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Verizon "End-to-End" Encrypted Calling Includes Law Enforcement Backdoor

codewarren Re:There is no "law enforcement only" backdoor (166 comments)

How is this insightful? What does "backdoor" have to do with it then? If anything with keys can be picked, then all encrypted communication is vulnerable and adding a backdoor would just be meaningless.

All communication has to be decryptable or it isn't communication. (How would one-way communication work? exactly like a write-only memory chip). So someone always has to have a key, but that doesn't always have to be the NSA or government or even Verizon.

2 days ago

Verizon "End-to-End" Encrypted Calling Includes Law Enforcement Backdoor

codewarren Re:Depends... (166 comments)

This has never been about whether the current U.S. government is trustworthy, but whether the future U.S. government is, and no one can ensure that. Would you trust promises from the Chinese government to always get warrants, or trust the quality of the warrants if they did? Governments are made from people and the people change. You may trust the U.S. government now, but you should not trust the U.S. government of the future further than necessary.

3 days ago

LG To Show Off New 55-Inch 8K Display at CES

codewarren 4k monitors (179 comments)

You can even get 4K PC monitors for an attractive price

Citation needed (...please!)

about a week ago

How Relevant is C in 2014?

codewarren Re:C is very relevant in 2014, (641 comments)

Actually this is false. It is possible to write a language that is both safe* and compiles itself.

If you're not up to that then fine, but please spare us the poor workman blaming his tools excuse

I can cut a straight line with a circular saw without using a guide or a guard, but I can do it a hell of a lot quicker with a guide to rest against and a guard to keep me from having to constantly check my fingers and chords etc. These things weren't invented because of bad workman, but because they make good workman better. Not everyone who notices that there may be better tools out there than C for the very things that C is used for is a workman blaming his tools.

Someone eventually needs to write the rules for translating the higher level language down to lower levels, but this isn't the same as "getting their hands dirty down to the metal" in the same way that you've implied because it can be done in tiny self-contained, small chunks following yet more rules and rigorously like a mathematical proof and therefore not be subject to the same pitfalls as languages like C. It also only has to be done once (per processor) but then the safety is ongoing.

This layering is just modular design and separation of concern. Look at IR in the LLVM project which has allowed an explosion of languages that can enjoy most of the same compiler optimizations that the C family enjoy using this principle.

(btw, the Rust project is very interesting in this subject)

* Of course, the term "safe" has a limited meaning. A compiler can't read your mind but, to the extent that a language is well designed, it can prevent you from doing things that you could not have intended to do and force you to follow rules that will never allow certain common errors that result from people having limited memory.

about two weeks ago

New Effort To Grant Legal Rights To Chimpanzees Fails

codewarren Re:good (341 comments)

White > Black

Man > Woman

I will grant you that when your criteria is "Me > Things different from me" and you can ignore the misery of others, it really is convenient.

about two weeks ago

How Astronomers Will Take the "Image of the Century": a Black Hole

codewarren Re:Edge on perspctive (129 comments)


about two weeks ago

Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience

codewarren Re:God (794 comments)

The only evidence that the Israelites were ever in Egypt or made a 40 year trip through the desert or that anyone like Moses ever existed is a story where a guy parts the sea by raising his staff and the people are fed by magical food that falls from the sky nightly. That is to say, there is zero evidence that the Israelites were ever even in Egypt.

about 10 months ago

Obama Administration Threatens CISPA Veto, EFF Urges Action

codewarren Everyone knows (106 comments)

that 14 year old basement dwellers do not have rights and are not really people.

about a year and a half ago

Employee Outsourced Programming Job To China, Spent Days Websurfing

codewarren Re:Part of me says, "Good!" (457 comments)

Because accomplishing things you consider valuable...

That's what the GP wants to do. What he's tired of doing is accomplishing things that SOMEONE ELSE considers valuable.

about 2 years ago

Drug Allows Deafened Mice to Regrow Inner Ear Hair

codewarren Re:Def Leppard fans are probably better off over t (80 comments)

I'm not sure that follows. Listeners compensate for both of these things by cranking up the volume only to be way over tolerance when the song goes from low point to high point or when the foam headphones shift back into place.

