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Can OpenStack Avoid Fragmentation In China?

cpaglee Re:Developers in Beijing, Summit in Hong Kong??? (42 comments)

Not going to debate IT wages in China / Chinese airplane ticket prices / advanced purchase plane ticket discounts or walking across the Shenzhen border on Slashdot. Maybe I exaggerated a little. My point is plenty people will refrain from attending because of the cost of the airplane ticket alone.

If "More people visit the OpenStack Web site from Beijing than any other city in the world and developers in China account for the second largest number of code commits." then hold the conference in Beijing!

about a year and a half ago

Can OpenStack Avoid Fragmentation In China?

cpaglee Developers in Beijing, Summit in Hong Kong??? (42 comments)

Of course that will not work. Very few people who live and work in Beijing are going to fly down to Hong Kong to attend some stupid Summit. Hold the Summit in Beijing and you might have some impact and get some participation. Hold the summit in Hong Kong and you cut that to 1/10.

It's a 3 hour flight down and a 3 hour flight back, air tickets cost about 2 weeks worth of wages for the average IT guy. And you need a special travel document which most people in China don't have, so they'll have to apply for it. And if you don't have a Beijing ID then Chinese people need a visa to travel to Hong Kong. And the hotels in Hong Kong are $100 minimum per night. Hotels in Beijing are as cheap as $25 per night.

Who planned this?

about a year and a half ago

Nuclear Arms Cuts, Supported By 56% of Americans, Would Make the World Safer

cpaglee Re:Relevance? (615 comments)

Why does it matter what the public thinks? I mean seriously, is this a decision you want to leave to some welfare queen, union boss or monster truck driver? Or to a medical doctor, college English professor or stay at home mom with a PhD in psychology? Do they have the knowledge or training to make an informed decision? Do they even have access to secret data regarding the proliferation of nuclear weapons worldwide? Do they have the engineering background to understand nuclear weapon reliability? Have they studied military strategy or international diplomatic relations?

I will not argue the case one way or another because I don't know all the facts (and I have better things to do). But I believe decisions like this would be better off made by a politically neutral entity, through a series of debates using an objective scoring algorithm or even by computer, if an objective algorithm could ever be developed. The problem is in our world everybody brings along their political opinions and we are unable to choose the best course of action. This is especially the case with the present administration.

about 2 years ago

The Two Big Problems With Online College Courses

cpaglee Admission for Everyone (215 comments)

Online education offers an incredibly equalizing opportunity for people all over the world. At the same time it destroys the notion that everybody is equal and everybody should be given the opportunity to succeed. The reality is if you cannot hack it then you should not be wasting a university's resources.

"Struggling students who make up a significant portion of college enrollment" should not be wasting seats which could be offered to students who are more motivated and better prepared to learn. Harvard, Yale and Columbia should eliminate the admissions process all together and allow anybody who thinks they can make it at one of these leading schools to enroll. Fill classroom seats according to SAT scores. Allow online students and classroom students to compete for seats during the four year process. If you are an online student and you get an 'A' then you will have a seat. If you have a seat and you get a 'C' or lower then you become an online student until you become a top performer.

Students who "show up at college (or junior college) unprepared to learn, unable to manage time and having failed to master basics like math and English" should not be in university. If they were too lazy to learn English they probably lack the financial wherewithal to stay in school - lack of money is the real reason most online students don't get degrees. The problem is not the online school, the problem is the student. Students "lacking confidence as well as competence" need to spend more time reading and less time doing bong hits.

about 2 years ago

Is "Left" Vs. "Right" Hard-coded Into Your Brain?

cpaglee Cause or Effect (758 comments)

This study only discovers what liberal brains look like, not whether they are liberal because of their brain, or their brain developed in that fashion because they are liberal.

