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How To Tame the Social Network At Work

cornercuttin Re:what firewall? (130 comments)

they can have managers that actually check on their workers. or, if the organization provides phone numbers for each employee, they can tell the employees that they will be reprimanded if their cell phones are seen; they have office phones & email if they need to communicate with the outside.

or they can provide some mechanism for employees to let managers know when someone is dicking around on their phone too much (anonymously). i get irate when i'm working my ass of on issues, but a coworker spends all day on his phone (and then turns around and complains about his salary and whatnot).

more than 4 years ago

How To Tame the Social Network At Work

cornercuttin man up and block it. you don't need it. (130 comments)

first of all, 90% of companies out there can't really benefit from FB whatsoever. there is no financial benefit whatsoever. so block it, and tell your employees to shut up and quit wasting time. and companies need to quit making FB pages for themselves. you can't promote your own FB page as a company, and then get pissy if people spend time on FB within your organization. not having a FB account is wonderful. it is such a stupid thing.

more than 4 years ago

The Death of the US-Mexico Virtual Fence

cornercuttin Re:$1.4 Billion (467 comments)

this is a crap argument.

it's not the "stealing of jobs" that is the problem with mexican immigration (anyone who uses that as a reason for strict immigration control is a tool).

the problem is the perpetual poverty that is created by such immigration. when you have extremely poor people flooding into a country, and all they are going to do is get jobs that pay fractions of what it costs to survive in the economy of that country, you will get poverty. poverty perpetuates crime (particularly violent crime).

if you don't believe me, find the poorest neighborhood in the nearest major city and hang out there for a while. how long until you get nervous for your safety?

the fact is, a non-english speaking immigrant with little-to-no education is going to get a bad job (if he/she finds one), and has a good chance of either turning to crime, or to being a burden on the US welfare system. not 100% of them fall into a live of poverty/crime/welfare, but there is a good portion who do.

i don't know the solution, but there has to be some control.

more than 4 years ago

Google Buzz — First Reactions

cornercuttin Re:Blocked at work, and trying to get 'win-backs' (310 comments)

i agree.

unfortunately, it's not that easy when it comes to gov't. to choose an in-house system in the gov't, you have to go through a ton of red tape (specs, bids, security...).

companies can run themselves according to their own rules. when i work with companies at their own offices, they often use chat/IRC or other tools. but they can implement as they see fit without the need for red tape.

most people won't post sensitive stuff to places like FB, because it is so easily tracked back to the account (no anonymous posting). but outside email is an easy way to spread info, and that is why it is often blocked. this is where Google might be in a tough spot.

more than 4 years ago

Google Buzz — First Reactions

cornercuttin Re:Blocked at work, and trying to get 'win-backs' (310 comments)

the government is weird when it comes to outside email.

there are a few reason:
- they want to be able to stop the sharing of sensitive information
- the government requires that all emails be kept for a certain amount of time (2-4 years, i think), and they dont want people using private emails to subvert the record keeping (coinciding with the first reason given)
- but mostly, the main reason is because people are so stupid that they constantly download viruses. they want all emails to go through the in-house system so that they can do their filtering. most gov't places don't deal with really sensitive info, so the first 2 points aren't that big. keeping people from being stupid is actually a lot harder than keeping them from being honest.

FB is only as much of a time-sink as any other site (such as tech forums...). in the end, it is down to how much time the worker feels like wasting that day. if he/she wants to waste time, he/she will find a way to do it.

but many gov't agencies & companies are trying to include themselves in the social media networks, and it would be odd for them to lock workers out of sites/networks that the agencies are promoting (i.e. if you run a gov't research facility, it would be nice to see some activity from the actual researchers/scientists on that agencies' FB fan page).

more than 4 years ago

Google Buzz — First Reactions

cornercuttin Blocked at work, and trying to get 'win-backs' (310 comments)

google has a tough uphill battle.

first of all, they already tried to have a somewhat social networking site (remember Orkut), and it failed.

second, Gmail is blocked at many places of business (especially gov't installations), while Facebook and Twitter is not. FB & Twitter is (wisely) seen as a way for workers to communicate with each other and really not waste too much time (I may spend 3-5 minutes on FB in a workday), whereas Gmail tends to focus on communication with the outside world (outside of work).

therefore just getting access to Buzz is hard, because Gmail is not as accessible as FB or Twitter.

third, it is hard to convert. i was a twitter user, and recently switched to FB because i realized it was a superior product. with the filters allowed on FB, the ability to post to select groups, and the pics and things like that (screw the apps, never used a single one), I think it's nice. to convert people from FB to Buzz means a superior product with superior features; integration with Gmail is not enough. plus, Google has to be aware that every good feature it has, FB will immediately replicate.

those concerned about privacy are idiots. there is no privacy on the Internet, and anything you post is fair game to everyone. you pick your poison, and continue on carefully.

