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Eye In the Sky For City Crime Fighting

cosinezero Gary Numan (389 comments)

Oh look, there's a rape machine I'll go outside if it looks the other way; You wouldn't believe the things they do...

more than 5 years ago

Bad Signs For Blu-ray

cosinezero Re:Noone likes DRM (1276 comments)

Ditto all of that. And TrueHD (audio), which is awesome to my fairly trained ears, but even so noticeably different in sound quality that my girlfriend (who doesn't have even vaguely trained ears) exclaims how much better the sound is. People talk about HD video but there's no "upscaling" in existance that can take a dolby 5.1 track on dvd and upscale to uncompressed TrueHD - which is noticeably better and more dynamic.

more than 6 years ago


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