Worthless Science. Who paid for this worthless study?

about 2 years ago

TPB Files Police Complaint Against CPIAC for Copying Website

cpaglee TPB Claim of Infringement Against CIAPC is Valid (268 comments)

Making a parody site may be 'fair use', but actually copying CSS and HTML is infringement. If CIAPC wants to create a parody site they can write their own HTML and CSS to mimic TPB look and feel. Actually copying CSS and HTML is a violation of copyright which 'fair use' will technically not protect.

about 2 years ago

The Trouble With Bringing Your Business Laptop To China

cpaglee Re:encryption (402 comments)

That is so ridiculous. I live in China and am sitting in Beijing as I write this post. In the last 25 years I have passed through Chinese customs literally 100s of times. I have been asked to turn on my laptop exactly ZERO times. Mod the parent down (to zero)!

Corporate espionage happens in China, but largely it is a result of stupidity. Executives with experience in China will give the victim advice (don't put blind faith in your Chinese partner) and they immediately ignore it. This is just one of the challenges of doing business in China (or anywhere else).

more than 2 years ago

Dell's Ubuntu Ultrabook Now On Sale; Costs $50 More Than Windows Version

cpaglee Re:Surprised? (403 comments)

Oh please! Dell includes the MS crap on the computer to add value to the hardware. Dell makes a profit from MS. They are not including Windows 7 for free.

If they had the same attitude about Linux then they would realize that by including Linux they add value to the machine.

I guess their net analysis is that Linux adds more value than Windows.

Notwithstanding this Slashdot is TERRIBLE PR for Dell, and stupid really. Imagine how many MORE machines Dell could have sold if they were $50 cheaper rather than $50 more expensive. Shortsighted management.

more than 2 years ago

U.S. congress reacting to China's monopoly on rare earth materials

cpaglee Lack of USA Mining Directly Related to EPA (1 comments)

The USA has plenty of rare earth minerals but the EPA and other government agencies have made in nearly impossible to open a new mine in the USA. In China you just pay a few bribes or mine illegally and pay off the police and you are in business. You can drink from rivers and streams in the USA. In China if you drink from the rivers you will probably get sick. Many vegetables you buy in China are laced with chemicals. The USA cannot on one hand complain about the pollution in the USA and on the other try to take advantage of the industries which cause this pollution. If the USA needs these rare earth minerals then shut up about China and start mining them in the USA.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Math and Science iOS Apps For Young Kids?

cpaglee Jigsaw + Adhesive Spray + Hardboard + Pictures (165 comments)

Children were not originally designed to play with electronic devices. Children prefer objects which they can hold, throw, eat and break. This type of behavior can prove very expensive with an iPad. Better suggestion:

1. Borrow or buy a jigsaw with a thin blade. A hand jigsaw with a thin blade is okay but try to find a jigsaw with a table:

2. Buy a sheet of thin 1/8 inch tempered hardboard (aka high-density fiberboard) or 1/8 inch plywood:

3. Buy some spray adhesive:

4. Download puzzle templates suitable for your child's age

5. Find some nice colorful pictures or posters to make into puzzles. Car dealerships often have great car posters for little boys. Highway rest stops or AAA have maps which make great puzzles. Hair salons have plenty of posters of women's hair styles. Doll shops have promotional posters of dolls. Travel agencies have promotional posters of exotic destinations. You get the idea.

6. Spray adhesive to the back of the poster and glue it on to the 1/8 inch board. Let sit for a while to cure.

7. Spray adhesive to the back of the puzzle design and glue to the other side of the board

8. For younger children cut a rectangular border to surround the puzzle and another rectangle to go under the puzzle

9. Start cutting according to the puzzle pattern and make toys which your children can pass on to their children and which have been proven for thousands of years not to cause attention deficit disorder.

10. Store the puzzles in empty boxes you get from a shoe store or cigar shop

Or you could just spend $7 and order one online:

Your kids will have plenty of time to play with computers when they grow up. No need to start when they are three.

more than 2 years ago

Google Outage Shows Risk of Doing Business In China

cpaglee Google Decided to Leave China (113 comments)

Google's predicament in China is entirely self created. Google elected to leave China in response to a hack attack perpetrated / tolerated by the Chinese government. Mr. Brin played a large part in the decision largely based on his experience growing up in Russia. China != Russia. Google made a huge mistake leaving China. Google used to own half of the market, now they own a fraction. Eventually Google will make a good business decision and return to China, but until then those of us living in China will just have to deal with Google's infantile hubris.

