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Console Games Sales Beat Out PC

corky6921 So here's the pricing from Dell... (502 comments)

"And Mom and Dad gonna build a system? Doubt it, they do thier [sic] pricing at Dell.com..."

Okay... here's what I just picked up from Dell a couple of weeks ago for a computer at the office.

  • P4/2.0GHz
  • 256MB RAM
  • 40x CD burner
  • Windows XP Pro
  • Network, modem, etc.
  • One-year onsite warranty

I paid $714 shipped. Note that it came with a crappy video card. (Well, crappy if you want to use it to play games. We, of course, didn't.)

Go with XP Home instead of Pro (you don't need Pro unless you're running a domain or multiple processors) and you get $100 or so of that price to upgrade to a great video card.

Honestly, I think the people who are saying that PCs are $2000 haven't bought a computer in a while. It's now more cost-effective to buy a Dell, with all of its goodies like onsite warranties, than it is to build it yourself.

You're right -- most people would rather go to Dell than build it themselves. I used to build all my own PCs, but it's no longer worth it. The days of the $2000 PC are over. The days of the over-$1000 PC are rapidly approaching an end.

My boyfriend just picked up a 20.1" flat panel (yes, the equivalent of a 22" CRT) from Dell for $800 shipped. You want a $2000 PC? Get that plus a $1000 PC.

(No, damnit, I don't work for Dell, but I'm sold on their onsite service plan, and they build quality PCs that are affordable. Also, I use GotApex to find the best deals at Dell [and others]. No, I don't work for them either. :P)

more than 12 years ago


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