more than 4 years ago

Crowdsourcing Big Brother In Lancaster, PA

cornercuttin big effing deal (440 comments)

it's a public place where anyone can see what is going on at any point in time. there is no infringement of privacy if this is a public area, and with cameras being visible, there is no deception in the intent.

it's great, because parents can let their kids go to the park without the need to be supervised (assuming the kids live in a nearby neighborhood). i often rode my bike down the street to a neighborhood park when i was a kid, and i'm sure my parents would have appreciated the cameras at the time.

they ought to make the feeds publicly available, so parents could watch what is going on, as well as allow for residents to watch parades, public gatherings and other things from home.

people who get all pissy about this stuff make no sense to me.

more than 5 years ago

Tiered Data Plans Coming To the iPhone?

cornercuttin a crap story (142 comments)

"For years analysts have been insisting that Apple must introduce a cheaper iPhone, and soon.

i'm not going to read this story based upon the above quote. the iphone has been out for almost 2 years. you don't get to use the phrase "for years" when talking about something that technically isn't 2 years old. this is an attempt to make this story a bigger deal than what it really is.

more than 5 years ago

Drug-Sniffing Drones Take To the Skies In the Netherlands

cornercuttin it's not the drug. it's the culture & crime (229 comments)

with most of this stuff, it is not the drug that countries/governments are worried about. it is the culture that drugs generate and the crime that can be associated with it.

drugs seem to attract organized crime, and turn neighborhoods into very dangerous places. alcohol doesn't seem to attract crime, but it seems to bring out the idiot in people. i tend to think the idiot is less dangerous (in most cases)

personally, i don't do drugs. i enjoy a good drink from time to time, but i do so responsibly. but i know a lot of people who do drugs, and they are not quality people. they steal, lie & cheat their way through life. personally, i don't want that in my neighborhood.

if you would like to see what drug culture can do, visit the south-central or south-east side of a major american city (NYC, LA, St Louis, Atlanta, Chicago).

it's not the drugs i have a problem with. it is the culture that comes with them.

more than 5 years ago

Worst Working Conditions You Had To Write Code In?

cornercuttin Re:Worst that that - female coworkers in heat (1127 comments)

are you kidding me?

compared to the sausage-fest that makes up the typical IT office, this sounds awesome!

more than 5 years ago

Segway, GM Partner On Two-Wheeled Electric Car

cornercuttin Re:Campus life... (394 comments)

what happened to bicycles?

when i was in college (not too long ago), people still rode bikes. the only problem was in the snow, as people would try to ride up a steep hill and bust their ass. you wouldn't catch me in one of these segway things on a steep, snowy hill either tho.

this seems a little too "road 2.0" to me.

more than 5 years ago

Segway, GM Partner On Two-Wheeled Electric Car

cornercuttin Ride a motorcycle? (394 comments)

You can get better mileage out of a small CC motorcycle engine, go faster, and not look as much like an idiot.

I know a motorcycle is still gas, but a battery will be using up other energy somehow, and if you live in Oklahoma like I do, it's just coming from coal or oil.

better yet, just get a horse.

more than 5 years ago

Obamas Give Queen Elizabeth an iPod

cornercuttin Re:Maybe Japan's Prime Minister will get 20" rims! (649 comments)

and to add, i love the idea that we (the US) give away a bunch of Chinese-made products, made by people who are probably in not-so-good working conditions. we can't even give away something made in America.

just wait till she plugs that iPod into a computer in the Buckingham network. i bet China has some sort of virus embedded in that thing. they are about to own MI6!!!

more than 5 years ago

Obamas Give Queen Elizabeth an iPod

cornercuttin Maybe Japan's Prime Minister will get 20" rims!!! (649 comments)

first, he gives the British PM a stack of DVDs (ultra lame). next, he gives the queen of england a friggin ipod (i'm sure she is really suave on computers...probably has a 24" iMac all modded out).

maybe next Obama will show up in Japan with some 20" rims for the PM there. "Runnin on dubs!!!"

this is so embarrassing. i would've expected it out of President Bush. i bet he got the queen a handgun (big ol' desert eagle), and he probably got Tony Blair a shot-glass set. but Obama? why is he pulling this crap?

more than 5 years ago

Should Google Be Forced To Pay For News?

cornercuttin why provide RSS? (322 comments)

i can understand where Google Reader can effectively block a bit of ad revenue, but Google Reader is only as good as the RSS feeds that feed it. if BBC, Guardian, or anyone else are pissed off about it, well, disabling their RSS feeds seems like a place to start.

i would also expect them to pay Google lots of money for using Google's search engine. that is a "free" service that Google provides, and it seems a bit hypocritical to want to boost revenue in advertising, yet not want to pony up money for services rendered.

i like the Guardian UK website too, but now i will avoid them.

more than 4 years ago

Investigative Journalism Being Reborn Through the Web?

cornercuttin Re:Err when did it die? (265 comments)

it did die here in the US. the first 3 months of the Iraq war and the death of Anna Nicole-Smith is great proof in the failings of the US media system.

