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3D Printing: Have You Taken the Plunge Yet? Planning To?

cpuffer_hammer Join you local Maker Lab or Hack Space. (251 comments)

I was very much wanting to get a 3D printer. In looking around I found a Maker Lab / Hack Space (http://rlab.org.uk/). There we have a number of 3Dprinters plus laser cutter, cnc, lathe and much more. Along with people that know who to use them and help fix and adjust them.
I have access to all this for what it would cost to buy just a 3D printer (a year). When and if I want my own I can build it there.

about 10 months ago

Unreleased 1963 Beatles Tracks On Sale To Preserve Copyright

cpuffer_hammer Copyright, Re-Copyright, and creative difference. (230 comments)

It would be nice to have an explanation of when a copy goes out of copyright and how that effects other copies and originals. When an original (A) goes out of copyright, which I think we mostly understand. Compared to when copy of A (B) goes out of copyright. How does this affect the copy right on A and B. Does B have to be creatively different, detectably different, and what if they cannot be told apart? What about copy C made from A after copy B, or copy D and from B before copy C, or copy E made from B after Copy D.
What about different legal systems, and different types of works (words, vs sound)?

about a year ago

'Morris Worm' Turns 25: Watch How TV Covered It Then

cpuffer_hammer NPR radio play (51 comments)

I think is was NPR All Things Considered that explained how the Morris Worm worked with a radio play. Does anyone know where to find a recording.
It was both funny and reasonably accurate considering it was intended to explain to a mostly non technical audience of NPR the idea of a buffer overflow.

about a year ago

Come Try Out Slashdot's New Design (In Beta)

cpuffer_hammer Yuck (1191 comments)

fixed width

about a year ago

Do-It-Yourself Brain Stimulation Has Scientists Worried

cpuffer_hammer Re:Wireheads? (311 comments)

Spider Robinson's Mindkiller
Takes a good look at this. Wonderful scene where a cat burgle find a nearly dead wire head and disconnects her.

about a year and a half ago

DoD Descends On DEFCAD

cpuffer_hammer Beep, wrong (496 comments)

Metal detectors detect conductive materals. Or you would not be able to find coins (most of which are non ferrous) with them.

about a year and a half ago

The Fallout From a Flickr DMCA Takedown

cpuffer_hammer Re:Actually (170 comments)

Since the argument in this thread is around the question of complying by deleting the file and surrounding content, or simply making it not accessible. I would think the words:
"or disable access to"
Would to a reasonable person indicate that removing link/from the website would be sufficient, as it would be the second (2) of the three choices the law offers.
"responds expeditiously to (1) remove, or (2) disable access to, the material that is claimed to be infringing or (3) to be the subject of infringing activity." (numbers added)

While I do not speak legal, I would thing the powers that be would have used "and" instead of "or" or just removed the second option.

more than 2 years ago

Japan Creates Earthquake-Proof Levitating House System

cpuffer_hammer Every Man`s home is ... (243 comments)

His Bouncy Castle

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Calculators With 1-2-3 Number Pads?

cpuffer_hammer Re:Its the phone company that caused the problem (393 comments)

Part of the problem was part of the testing was done a the World's Fair. AT&T had many layouts on display and asked people to rate them. Good idea except that most people when trying keying in numbers for the first time on anything pick 123 as it is easy. But long term, it would have been better to settle on the initially harder to use 789 pattern. (or this could be just as apocryphal as all the other stories)

more than 3 years ago

How to Heartlessly Arbitrage Used Books With a PDA

cpuffer_hammer Maybe there are other reasons for the sale? (445 comments)

There could also be other aspects of the sale that are damaged by people scanning.
          The sale could be a loss leader for the organization, a way to get book buyers down to see the library. (or stop by the charity shop)
          The mixture of books could be part of the entertainment value of the sale, with a few gold nuggets mix into a lot of sand, it is the searching and looking, and reading a bit that is part of the fun.
Having someone scan and remove all the gems is not going to get the buyer and therefore the seller what they are looking for.

Maybe this person should offer to scan and price books for a fee. He I suspect he could make more money in the same time, and have the library staff help help him do it.

more than 4 years ago

Ten Gadgets That Defined the Decade

cpuffer_hammer Box Cutter? (313 comments)

It would be more interesting looking at influence instead of favourite. I am not normally a look backwards type person, but almost everything that we think of as key to this decade is influenced by this simple tool (or in this case do to intent weapon).

more than 5 years ago

Choosing a Personal Printer For the Long Haul

cpuffer_hammer HP you can kill them, but it take an effort (557 comments)

My HP 2605dn got plugged into Mains as week ago. Since it travelled to the UK with me it did not like the 220V. It went band and the magic blue smoke escaped.

Well what do folks think the chances are that the damage is confined to to power supply?
What is a good replacement? What do people think of the CP3520 from HP?

And if you have a HP 2605, 2600, or 1600 and need an unopened set of toner(s) or wish to part with it, well seem to need a replacement, or a new power supply board.

more than 4 years ago

Virgin Galactic Signs Historic Lease Agreement

cpuffer_hammer Re:If this keeps up, we won't need NASA. (49 comments)

I wonder if we miss the point, when we think of suborbital flight is a thrill ride. The suborbital up and down thing my not be the goal. The goal is a fast trip from UK to US or UK to OZ or the like.

There my be some people who will spend there money to take a thrill ride, and some that will win contests and prizes for the same. But there is business in people who can justify a time saving trip and have their company pay for the trip. (and get to go to the edge of space).

Remember lots of people payed to take flights with barn stormers, just to ride in a plane. It was the business traveler make air travel profitable.

It my not be Space Ship 2, but suborbital flight is not just a thrill ride, it is the next generation in fast executive travel.

more than 5 years ago

First All-Drone USAF Air Wing

cpuffer_hammer Re:"Unmanned drone" (242 comments)

only somewhat correct.

The drones can fly, drones and queens mate in flight. The queen flies to mate only once takes sperm (and in fact the entire gonads) from many drowns in the course of this fight.

She then uses this sperm over the course of her life. All fertilized eggs are female resulting in workers (in less modified with royal jelly casing them to become queens.

Drones are unfertilized eggs.

The drones penis is the same materials as the egg layer of the queen or the stinger of the female worker.

Under the wrong conditions a normal worker bee can start laying eggs. (This can happen in a queenless hive.) Since they eggs will be unfertilized all will be drones, and the hive is all but dead.

As to unmanned drone, well emasculated might be a better word for it.

more than 6 years ago



UK appeals to EU over Symbia patent on DLLs

cpuffer_hammer cpuffer_hammer writes  |  more than 6 years ago

cpuffer_hammer writes "Symbian wanted a patent on a specific way to manage DLLs. UK Intellectual Property Office says no, this would be a software patent. European Patent Office overrules UK Intellectual Property Office. So now there will be an appeal, to the EU but only help the UK Intellectual Property Office clarify how it understands the rules."

cpuffer_hammer cpuffer_hammer writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Charles Puffer (31542) writes "Like they can't wait for Judgment Day. The UK Military awaits Skynet launch set for 1925 local time on an Ariane rocket. The system will provide secure high bandwidth military communications. In about a week Skynet 5A will in it's orbit, with Skynet 5B going up later in the year, and 5C in 2008. Since the revolution should be televised the Indian TV satellite Insat 4B, is the second payload."


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