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U.S. Funds Anonymizer for Iranians

comicus Re:freedom as tool (498 comments)

>Why does our government work for the freedom of others

It doesn't. Our government works for those that bring it to power, i.e. first the corporations, second the special interest, and lastly the people.

All this Axis of Evil nonsense and labeling of Iran as a rogue state are for show to impress the average American. Most Americans don't know, for example, that the US and Britain have never stopped buying oil from Iran. Yes, the same country that they place embargos on preventing from purchasing goods for the people. Why? Because it makes economic sense to pay kickbacks to the corrupt Mullahs in exchange for cheap oil. Most Americans also don't know that Rafsanjani is a very active real estate investor here in the US. He owns many examples of prime real estate throughout the US including the 5 star St. Regis hotel in Laguna Beach, CA. All with the knowledge of the Walker Bush Administration. Next time you stay there, know that your dollars are supporting a terrorist and oppressive regime.

And now that our tax dollars are being used to allow members of a radical Islamic regime (one that harbors terrorists and has WMDs) to anonymously look at all the bomb plans

Sarcasm well taken, but you'd have to be a fool to think that the terrorist government and their thugs need something like the anonymizer to obtain info on building weapons. They're more interested in keeping the Iranian people insulated from contact and information exchange with the rest of the world. Anonymous access to the Internet would greatly benefit the Iranian people.

I believe this move by the US to promote anonymizer is meant as a very tiny jesture to win the support the Iranian communities in the US.

more than 11 years ago


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