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Fusion Research Coverage

corporateSlave Fusion is not the answer (136 comments)

The average house today uses 100amp service (220 volts), and most NEW houses need a 200 amp (220 volt) service.

True, though I doubt houses use 100 amps 24 hours a day!

Most current and new houses, and appliances (yes, PCs are guzzlers, but Netwinders and Laptops aren't) are based on the assumption of cheap power. Off-grid solar houses of today use MUCH less power, which is obvious when you consider the solar panel cost of driving the typical energy-inefficient house of today.

Some solar installations are designed to supply high peak power through more batteries -- it's not unusual for a solar home to be able to power all typical shop tools, but maybe not all at once. Ideally one can use "the (solar) grid" to supply the high peak power demands.

I'm no expert so check it out: Home Power Magazine, www.crest.org, Nation Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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