The way to affect change is to be active in the community. With Google out of China the Chinese government has no use for them. For the most part Chinese people do not care one iota about Google. As a businessman doing business in China I can tell you emphatically I do not care about Google or their market share in China. Google is a Harvard Business School textbook case of what NOT to do in China. And David Wolf's statement that if work on the Great Firewall continues China "will be an increasingly untenable place to do business" is a joke. Google's failure in China does not affect those doing business in China.

more than 2 years ago

Judge Rules Defense Can Use Trayvon Martin Tweets

cpaglee This has nothing to do with the Miranda warning (848 comments)

The speech (tweets, postings, etc.) in question is not related to a Miranda warning in any way because it was not made by the person charged with a crime. The speech is not being used against the defendant but is being used by the defendant to support his case. How on earth did this question ever make it on Slashdot? Commander Taco where are you?

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Does Wireless Gear Degrade Over Time?

cpaglee Instead of replacing WiFi equipment just ... (615 comments)

Change the wireless channel on the WiFi router. Try channels one by one until you find one with good signal coverage. Use a less popular channel where you won't run into interference from neighbors and your signal strength problems will be solved. As easy as 1, 2, 3, ... 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, ... you get the idea.

more than 2 years ago

Last Bastion For Climate Dissenters Crumbling

cpaglee Re:Last bastion (963 comments)

Inaccurate unscientific ramblings, sound bites and clichés do not support your argument. That not only goes for hkmwbz but also Soulskill (the author of this topic who so brazenly declares the science is all but settled), JD, Shavano and Blueg3 below. Global Warming / Climate Change is NOT scientific fact, it is THEORY presently being developed and there is still much to learn. Blind supporters of global warming make outrageous claims and forget that all of this is THEORY which must be backed up with evidence. There are no 'denialists' - that is not even a word! You offer NO LINKS to scientific studies to back up your outrageous claims, so I will.

Urban Heat Islands are definitely real, especially in rapidly growing countries like China. See this paper published by the Journal of Geophysical Research:


So hkmwbz you are certifiably wrong there. Then you persist with your clichés

there's a huge amount of evidence that the warming is caused by humans.

Really? Show us your evidence. Where are your links? What is definitely an undisputed scientific fact is how little scientists know and how much they are still learning today.

Then we have JD (below) making ridiculous statements like:

The current imbalanced rise in CO2 is much more troubling because studies show that plants do NOT like massive levels of CO2 unless they come combined with massive levels of O2.

JD what makes you think CO2 is presently imbalanced? Where is the evidence for your statement? Do you actually know what the present percentage of CO2 in our atmosphere is??? It presently is around 0.039445%. Do you have any idea how the increase in CO2 has increased during the last 50 years? It has increased from 0.032 to 0.0395, or by approximately 25%. Here is the data:


Look at that graph. Its a fairly straight line over a period of 50 years. Fairly straight line despite the dramatic jump in CO2 emissions since the mid-1800's (PDF). Even though human population has more than doubled during the last 50 years! Even though the number of cars has increased 800% from 122 Million in 1960 to over 1 Billion today. And yet somehow our planet's climate just keeps on balancing things out and the rate of increase of CO2 is fairly constant. But wait, JD definitely said "imbalanced rise".

JD continues:

CO2 rises alone, without any other alteration to the environment, will cause plant growth to decline and is eventually toxic.

