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Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Good Replacement Batteries?

corychristison Re: Not that hard (117 comments)

I really hope this is not a serious post.

Assuming you meant CR2032 batteries, if you are looking online you're not the brightest crayon in the box.

CR2032's are so incredibly common (motherboard CMOS, car remotes, watches, etc).

You can find them at any big box store, drug store, and most corner stores. I recommend Duracell, Energizer or Panasonic when it comes to button cells.


Fighting Invasive Fish With Forks and Knives

corychristison Take the ??? (180 comments)

1. Take the ???.
2. ???
3. Profit!


5 days ago

Ask Slashdot: Should You Invest In Documentation, Or UX?

corychristison Re: False dichotomy. (198 comments)

The versioning issue could be resolved by organizing the wiki in a versioned manor. Eg.

The best part of a wiki is it is easier for people to contribute. Plus are tools to convert a wiki into a PDF. Using tagging, you can utilize the URL as the unique identifier to open the pdf or the wiki to the location of the relevant information.

about a week ago

Email Is Not Going Anywhere

corychristison Re: E-mail is the foundation of identity online (235 comments)

Wow. I really like this idea.

I use Voip for my company, and it works wonderfully. There are services like iNum, where you can get random, unique numbers at will. My provider ( offers them for free. This is not a full solution, but it could be a step towards what you are looking for.

I think a simple discovery service set up with a DNS TXT or SRV record combined with an existing e-mail service to add a 'pipe' to your telephone in a secure manor, without ever actually exposing your telephone number.

We could even extend on DNS and make the CX record (Call eXchange) and make it a standard.

about a week ago

Google Brings Chrome OS User Management To Chrome

corychristison Re: I care, because Firefox is going to copy this. (68 comments)

I'm not certain when, but it was in there long before Firefox/Phoenix was an idea.

I recall using profiles with Netscape Navigator in the late 90's.

about a week ago

Ask Slashdot: Should You Invest In Documentation, Or UX?

corychristison Re: False dichotomy. (198 comments)

To expand on your idea there... why not have it organized in a wiki, and link to the relevant wiki article?

I understand having an offline manual is a godsend at times, but I prefer an online resource vs a PDF. This is my personal preference, though.

about a week ago

Telegram Not Dead STOP Alive, Evolving In Japan STOP

corychristison Re: Makes sense (144 comments)

Fax over Voip is a total pain in the ass.

I spent a weekend trying to set it up, and it simply did not work.

Apparently it is possible with some providers. The one I use supports it, but does not provide support for those having issues. The problem boils down to signaling and conversion to digital codecs. Some providers simply catch the faxes and pass them through e-mail because its less complicated and more convenient for more people.

about two weeks ago

Telegram Not Dead STOP Alive, Evolving In Japan STOP

corychristison Re: Japan is still pretty backwards in some ways (144 comments)

My issue has always been saving it as a draft while I have to run and do something. Coming back to my desk I forget about it.

A day or two go by and I'm like "why haven't they responded!?" I then go searching. Sure enough I never finished the email and it was still sitting in the drafts folder. The problem is I always remember writing the email (well most of it), and I believe I sent it.

about two weeks ago

Netflix Now Works On Linux With HTML5 DRM Video Support In Chrome

corychristison Re: Why is (201 comments)

Which raises another question. Can you make Chromium work with Netflix?

I'm a firefox guy personally. I use pipelight and it works quite well.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Life Beyond the WRT54G Series?

corychristison TP-Link (427 comments)

I just set up a TP-Link WDR3600 with DD-WRT installed for my own personal home network.

A few points: It's fairly cheap. It runs dd-wrt and openwrt (I believe). Gigabit ethernet ports. Dual-band. Wireless-N (and G).

I've heard its range is not very great, but I have a small home. We have 4 wired devices and a single laptop, 2 mobile phones, and 1 android tablet connected wirelessly.

Our needs are simple, and it works for us.

about two weeks ago

Google Spots Explicit Images of a Child In Man's Email, Tips Off Police

corychristison Re: Best secure email? (790 comments)

That's a tricky thing to do.

