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iPhone SDK May Be 1-3 Weeks Late

connorbd Re:Developers, developers, developers (157 comments)

How true this is. The real problem here is that when Palm made their first splash on the scene, they actively encouraged developers of all stripes and created a cult brand. Apple is not doing the same thing -- it's the same Steveishness (a tradition John Sculley carried on) that left the Mac a gaming backwater in the mid-80s, a situation it never really recovered from despite game developers chomping at the bit to get at PowerPC hardware.

Put it this way -- I know Palm's best days are behind them, but my next MP3 player will almost certainly be a Palm Tungsten. The iPhone/iPod Touch isn't all hat and no cattle, but given how restrictive Apple is being with the platform it may as well be.

more than 6 years ago


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