads us all to conspiracy theories...

about a year ago

Richard Stallman's Solution To 'Too Big To Fail'

clifyt Re:Stallman's a Brilliant Engineer (649 comments)

It hampers his credibility because because he has no track record and saying the same crap everyone does -- that has no depth to it.

Its like the people that say they wish congress wasn't made up of 'professional politicians'...nice idea, but you need someone that has the understanding of how the system works...or throw out the ENTIRE system. Not just congress...EVERYTHING.

Back to the point, without a rack record someone can say all they want and have no standing. And outside can still be an outsider so long as they have some record. Stallman has absolutely nothing other than being a technologist that couldn't even bring his own works to market, had to rely on someone else, and ride on others coat tails...of whom, the biggest proponent of his philosophy tells us that it was a pragmatic choice only because it was available and he could have easily gone the way of other licenses out there but felt it was 'good enough' for what he was attempting.

As for cards, I wouldn't know what colors are supposed to be there. I'm familiar with these sorts of ideas in psychology...we use to do experiments like this in cog. However, no matter what, you almost always find a significant number of experts that do notice it is different. And often it is just that folks don't find any interest because they don't care. It is a great magic trick, and doing it for effect ends up taking more psychological know how to misdirect others than purely showing off the cards.

about a year ago

Why It's So Hard To Predict How Caffeine Will Affect Your Body

clifyt Re:The best legal stimulant, but should be respect (212 comments)

Too much coffee makes me fall asleep too.

I also have ADHD and stimulants have what they call a paradoxical effect with someone with true ADHD. Your brain can focus for once and you can put your brain to sleep. Your body might not be having much of it...its an horrible achy sleep, but I can sleep.

However, at about 8 shots in an ice coffee, it starts to turn around...I've learned this the hard way...

about a year ago

Richard Stallman's Solution To 'Too Big To Fail'

clifyt Re:Stallman's a Brilliant Engineer (649 comments)

Of course he is extreme. He is a programmer that somehow thinks he can dictate morality if someone wants to use his programs.

And now he has decided that even without a degree in economics, a basic understanding of capitalism, nor of normal human interaction...that he can fix society.

Even if he were right, he has no credibility in this world and as such, is spouting nothing but the most simplistic jargons and hoping it sticks. We all do that. I talk with my friends about how to fix the economy all the time...however, I'm quite certain if someone were to post my rants to the world, I'd be rightly be given the same criticism as I gave him above.

This is before throwing out personal attacks like Toe Fungus Eater. I'm certain most of us have done something disgusting, but the man has so little understanding of how others work that he does so in public, while on stage, while the cameras and spotlights are on him...again, I'm certain MOST of us have done something equally disgusting, but we know what is not good taste and wouldn't do it in public with tens of GNU fans watching. These sorts of things happen with him time in and time out, and thus his knowledge of how humans interact -- which is all business is -- is suspect. Again, I'm not attacking him for this...we've all done something like this to one extent or another. He just don't know its wrong (or at least decided to be wrong by society).

The man is both extreme and not credible.

about a year ago

Samsung Claims iPad Mini, iPad 4, New iPod Touch Also Infringe Patents

clifyt Re:And the winner is RIM (124 comments)

The security is one of these talking points that doesn't mean anything.

RIM was publicly asked to put backdoors into their phones at the US's request and did so. And then every other country in the world asked for them. And they gave them it so they could get into the market. Pretty much all they need to get into ANY Blackberry is to trick it into utilizing one of there servers, and it is magically unlocked for anyone that has one of two dozen encryption unlocks given to nerds in the third world.

So far, China is the only one with public access to the iPhone, and only on a specific model sold in China...Google so far as walked away from a deal with China because of these questions which I respect (sadly, I know the guy that got Apple into China). Here in America, both Apple and Google have denied the gov'ts requests as they are unconstitutional (but mostly because it would cost them money to do so) and thus the gov't has to try to get in through the AT&T's and Verizons.

