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Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage

climb_no_fear Re:Questiona re a bit sexists (447 comments)

While I find arranged marriages horrifying personally, a friend (not Hindu) was married that way and at least their process was interesting to say the least. The families selected potential partners based on their knowledge of their (adult) childrens' personalities. He went on dates with the suggested women and, the third one was apparently compatible. They have been together for 20 years now.

But maybe that is just the old-fashioned version of a modern online dating service's compatibility algorithm.

about two weeks ago

Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage

climb_no_fear Re:Questiona re a bit sexists (447 comments)

While I agree, there is another interrelated effect hidden there: Women with more money are typically older (obviously more time to acquire it and have often delayed childbearing).

People who are older (more mature on average?) when they marry have lower divorce rates.

about two weeks ago

Should We Eat Invasive Species?

climb_no_fear Re:On that note (290 comments)

Have you ever eaten squirrel? Stringy, gamy as hell and hardly any real meat to speak of.

about 5 months ago

Declassified Papers Hint US Uranium May Have Ended Up In Israeli Arms

climb_no_fear Re:Common Knowledge (165 comments)

The US government is in cahoots with aliens? Why, that explains so much, you're absolutely brilliant !

about 6 months ago

U.S. Biomedical Research 'Unsustainable' Prominent Researchers Warn

climb_no_fear How Academia Resembles a Drug Gang (135 comments)

An interesting article on why people would work for less than minimum wage (grad students working 16 hr days), in hopes of hitting the big time, just like people selling drugs, hopjng to become the drug lord:


about 6 months ago

U.S. Biomedical Research 'Unsustainable' Prominent Researchers Warn

climb_no_fear Re:Another thing (135 comments)

Let me ask you this: Do you believe Social Security is going to collapse tomorrow? My guess is even you would say not tomorrow.

Why do I ask? Well, look at your own statistics:

Worker-to-beneficiary ratio in the US: 16 workers to 1 beneficiary in 1950 3.3 workers per beneficiary in 2003 2.1 workers per beneficiary in 2033 (projected)

You do understand that this is real, right? This is all based on hard data and real world facts; I'm not making this shit up as I go along.

16 / 3.3 = 4.8 fold decrease in worker:retiree ratio in the US.

And yet, the system hasn't crashed yet.

3.3 / 2.1 is only a further 1.57 fold decrease, much smaller than the last few years

Why hasn't the system collapsed years ago?

1. An increase in general productivity (see for an interesting article in this regard)
2. Don't forget, these people do die and some leave behind considerable inheritances, which are taxed exorbitantly, even in the US.

Of course, some of this is paid for by US borrowing, which will have to taper off.

about 6 months ago

IRS Can Now Seize Your Tax Refund To Pay a Relative's Debt

climb_no_fear Re:Over 18 (632 comments)

Not if you live abroad, they're a nightmare, even if you owe nothing.

about 6 months ago

WSJ: Prepare To Hang Up the Phone — Forever

climb_no_fear Re: It is the single most reliable piece of tech (449 comments)

You are right about the wires but wrong about the demand pattern in case of a localized emergency.

For POTS, the telephone is at a fixed location (obviously close to the accident in the parent's example), therefore, in an emergency, the person is more likely to be trying to get help for an emergency which happened near or at that location.

Those with POTS are not calling to tell someone that they are going to be late coming home, because they already are home.

In contrast, mobile phone users near such an accident trigger many calls unrelated to reporting the accident (telling someone they are running late) and overload the cell network.

Most people living close enough to such an accident are not home, are not directly affected by the accident or are simply unaware of the emergency, and don't or can't call, therefore, the POTS will generally not overload (although you may overload the number of 911 or 112 operators).

Therefore, for an emergency covering a small area, POTS will almost always be better.

For emergencies covering a larger area that might overload the POTS system (8.5 earthquake, a hurricane or such), you have other problems anyway.

about 7 months ago

I prefer my peppers ...

climb_no_fear Re:Depends on the dish (285 comments)

And avoid oral sex for several hours after this. Don't ask me how I know this.

about 7 months ago

Security Industry Incapable of Finding Firmware Attackers

climb_no_fear Re:Least interest (94 comments)

Sorry, but "bare back access" was so titillating that it distracted me from finishing the rest of your post...

about 7 months ago

Ukraine May Have To Rearm With Nuclear Weapons Says Ukrainian MP

climb_no_fear Re:Ukraine, Crimea & Russia (498 comments)

AIt doesn't just sound draconian, it is. A friend of mine was an ethnic Russian child living in Kazakhstan at the time. Her father lost his job simply because he was Russian so they HAD to leave. The majority of these people (in either direction) are not moving of their own free will.

about 7 months ago

The Next Keurig Will Make Your Coffee With a Dash of "DRM"

climb_no_fear Re:Anti competitive (769 comments)

That coffee is so bad, that it isn't legal in Europe anyway.

about 8 months ago

New Object Recognition Algorithm Learns On the Fly

climb_no_fear Re:I could be wrong... (100 comments)

"What's that mommy?" "Why, Jimmy, that's an airplane".
I am not a programmer so could someone explain to me how that is different?

about 9 months ago

200 Dolphins Await Slaughter In Japan's Taiji Cove

climb_no_fear Re:Is this a cuteness thing? (628 comments)

I have hunted in the past. There, I admit it.

However, I think the question for me is not, should they be allowed to hunt these animals but should they be allowed to hunt them in such an obviously cruel and hideous manner?

about 9 months ago

Extinct Species of Early Human Survived On Grass Bulbs, Not Meat

climb_no_fear Re:Extinct species survived (318 comments)

Actually, the story is more complicated than you suggest. Two things were happening at the same time. Humans began eating meat (but not exclusively) and they started cooking their food, making it easier to digest.

Just one example, humans ARE different than even the great apes in terms of their digestive systems.

Humans probably are omnivores but have many special adaptions, including jaw sizes more like herbivores, not (only) because of hard foods but also to allow us to smile, another important element of our evolution (social development).

about 9 months ago

China Tops Europe In R&D Intensity

climb_no_fear Re: They produce more.. what? (134 comments)

The TFA refers to percent of GDP, which is meaningless.

No, it's not. A high proportion of R&D costs is labor. Because of the difference in salaries between different countries, %/GDP matters more than absolute numbers.

Wrong. Since the most research in Europe is carried out in the countries with the highest labor costs, your statement is misleading, as it skews the costs relative to the GDP of the region.

Also, Switzerland is always ignored in these calculations. I know they are not part of the EU but a quick peek at the graph in the original article shows Europe, not EU (I know they state EU in the fine print). Switzerland has a very vibrant research community (think physics, biotech, pharma) and it seems silly to exclude them. But another example of a country with high labor costs which spends a lot on research (and gets something back).

about 9 months ago

"Perfect" Electron Roundness Bruises Supersymmetry

climb_no_fear Re:What about size? (150 comments)

Stupid question about a "point" particle: The minimal size (diameter?) for anything would then be a Planck length, right?

about 10 months ago

The Brains of Men and Women Are 'Wired Differently'

climb_no_fear Re:Equality (509 comments)

Unless you are a corporation or belong to the 1%

about a year ago


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