newspapers are dying because we can get all of our information online now. they are also dying because people are tired of partisan bullshit (i.e. Fox News, MSNBC, as well as several newpapers).

we are all getting the same, regurgitated crap from every source, why not get it for free on the internet.

more than 5 years ago

Apple and AT&T Sued, Again, Over 3G

cornercuttin Re:WTF? (230 comments)

You'll find that anytime any large organization does something that's clearly and obviously wrong, people will come out of the woodwork to defend it. Additionally, the larger and more powerful the organization, the more true this seems to be; therefore these apologists are defending entities which are well able to defend themselves.

that quote gives me a hard-on. nothing better could describe Apple and its defenders.

more than 5 years ago

17 Million People Stopped Buying CDs In 2008

cornercuttin We quit buying because we already have them all!!! (375 comments)

i've said this before.

people aren't buying as many CDs because they already have them all, and we have them backed up.

i buy a few albums a year, but that's about it. why so few? because i spent the last 10 years buying CDs of all of the bands that i like, and i now have them backed up to my computer. i no longer have to buy multiple CDs if i want to have convenient access to an album (one for my living room, one for work, and one for the car), and i don't have to buy another CD if my current one gets scratched.

thats why i dont buy CDs. i already have all of the ones i want, and if my CD breaks, i really don't care because i can make a new one or listen to my iPod.

i don't own a single piece of illegal music. my music library is 6,000 or so songs, and i paid for each one of them. that means they have gotten a lot of money out of me already.

so if the RIAA wants me to buy more, they need to quit putting out shitty music. they need to create radio stations with good music. give me a radio station that won't play a song more than once a day, doesn't play anything by Brittany Spears, Link Park, Nickelback, [insert lame band name here]..., and i would probably buy a lot more music, because i might actually hear something i like (or heaven-forbid something that is new, crosses boundaries, and is completely fresh).

more than 5 years ago

Are Quirky Developers Brilliant Or Dangerous?

cornercuttin Re:brilliant or dangerous? (1134 comments)

"The problem is that smart people get very irritated working with fools."

as a 6'3", 300lb weight lifter, i often feel the same way with dealing with people weaker than me.

just because one is smart doesn't mean they get to be an ass. if so, then my size should entitle me to quite a bit of leniency in my behavior as well. but i have respect for others, and i am patient and willing to help people with their manual labor (as well as their code).

i disagree that there are fewer jobs for smart developers. i would just say that there are more jobs for bad managers.

i have worked around quite a few quirky coders, and i can learn to tolerate their quirks. but if you establish from the beginning that being an ass will get them called out, then they will be scared to act out.

more than 5 years ago

Narcissistic College Graduates In the Workplace?

cornercuttin you talkin' to me?... (1316 comments)

i think i have some valuable input here (ironic (or typical), considering i am part of the "generation" being described...).

i am 25 years old, male, have my BS in CS, and have switched jobs 4 times in the last 4 years. i now make twice as much as when i left college, and i am what you would consider a "senior" developer.

i think the narcissism is completely true for my generation, albeit it is the fault of the generation before mine. granted i don't consider myself in the group that is the target of this topic, because i'm not that way. i have my cubicle, i make decent money (less than $100k but more than $60k), and i am pretty content with it. i don't need to go overseas. i am using a 3 year old computer to program with. my job isn't glamorous by any means. i'm sure i will remain this way for a few years, and that's fine with me.

the problem is what the parents of my generation have done.

  • they started giving trophies to every team in little league (even the last place guys).
  • they don't want their kids homework to be graded in red ink because it's bad for self-esteem.
  • their children aren't obnoxious, spoiled dumbasses; they "just are trying to cope with A.D.D."
  • they created TV shows like American Idol, America's Next Top Model, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Cribs, and other TV shows that glorify immediate wealth or immediate rises to the top.
  • They don't spank their kids anymore
  • They have taken any and all authority/power away from teachers, yet expect them to perform better

the generation before mine raised their kids to think that last place is just as much entitled to the benefits of first place. so is it so mind-blowing to think that a kid coming straight out of college is going to think he is entitled to something belonging to those who have worked harder and longer? his baby-boomer mommy and daddy did it to him/her.

i would also say, in my defense, that i think my generation is required to know much, much more than the generation in front of me. the depth and number of languages required by a recent college grad vs that of someone 10-20 years ago is night and day. truth be told, we have to know a ton now to be remotely marketable. that being said, college students should be researching this, and should be preparing themselves for such things.

as far as seniority goes, it is hit and miss. there are some senior guys at my job who are amazingly brilliant, and who i would not doubt for a second. but there are also a lot of stupid, older guys who don't do shit any more because they only know COBOL and maybe FORTRAN and can't comprehend object-oriented languages. they sit, earn $90k a year on their baseline gov't contracts, and ride it out 'til they retire.

more than 5 years ago


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