Either way...the security on the iPhone is far greater than BB. Not sure about Android because I don't use it often enough to say.

about a year ago

Samsung Claims iPad Mini, iPad 4, New iPod Touch Also Infringe Patents

clifyt Re:And the winner is RIM (124 comments)

Really? The corporation went against your recommendation?

They picked a phone that has almost any application that could be needed for the business on it, over one that has 10s of apps that all cost thousands of $$$s to put on there? And the fact that people might actually take their device with them instead of having to cart around 2 mobile devices because you have one that your people actually use for 99% of their mobile needs...and one that they have to cart around for their business.

I can't believe they went against your wishes. It is almost as if they listened to someone that knew how to run a business instead of the guy still debating VMS vs. UNIX as a platform for the business's computing needs.

about a year ago

NTSB Dumps BlackBerry In Favor of iPhone 5

clifyt Re:Forgot their customers (100 comments)

Back in the day, I bought the Palm phones for everyone in my office and NO ONE carried them around. They were locked down, to the bosses order, and when ever the was an emergency, no one answered. Had to call their land lines. Most of the time if we called someone out of the office, their desk would ring.

So one day I decided fuck that...my boss is clueless, so I asked everyone to bring in their phones...I had an assortment of free games and would install them on their phone. Solitare, mine sweeper (it wasn't MS but very similar), poker...and over night...people started to pull them out of their desks and carry them with them.

It is always the power hungry asshole that thinks they know more about employees than they ever do...I was in IT as I put myself through grad school in psych. One of the first things we learn in any management course (this was undergrad) is that you can expect any educated 1st worlder to work about 60% of the time. 80% for a few weeks. 100% and they will burn out. Anyone that says they are working 40 hours a week is most likely putting in 60 hours to do so. That sort of thing. Want good employees...allow a little slop. Or ignore all the social sciences that study this sort of thing, tell the world how much you know about being a boss and watch your best talent move away.

about a year ago

What If There Was a Microsoft Appreciation Day?

clifyt Re:What if... (362 comments)

6-digit is low? I'm still bitching about the fact that I asked Taco years ago to change my name because too many people associated me with someone else (having used that ID on BBS's in the '80s) and he just up and created a new account for me instead giving me a 5-digit account.

Actually, I would have done the exact same thing...and do on my own board...but it still pissed me off anyways!

But 6-digit is no where near low. Hell...5 digit isn't even low...

about a year and a half ago

Facebook Says Your Email Is @Facebook

clifyt Re:There is not even a way to remove it! (346 comments)

Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! Timeline! My posts are displayed in two lines instead of one!!!!!

Why is this free service that I don't pay for making me do things I don't want to do but I won't leave them.

Then again...honestly, people that talk about leaving facebook are fucking idiots. Either you leave or you don't...you don't talk about it (talking about the fucktard at the top of the pile waaaaahing about leaving). I left FB for a couple of months, and I realized the social connections were far more worth keeping the FB open. Then again, I have more than 3 friends and I have business crap that depends on me knowing tons of people (which is interesting because I post the most inappropriate and obscene stuff to my FB and most of the business relations find it funny).

about 2 years ago

Georgia Apple Store Refuses To Sell iPad To Iranian-American Teen

clifyt Re:TSA as role model? (1116 comments)

"Meanwhile, the Iranian nuclear industry has no problems getting the equipment it needs (albeit with a few carefully targetted viruses)"

Some would say that the restrictions made it far easier to restrict what actually made it there than if they could just get anything they wanted wholesale. As such, the gov'ts of several enemies of Iran were able to specifically target the equipment and ensure that it was not able to make the nuclear loads they wanted without poisoning a significant amount to where it was unusable, as a result, delaying bad outcomes for a few years and giving time for diplomacy to maybe work (if we didn't have idiots on both sides).

Students and farmers are screwed because of their gov't. Even if their gov't has a legitimate reason to hate the US and Israel (anyone that knows the history of Iran understands why they don't like either country and would not want to negotiate with either in a civil way).

about 2 years ago

Assange Requests Asylum In Ecuador

clifyt Re:You are wrong. (400 comments)

From what I understand, the term 'rape' is very broad in this country. To the point, people that have been actually raped elsewhere would feel violated.

