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Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?

coolsnowmen Re:We don''t do tax returns in the UK,you insensit (385 comments)

True, but the parent point was on not feelign the burn of paying that money. I assume, that when you buy something, you acknoledge how much it costs and don't just swipe your CC blindly.

4 days ago

Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

coolsnowmen Re:Are you kidding (804 comments)

I was born and raised catholic. So when the following comes off as harsh, it is because I lived through a lot of BS.

The same catholics who preaced abstinance only sex ed which is proven not to work. The same catholics who banned the use of contraception so that women were going to get pregnant. These women now are faced with a horrible choice: throw away any chance they had at a career, or go to hell.

Oh father, who art in heaven, that is some truely got awful parenting, IMO

4 days ago

Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?

coolsnowmen Re:Paper and US Postal Service (385 comments)

In college I had wierd income that it was hard to figure out if it was taxable or not. I downloaded the IRS document on education based tax deducions; it was over 100 pages. I bought turbo tax an hour later. The math isn't hard; it is figuring out what is tax deductable and what isn't that made turbotax worth it for me.

5 days ago

Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?

coolsnowmen Re:We don''t do tax returns in the UK,you insensit (385 comments)

"Most people have no idea how much they pay in taxes." proof?

Even though I don't write a check, my tax software it kind enough to provide me exactly how much I paid in taxes, so that I can easily calculate my EffeciveTaxRate (19%)

5 days ago

The Best Parking Apps You've Never Heard Of and Why You Haven't

coolsnowmen Re:Bicycle! And motorcycle. (163 comments)

I wish. A bicycle is not feasible for me, and a motorcycle is too dangerous in my area.

about a week ago

Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability: A Technical Remediation

coolsnowmen Re:Thank you for the mess (239 comments)

I think davester666 knew that. But, then again, he is the devil...

about two weeks ago

In-Flight Wi-Fi Provider Going Above and Beyond To Help Feds Spy

coolsnowmen Re:The feds can have the data from my last flight. (78 comments)

I feel like you haven't thought this through. The problem isn't you doing it. Because if the fed's knock on your door and say, "GIVE ME ONE GOOD REASON YOU WERE LOOKING AT THIS VIRUS!". You can say, it is my job. Conversation over. But, if I did it, because I find them interesting, _I_ have no legitimate reason to, so I'm a potential terrorist.

about two weeks ago

Continued Rise In Autism Diagnoses Puzzles Researchers, Galvanizes Advocates

coolsnowmen Re:Medicalizing Normality (558 comments)


about three weeks ago

One Person Successfully Removed From US No-Fly List

coolsnowmen Re:Shocked and saddened (286 comments)

I don't think that is entirely true. IIRC, a bunch of countries in europe offered to basically match the US in taking some. But congress NIMBY feelings meant no one took any of them.

about three weeks ago

North Korea: Male University Students Required To Get Kim Jong-un Haircuts

coolsnowmen Re:Debunked. (110 comments)

Interesting link. wow, the truth is almost more intense than the fictuion..

about three weeks ago

Prototype Volvo Flywheel Tech Uses Car's Wasted Brake Energy

coolsnowmen Re:I'd prefer air power (262 comments)

It is also more explosive.

about three weeks ago

Minnesota Teen Wins Settlement After School Takes Facebook Password

coolsnowmen Re:Without her permission? (367 comments)

haha, true, but you have to start somewhere right? And in the united states, most of that is 18. With, of course, a bunch of exceptions.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Fastest, Cheapest Path To a Bachelor's Degree?

coolsnowmen Re:A printer and a template (370 comments)

the Submitter might actually want to learn something though

about a month ago

3D Printing: Have You Taken the Plunge Yet? Planning To?

coolsnowmen Re:3D printing (251 comments)

I don't understand it but clearly there is a market for wasting time and money to print at home.

Lets talk about it then. The resources you want to minize use of are "cost" and "time". It is faster to print a photo on my home printer than drive to a store, and pay them to do it unless I'm printing a lot. If I'm printing more than say 20 pictures, or picures of all different sizes, then it takes longer because of my paper feeder. Typically though I only want to print one or two of a picture to put in a picture frame or give to friends and family

But lets also talk cost. It's about 10c per picture in paper and another bit for the ink. That is about the same as my local shop depening on deals because their prices fluxuate and by bulk. I pretty much call it a draw there unless you catch them on a deal and buy in bulk.

That makes it about the time.

about a month ago

Kickstarted Veronica Mars Promised Digital Download; Pirate Bay Delivers

coolsnowmen Re:How to Falsify Evolution (243 comments)

I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb here to say: On /., you are shouting in an echo chamber.

about a month ago

Paris Bans Half of All Cars On the Road

coolsnowmen Re:Think you miss the point (405 comments)

The bicycle stand at the Amsterdam train station is also impressive in its scale.

Haha this, and in my limited experiance, copenhagen.

about a month ago

Silicon Valley Billionaire Takes Out $201 Million Life Insurance Policy

coolsnowmen Re:Estate Taxes (300 comments)

No chance this AC has ever even met someone with "a family farm". Consiring he is both on /., and family farms are a dying breed in the US.

about a month ago

US Navy Strategists Have a Long History of Finding the Lost

coolsnowmen Re: I'll make it easy (145 comments)

I do not believe cell phone would work at all at that height and speed typically.

Cellphone towers are designed to emit a beam pattern that looks roughly like a system of slivers forming a donut [in the horizontal plane]. If you aren't directly in that beam for a long enough period of time to negotiate a connection, then it won't work. In cities, cell towers would be denser and each tower would have less power to increate the amount of users possible on the system. While in the countryside, there would be fewer towers at higher power, but less places for the signal to bounce up and intersect a speeding plane.

But, maybe they get luckey

about a month ago

The Billionaires Privatizing American Science

coolsnowmen Public vs Private funding (279 comments)

A lot of posts here are complaining/discussing the downfalls of private funding. I don't care- As long as (1) We don't stop _also_ publicly funding pie-in-the-sky scientific research and (2) it is still science. Verifiable and reproducible science.

That is, why can't we just have both? I'm happy that Bill Gates, in his old age, is throwing shit-fuck-tons of money at things he believes to be a problem. Fantastic!

about a month ago

Google Sued Over Children's In-App Android Purchases

coolsnowmen Re:From the point of view of the developer (321 comments)

Linux distros have this for sudo actions. They also have a button that terminates the privileged timing window early in the gui, and for cli it is something like:

sudo -k


sudo -K

about a month ago



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