Which is worse for ears? Semi-loud music for 10 minutes or 10 seconds of over-the-top loud? It doesn't seem unreasonable to expect the opposite effect with flatter dynamics and a more physically stable listening device.

about 2 years ago

Nokia Redirecting Traffic On Some of Its Phones, Including HTTPS

codewarren My employer just started doing this also. (200 comments)

Doesn't this open them up to all kinds of legal problems? I mean if my bank account gets compromised after I use my nokia phone to check my balance, would I not have a pretty good cause for lawsuit?

about 2 years ago

Smart Guns To Stop Mass Killings

codewarren Right, that'll stop the crazies (1388 comments)

Surely all the crazy people that go on rampages do it for the fame. It has nothing to do with their mental health.

about 2 years ago

NTLM 100% Broken Using Hashes Derived From Captures

codewarren Re:Secure Networks vs. Insecure Networks (155 comments)

The crucial detail is whether the physical layer of the network can be trusted

Someone maintains that physical layer. Even if they are employees of the company, it doesn't follow that they can be trusted. Someone with access to the physical layer and an NTLM hack could "become" anyone else on the network and do whatever he wanted with little fear of getting caught.

Put another way, If everyone that was employed by the company could be trusted, they could all share the same login with unlimited access. If that makes you cringe, then so should NTLM. I think that's the point of the article.

about 2 years ago

Why Girls Do Better At School

codewarren Re:How does this get +5 insightful (690 comments)

I agree with you that the author you are replying to has a weak opinion. However, that doesn't mean he hates women.

A careful look at what I wrote will reveal that my misogyny accusation was not directed at the author. Notice that the title of my post was "How does this get +5 insightful?" and then I speak of him and his post in the third person, while I make the misogyny accusation in the second person. In other words I was saying, "...don't let science get in the way of your [Slashdot moderators'] shit headed misogyny".

Calling him a misogynist because you don't like his opinion is a false argument ad hominem.

OK, so even if I had been calling the author a misogynist, it would only be ad hominem if I had used his misogyny as disproof of his premise. But my disproof of his premise was that it was contrary to scientific data. Even if I had gone on to claim he were a misogynist, which I didn't, it wouldn't have technically been ad hominem.

http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/misogyny (a hatred of women)

OK, I think you are trying to say that a feeling of superiority to women is not the same as hatred. Yes, that's true, but that's not precisely the definition of misogyny I was picturing. See http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/misogyny (noun: hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.). I think I would have been within my liberty to have accused of mistrust given the following from the author:

But if you need someone to get you to the moon--your best bet is still the guy

And yet, to be clear again, that's not what I was doing. I was noting that the quickness that this shot up to +5 (before anything else even had +3) was (yet more) evidence of the rampant misogyny in the ranks of the Slashdot moderation crowd. I'm happy to see that cooler heads eventually brought it all the way back down.

about 2 years ago

Dad Hires In-Game 'Assassins' To Get His Son To Stop Gaming

codewarren Re:Just kick him out. (338 comments)

Indeed, how will he ever conceal the fact that he can write software? He's doomed.

about 2 years ago

Why Girls Do Better At School

codewarren How does this get +5 insightful (690 comments)

There's no insight here, no data. The parent just spews his own feeling that "girls are rule followers" and "boys are smarter". The scientists with actual data found that the qualities were actually "attentiveness, task persistence, eagerness to learn, learning independence, flexibility and organization", but don't let science get in the way of your shit headed misogyny.

And yet this anti-science post makes it instantly to +5, why? Because it strokes the ego of the Slashdot anti-female crowd who think that feminists are coming to take their balls away.

about 2 years ago

Why Girls Do Better At School

codewarren Re:Ummm (690 comments)

if girls do worse on standardized tests, how do we conclude they do better at school?

The answer is in the summary. Teachers give girls better grades. Standardized tests give boys better grades.

about 2 years ago

The Android SDK Is No Longer Free Software

codewarren Re:It's a little worse than summary... (535 comments)

Indeed, here is the version from April 2009.

3.3 Except to the extent required by applicable third party licenses, you may not copy (except for backup purposes), modify, adapt, redistribute, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or create derivative works of the SDK or any part of the SDK. Except to the extent required by applicable third party licenses, you may not load any part of the SDK onto a mobile handset or any other hardware device except a personal computer, combine any part of the SDK with other software, or distribute any software or device incorporating a part of the SDK.

They added no such restrictions, they've always been there. The summary is wrong.

about 2 years ago



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