Really? Where is your scientific evidence? The reality is CO2 is a fertilizer to plants. Plants LOVE CO2, even without a corresponding rise in O2 (wrong again). Even in high concentrations CO2 continues to act as a fertilizer. Here are some links from climate change advocates which you seem to blindly trust:


The studies in toxicity of plants were conducted at levels 0.075% carbon monoxide - nearly double today's levels. Realize that based on the present straight line growth in CO2 levels it would require 175-225 years to reach the levels in these studies when solar and battery power should be fully mature long before then. All the studies show a small decrease in proteins in some plants (around 7% according to one study quoted by the Duke professor) and a constant or small increase in the levels of cyanide - again, in some plants. This means that animals which feed on plants with increased cyanide will develop a resistance for cyanide, animals which already have a higher resistance to cyanide will prosper and we as humans will develop new ways to remove cyanide from the food we eat. It also means that crop yields will increase allowing us to feed our planet reaches a population of 9 billion, which is not a bad thing. Plant growth will definitely not decline and food we eat will not become toxic. JD you are wrong again.

Then we have Shavano and blueg3 make the following wonderful statements commenting about 'deniers':

No they're not honest scientific dissenters. The evidence is that they shift from one unsupported hypothesis to another as their ideas are disproven by data and careful analysis.

No, in science, you modify your model and conclusions based on changing evidence. The difference here is that you're holding your conclusion constant and changing the reason you claim it's true every time your reason is found to be untrue.

Wait. Are you talking about the dissenters or the global warming alarmists? Because there remains some question as to global warming and the increase in temperature during the last 14 years (see figure 3). Global Warming Alarmists always seem to be changing their theory to explain why the dramatic temperature increases they predicted should have happened during the past decade have not happened. Oh wait, that is called the 'scientific process' and that is what SHOULD be happening. But supporters of global warming / climate change are violently intolerant of scientists who continue to question the foundation of the global warming / climate change theory. Hence the acronym used in this Slashdot entry - 'Climate Dissenters'.

When you take the dramatic jump in CO2 emissions since the mid-1800's (PDF) and the history of global warming during the last 100 years there is a huge disconnect. Since 1998 global temperatures have risen by 0.3C. During the preceding 20 years (1979-1998) temperature change was flat. Before that, during the preceding 36 years (1940-1976) the temperature actually fell by about 0.1C. Before that, for the preceding 200 years (1740 – 1940), the overall trend in global temperature was mainly neutral – with periodic warming, followed by cooling, and then again warming. If what all these global warming scientists are saying is true shouldn't we have seen dramatic temperature increases much earlier - like during the 1960's and 1970's?

The reality is that global warming / climate change and its human causation is a theory. I am not suggesting that pollution is a good thing and I support many environmental issues. What I detest is arguments which are based on clichés and sound bites like "the vast majority of scientists agree" while ignoring scientific fact. If Soulskill, hkmwbz, JD, Shavano, blueg3, etc. are representative of these 'scientists' who agree that global warming is a fact then that statement is meaningless because the links above have shown that these slashdotters / scientists are incorrect.

Perhaps the world is just going through another weather cycle. Perhaps the increase in CO2 is causing some climate change. Perhaps other factors are simultaneously causing temperatures to fall (also read the entry by rgbatduke below but he too left out his references). But whether our weather is effected by human beings or whether the changes occurring our bad for our planet are still questions that science has yet to answer. The costs associated with carbon emission reduction are also difficult to quantify. Is lowering carbon emissions worth the harm to the world economy which will more heavily affect the poor? Alarmists need to reign in their passion, read more, take more science courses, ask more questions and help invent the technology which can help humans kick our fossil fuel habit. Scientifically.

more than 2 years ago

Best Laptop for Going Around the World?

cpaglee Other Computer Things you Must Bring (479 comments)

Some other computer junk that you should bring which you will find invaluable if you are ever going to try and get on the Internet.

1. High Gain Wifi Antenna. Hawking is a good brand. Great for borrowing Wifi access.
2. 15' USB Extender Cable. This will let you locate the Hign Gain Wifi Antenna outside while you remain inside. Also work well as rope in some situations. Goto Pricewatch.com to find them.
3. USB to Ethernet adapter. These things are tiny, light and incredibly convenient for those few times when wired Ethernet is available.
4. The best camera: Fujifilm FinePix F50 FD. Just over $200. Takes great pictures, even in the dark.
5. Lots of 2GB SD Cards. They cost $11 each at pricewatch.com to find them. Carrying many avoids pain if you lose a single card. Also about the same price as 4GB or 8GB.
6. SD to USB adapter. Very cheap on pricewatch. Worth its weight in gold when you are in an Internet cafe and want to mail some pictures back home.
7. Laptop cable lock. And then get in the habit of locking your laptop everywhere you go, even in hotels where you think you will be safe.
8. PacSafe wire mesh backpack mesh or wire mesh knapsack.