The idea that one can be 'raped' after the fact of consensual sex doesn't make sense to me, but it isn't my culture. I'll use logic to show you how they feel about this (or at least how I think they understand this). Rape is any unwanted sexual activity. Would they have wanted to have sex with the man either woman knew that he was lying about being monogamous? It sounds like they both would say no. Would they want to have unprotected sex with someone that wasn't monogamous? Far bigger no. The fact that he had unprotected sex AND lied about who all he was sleeping with caused these women to reassess their willingness to have sex with him. If they had known the truth, they wouldn't have been cool with it.

Have you ever dated someone that you realized was a horrible person and lied about everything AFTER the fact? I have. Do I consider myself raped because of this? No. If I would have known everything about this person, I might not have had sex with her. At the time I was having sex with her, I really liked it and I told all my friends how cool she was. Apparently in some countries, you can change your mind about this and then consider it a form of rape.

Apparently, again from what I understand, this is considered a very low form of rape and is punishable by a fine and nothing more.

I don't know. I do feel that if you are a guest in another country, you follow the laws even if they are stupid -- or that you don't know about them.

That said, I agree with what Wikileaks has done...and I just wish it didn't have Assange as the head. Maybe they couldn't have done what they did without a douchebag like Assange in charge. I don't know. The biggest thing I believe is that I have faith in the Swedish gov't for this, and think that he should go back and answers the 'charges' (in quotes because he hasn't legally been charged yet).

And maybe a little part of me wants to see if the US would get him in custody because I think this would make the Occupy Wallstreet protests seem tame in comparison. I don't think we would...too much political ramifications for it...but if we did, I think it would be nearly unanimous that the youth and anyone that is even slightly liberal would rise up and do something about it. So maybe I'm hoping that this happens just to see actual real political change...not a black liberal that is in practice more conservative than Reagan, vs. a white conservative complaining about how unconstitutional it is to provide health care to everyone in a way that mirrors his own laws and policies in his own state 10 years before that he authored himself.

about 2 years ago

Assange Requests Asylum In Ecuador

clifyt Re:[Stupid] move (400 comments)

He hasn't been charged with a crime yet. However, he has been charged by others as having done something that might be a crime.

The words I used are sadly ambiguous and I apologize for the ambiguity.

I stand behind what Wikileaks has done. And I think Bradley is a great man for releasing the info...doesn't mean I don't think Assange is a douche that loves the publicity.

about 2 years ago

Assange Requests Asylum In Ecuador

clifyt Re:[Stupid] move (400 comments)

Hello someone that doesn't understand that the system of justice in one country isn't the same in another country.

In Sweden, it has been established over and over in these debates, one cannot be charged with a crime unless they have been questioned in person.

He left the country before he could be questioned in person. Yes, one prosecutor decided there wasn't enough evidence at the time...and another said there was enough to question him. Even in the US, this happens all the time. And it is rarely politically motivated...

I wouldn't be surprised if the US had a part in this...however, I think that Assange had a MUCH bigger part...and I believe Sweden may just be following their own rules, even if the US likes that they are. if someone pisses me off and I see them jaywalking while a cop had his back to my enemy...I might just walk over to the cop and mention how dangerous it is for that guy to be endangering the cars going by and encourage them to follow the laws already there, if nothing more than to piss the guy off a little.

I don't think it takes any conspiracy to note the US is probably enjoying this as they know it is destroying Wikileaks. However, I don't think there is any nefarious plan to extradite him...especially as we have extradition treaties with the UK as well and could just as easily asked to bring him over with the caveat that we'd have to promise not to kill him...that's the only thing the UK asks...and I don't think the US could do this legally...much easier to kill him right where he was in the first place and even if everyone knew it was the US, we'd still have plausible deniability. That's the problem with you conspiracy theorists...you don't think of the simplest solutions. Occam's Razor...

about 2 years ago


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