Email is inherently insecure by design. It was never meant for how it is used today.

The most common and fairly effective option I known of is to use PGP or GPG encryption. Some providers integrate it and make it easy to use, but it still is not seamless.

Another option would simply to be to not use email. There are other secure communication means, typically centralized and therefor anyone you want to communicate with will also need to use said service.

about three weeks ago

Nevada Construction Project Could Be Tesla/Panasonic Gigafactory

corychristison Doesn't surprise me (81 comments)

This does not surprise me at all.

Elon Musk doesn't eff around. When he says he's going to do something, he does it.

about three weeks ago

Ford, GM Sued Over Vehicles' Ability To Rip CD Music To Hard Drive

corychristison Re: Good luck with that. (317 comments)

I can do it also in my car. But the unit in mine is "powered by microsoft."

I'm curious, who made the units for GM and Ford?

If I remember correctly, Microsoft made Ford's for a while, although I may be mistaken.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Open Hardware/Software-Based Security Token?

corychristison Re: use SMS (113 comments)

I use BtSync for syncing a collection of files between my desktop, laptop, and mobile phone. It only syncs on my own network (because that's what I want -- I have ssh if I need into my files remotely).

In terms of general usefulness, it certainly works well. The security in terms of public facing networks appears to be decent. I don't know.

I've heard of people using it with a remote instance of ownCloud to provide a simple iCloud-like solution.

about three weeks ago

Compromise Struck On Cellphone Unlocking Bill

corychristison Re: Great. A new excuse for providers to raise pri (77 comments)

Unbundling phones and contracts would be a win. People would see the actual cost of their devices. Unfortunately, the carriers would keep the monthly rates the same, or even raise them.

Up here in Canada, we finally got rid of 3-year contract terms. The carriers raised prices almost the next day. Luckily my contract was only 2 years anyway, and it was worded such that plan/rate will stay the same for the forseeable future, provided I don't get a phone through the carrier (not that I planned to).

It simply boils down to greed at this point. These companies are raking in billions and prices seem to keep going up, with no increase in service or quality. :-/

about a month ago

New SSL Server Rules Go Into Effect Nov. 1

corychristison Re: Why? (92 comments)

Agree with this completely.

Even if the application is only accessible within the private network, there is nothing stopping them from using their external DNS (eg. someapp.bigcorp.tld) and point it at an internal IP, then properly set up an SSL Certificate. But if it is only accessible within the private network, do you really need it wrapped up in SSL at all?

Using poorly configured hostnames only accessible within the network is plain stupid. At the /very least/ set it up on a domain within the network, so it has a suffix identifiable to your network.

Self signed certs are ONLY useful for development environments across networks.

CA signed certs are cheap, typically around $10 for one without the bells and whistles. I personally set up a wildcard certificate for one of my own projects a few months ago. I paid about $75.

about a month ago

Linux Needs Resource Management For Complex Workloads

corychristison Linux Cgroups (161 comments)

Is this not what Linux Cgroups is for?

From wikipedia (
cgroups (abbreviated from control groups) is a Linux kernel feature to limit, account, and isolate resource usage (CPU, memory, disk I/O, etc.) of process groups.

From what I understand, LXC is built on top of Cgroups.

I understand the article is talking about "mainframe" or "cloud" like build-outs but for the most part, what he is talking about is already coming together with Cgroups.

about a month ago

Pseudonyms Now Allowed On Google+

corychristison Custom URL (238 comments)

Google+ allows a custom URL.

When I registered my business for Google Places (now part of Google My Business) it had an "easy" way to get on Google+, so I set it up as part of my profile.

Then a few weeks later, they sent me an email saying I was preapproved for a custom G+ URL. It was not editable, and included the city of my business in it. So it ended up being around 40-45 characters long.

I tried to change it, but it seems it is not possible. The one I want appears to be available. Its 11 characters long, and the same as my business' twitter handle, and FB URL.

Why can't we change the custom URL!?

about a month ago

Plasma 5 Release Candidate Announced

corychristison Re: Gnome 3 (50 comments)

Have you looked at or tried LXQt?

about a month and a half ago


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