I would also probably go with the eepc just because it is cheap. If you are worried about not having an English version of the OS with you burn it on an SD card and carry it with you.

Jealous. Have Fun. Smile a lot - its the one language everybody understands.

more than 6 years ago



Should Google stop reading Gmail?

cpaglee cpaglee writes  |  about a year ago

cpaglee (665238) writes "The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story revealing that Google took the federal government to court over National Security Letters. But Google lawyers will go to court today to argue that Google has the right to continue scanning Gmail. This comes after Google's legal counsel says Google users should have no legitimate expectation of privacy when they use Gmail.

Gmail is a fantastic product and it has been incredibly successful with over 425 million active users. Gmail registration allows Google to track all the websites I visit through Google.com and the news articles I read if those websites partner with Google. Google uses this data to build highly valuable user profiles to focus advertisements. Does Google really need to read my emails too?

Google pulled out of China because of censorship required by the Chinese government while they were allowing NSA to plug a pipe into Google central and spy on the whole world? Like any typical teenager, Google seems to be stuck deciding whether it wants to be good or evil.

Should Google muzzle their lawyers, focus on brand equity and customer good will and just agree to stop reading customer emails?"

The Hypocrisy of Larry Page and Sergey Brin - Don't Be Evil. Year right!

cpaglee cpaglee writes  |  about a year ago

cpaglee (665238) writes "The Wall Street Journal ran a story yesterday revealing that Google did indeed take the federal government to court over National Security Letters. This comes after Google's legal counsel says Google users should have no legitimate expectation of privacy when they use Gmail.

Larry and Sergey have completely lost all credibility. They pulled out of China because of censorship required by the Chinacoms while they were allowing NSA to plug a pipe into Google central and spy on all Americans??? Like typical Internet billionaires they completely sold out the principle they founded the company on 1.5 decades ago: Don't Be Evil. If they still believed in their 'don't be evil' mantra they would just pull NSA's plug and dare the feds to shut Google down. Larry and Sergey are the only people who can stare down the NSA because Congress would field 200 Million calls a day if Google went down. The two most powerful people in the Internet world instead allow NSA to spy on all Americans so Google can continue to make money selling ads.

Of course we all knew that Google forgot about 'Don't Be Evil' when they started charging small startups to use Google Email. Hey Sergey, do you still remember that feeling of being spied upon by the Soviet government when you were growing up? When do you plan to pull Google out of the USA?"

Sergey Brin may turn Google.com Black to protest S

cpaglee cpaglee writes  |  about 3 years ago

cpaglee (665238) writes "It was Google co-founder Sergey Brin who warned that the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act "would put us on a par with the most oppressive nations in the world." Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, Twitter co-founders Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone, and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman argue that the bills give the Feds unacceptable "power to censor the Web."

But these companies have yet to roll out the heavy artillery.

When the home pages of Google.com, Amazon.com, Facebook.com, and their Internet allies simultaneously turn black with anti-censorship warnings that ask users to contact politicians about a vote in the U.S. Congress the next day on SOPA, you'll know they're finally serious."

Link to Original Source

cpaglee cpaglee writes  |  more than 7 years ago

cpaglee (665238) writes "Yahoo! Inc., a leading global Internet company, today announced that the Board of Directors has appointed Jerry Yang, Yahoo! co-founder and long-time board member, as Chief Executive Officer. Terry Semel, current Yahoo! Chairman and CEO, will assume the position of non-executive Chairman and serve as an advisor and important resource for the company's senior management team, while also working closely with the Board.

Is this the beginning of the 'Serious Shakeup' called for in the Peanut Butter Menu which was oppined here on Slashdot late last year?"

Link to Original Source


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