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Smart Battery Tells You When It's About To Explode

cmdr_klarg To the Skinnies (97 comments)

"I'm a 30 second bomb!! I'm a 30 second bomb!! 29... 28... 27..."

5 days ago

Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics

cmdr_klarg Re:Update to Godwin's law? (575 comments)

If this kind of thing isn't fixed soon, America is marching into becoming a facist state, while pretending to still be defenders of freedom and justice. And people are applauding this as it goes along.

"So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause." - Padme Amidala

about three weeks ago

How Scientific Consensus Has Gotten a Bad Reputation

cmdr_klarg Re:Science creates understanding of a real world. (770 comments)

walking on water being scientifically possible.

Last time I checked, it was very possible to walk on snow and/or ice.

about a month and a half ago

Favorite "Go!" Phrase?

cmdr_klarg Space Spartans (701 comments)

"Hello Commander... computer reporting."

about 3 months ago

Favorite "Go!" Phrase?

cmdr_klarg Re:From "The Last Starfighter" (701 comments)

Go => "Ramming speed!"
Stop => "We die!"

Do the whole quote:

"Forget the guns! RAMMING SPEED!!!"

about 3 months ago

Scientists Find Method To Reliably Teleport Data

cmdr_klarg Re:This research should receive enormous funding. (202 comments)

But he could only become invisible when no one was looking (not even himself), and no cameras were on him."


His power would only fail if someone was looking at him. Cameras did not count. In the movie he successfully used his power to bypass a sentry gun.

about 5 months ago

How the USPS Killed Digital Mail

cmdr_klarg Re:Incomplete (338 comments)

For all the talk about how the US is not socialized, please explain how the top half pays the whole bill.

Because they have all the fucking money!

and the bottom quarter actually gets money out?

The bottom quarter don't have a pot to piss in, mainly due to the shitty economic conditions that the politicians bought by said wealthy have put in place so that they can line their pockets ever deeper.

That, by definition, is government transferring wealth which is very socialistic.

We could use a lot more "socialistic".

about 6 months ago

Google: Teach Girls Coding, Get $2,500; Teach Boys, Get $0

cmdr_klarg Re:Girls just do not like programming as much as b (673 comments)

Simple as that. It's like wanting boys to play with dolls and girls to play with toy cars. Is not lack of competence of women, is lack of interest.

They're not dolls, they're action figures!!!

about 6 months ago

Should NASA Send Astronauts On Voluntary One-Way Missions?

cmdr_klarg Re:Not unlike the colonial settlers from Europe (307 comments)

That being said, that's a massive financial commitment, and I'd much prefer a return method be an option.

If humanity spent on science and exploration half the money spent on killing each other we'd probably have FTL capability by now.

about 6 months ago

Wil Wheaton Announces New TV Show

cmdr_klarg Re:Oh, it's on SyFy? (167 comments)

Ah yes, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep... quite good, funny with some serious drama in there relating to the main story in Borderlands 2.

about 7 months ago

Hacking Charisma

cmdr_klarg Bah (242 comments)

Charisma is a dump stat...

about 7 months ago

Can Science Ever Be "Settled?"

cmdr_klarg Re:i interpret it to mean (497 comments)

Science is Faith's eternal enemy!

Science is not Faith's eternal enemy. Faith is Science's eternal enemy.

Ignorance is Science's eternal enemy. Faith in and of itself is not Science's enemy, but it is not unusual for Faith and Ignorance to go hand in hand.

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Games Are You Playing?

cmdr_klarg Re:FTL Faster Than Light (669 comments)

My issue with this kind of randomness is that it reduces the skill depth of the game. Consider, for example, a variant where you could choose which crew member to send on a likely-suicidal mission. You'd have the same chance of somebody dying, but now there'd be a bigger incentive to have redundant crew. Or lacking that, you could choose which of your trained crewpeople, or what racial bonus, you least need.

FTL does do that, as when you make your choices during a certain scenario, such as the space station that has a fire. Normally you have the choice to go in and help, which will randomly let you know if you are successful or not. But, if you have a Rock crewmember, you get a blue choice that automatically succeeds, as the Rock crew are immune to fire. You can also get a blue choice if your ship has the correct equipment, such as a repair drone, improved sensors, or the correct weapon mounted.

Very fun game, you will tend to lose more often than you win, but that is part of the fun.

about 8 months ago

Massive Storm Buries US East Coast In Snow and Ice

cmdr_klarg Re:It's not the same (290 comments)

100F+ temps in the Midwest (install air conditioners)

Not exactly unusual in the Midwest. Gotta love MN with a 150F temperature range...

about 8 months ago

Kansas To Nix Expansion of Google Fiber and Municipal Broadband

cmdr_klarg Re:Only 20% Served (430 comments)

post to undo bad mod, sorry

about 9 months ago

Atlanta Gambled With Winter Storm and Lost

cmdr_klarg Re:Learn to freaken drive. (723 comments)


You have no idea how frustrating it is as a Southerner to be constantly condescended upon because of our supposedly lousy driving skills. I don't care HOW skilled you are at driving on snow or ice, when you crest an ice-covered hill with a curve at the bottom, even if you're driving 1 MPH, you're going to go off the road or crash into the curb (or the car) at the bottom.

Every time I see one of these "lrn2drv" smug posts, I want to invite that person to come on down and drive on a road that is completely untreated in a car that is completely unequipped for snow/ice driving. In this case, I'd love to get them to try it in the middle of an Atlanta rush hour that was as popped out on steroids as it has ever been in the history of the city. Yes, we're not used to driving on ice. Yes, there are some fools who do it wrong. But I've seen people who are the most careful of drivers creeping along at a snail's pace still have wrecks because, believe it or not, when your roads have no snow or ice for 999 out of 1000 days in a row and no one has prepared for the eventuality that they might, and your government is run by "don't spend money for any reason"/"let's err against the side of safety" idiots, shit happens.

If the situation is like that then the smart choice is to stay home (or where you are at the time). I'm in MN, and there are conditions from time to time where you DO NOT TRAVEL, such as freezing rain or whiteout blizzards. If you do, you endanger your life as well as the other idiots on the road with you, AND the emergency personnel that have to try and rescue you.

TL,DR version: Stay off the ice.

about 9 months ago

More Bad News For the F-35

cmdr_klarg Re:Giant F-ing Boondoggle (401 comments)

However as is always the case in america, 45% of the country will blame the republicans and their supporters, 45% will blame the democrats and their supporters.

Yeah, but what I want to know is, who will the remaining 20% blame?

I blame the math teachers.

about 9 months ago


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