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Android Leaks Location Data Via Wi-Fi

crashumbc Wrong title (112 comments)

Should be popular SMART PHONES leak WiFi data.

Sensationalist bullshit

about three weeks ago

FTC Says T-Mobile Made Hundreds of Millions From Bogus SMS Charges

crashumbc Re:Generic revenge on phone companies (110 comments)

You know, they don't care? Like the insurance companies, credit card companies, etc, their scam is perfect. They just write off the loss and charge their other customers more...

about a month ago

The Rise and Fall of the Cheat Code

crashumbc Re:XYZZY (178 comments)

Still love that game.

about a month ago

Silicon Valley To Get a Cellular Network Just For Things

crashumbc Re:Why? (42 comments)

The use case will most likely be comercial. a cheaper way to connect atm's,parking meters, and vending machines to a data network for credit card transactions...

about 2 months ago

Canadian Teen Arrested For Calling In 30+ Swattings, Bomb Threats

crashumbc Re:Autoimmune disorder... (350 comments)

For me or you, it's illegal...

For the country's ruling class, such things are minor inconveniences.

about 2 months ago

Foursquare Splits To Take On Yelp

crashumbc Re:Always seperate (24 comments)

Not originally and even when they added it, you didn't have to use messenger, you could access messaging from within the main app.

about 3 months ago

Dorian Nakamoto Officially Denies That He Created Bitcoin

crashumbc Re:The original article (102 comments)

Just to play devils advocate...

Given his age, medical condition and his work history in government security fields.

He probably had no idea what the fuck a "bitcoin" was and thought it was something from his security past that he shouldn't be talking about...

about 4 months ago

Google Chairman on WhatsApp: $19 Bn For 50 People? Good For Them!

crashumbc Re:Economics of envy (303 comments)

Which is absolutely nothing in terms of economic impact and proves how worthless "trickle down" is.

Take that billion dollars, distribute it across "average" workers who then go buy boats. They can buy 20,000 boats! Do have any idea the number just jobs that creates? The number of things people buy for their new boats? (life jackets, mooring lines, etc)

The difference in economic impact is probably 1000 fold.

oh and

about 5 months ago

Google Chairman on WhatsApp: $19 Bn For 50 People? Good For Them!

crashumbc Re:Economics of envy (303 comments)

Build super yachts, and waste it on things that do VERY little to help the economy.

They buy a 1 billion yacht from a company that employs barely 50 people. Of course 49 of those people earn low wages and the owners of the super yacht company keep 99% of the profits.

So the "wealth" doesn't actually go anywhere or do anything it just gets pass around from one extremely rich person to another...

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Does Your Employer Perform HTTPS MITM Attacks On Employees?

crashumbc Re:Is there a way to route through cell phone? (572 comments)

Check out "PDAnet" for app that doesn't require to be "rooted". Or google "tethering" for your phone type.
(note: PDAnet requires the ability to install software on the PC)

Keep in mind most "unlimited" plans this is against the TOS.

And depending on your corporation may(probably does) violate their HR policies

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Options For Ongoing Education?

crashumbc Re:Your degree will suffice. (149 comments)

Pretty much anything requires a 4 year degree now. (yes, you can "get away" without one but you limit your options and make your life more difficult)

If your trying to jump into the programing field it depends what your current degree/job experaince are to the best approach.

about 5 months ago

Non-Coders As the Face of the Learn-to-Code Movements

crashumbc Re:No you're not, but.. (158 comments)

Working in the medical field, coders can be VERY dangerous. Improperly coded shit kills people all the time... Do you want that IV machine's program coded by an idiot?

about 6 months ago

Google Charging OEMs Licensing Fees For Play Store

crashumbc Re:What if Samsung threatens to fork? (225 comments)

And the fact that Samasung, is working VERY hard to replace all the Google apps with their own versions.

calendar, googleNow, and mail ALL are either off or not installed by default on the S4

and plain mail being the defaults

It will be interesting to see what Samsung does on the S5 (openmaps maybe?)

Samsung WILL either switch to Tizen OR fork Android in the next couple years, its coming...

Personally, I hate the Samsung apps, I'll never buy another unless I can get a version without touchwiz(horrible) and Samsung's crapware

about 6 months ago

An Iowa ISP's Metered Pricing: What Will the Market Bear?

crashumbc Re:It doesn't cost any more to serve more data (479 comments)

incorrect, in true capitalistic fashion they see a chance to rape and price gauge the consumer for pure profit...

the clients (victims) have no alternative. so they make up a fake excuse and rape away...

'Murica at its best!

about 6 months ago

NZ Traveler's Electronics Taken At Airport; Interest in Snowden to Blame?

crashumbc Re:Highway Robbery (453 comments)

Did you just mention "Rush" that senile, racist, sexist?

Your opinion is completely irrelevant go back to your confederate flag draped tent...

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Are We Older Experts Being Retired Too Early?

crashumbc Re:Lie a little (629 comments)

At least I won't be tagged as a grammar nazi on internet forums!!!!

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Are We Older Experts Being Retired Too Early?

crashumbc Re:Lie a little (629 comments)

Sweet, I'm set! I graduated from college much later then typical, so any employers will think I'm 10 years younger then I am!

about 8 months ago

China Creates Air Defence Zone Over Japan-Controlled Islands, Issues War Threat

crashumbc Re:J.Kimmel show kid says "Kill everyone in China! (519 comments)

US will most likely stay the hell out of that three way fight and let them figure a way out on their own, at most offering diplomatic assistance and assurances that any kind of claims on currently undisputed territories would be met with force.

This is true only as long as Japan and China don't start actually shooting at each other.

The possible outcomes:
1. Japan and China decide to let this die down (possible)
2. They work something out politically.
3. There is a skirmish of some sort, plane gets shot down a fish boat sinks. (this is where things get interesting/scary)
      a. Big political shit storm and something gets worked out.
      b. The US sends in 1 or more carrier groups to patrol the disputed waters. ( this is the preamble to WIII, baring any last minute miracles)

about 8 months ago

China Creates Air Defence Zone Over Japan-Controlled Islands, Issues War Threat

crashumbc Re:Only partly joking... (519 comments)

If you think China doesn't want to rule the world or Japan wouldn't if they had the power, you're deluding yourself...

about 8 months ago

China Creates Air Defence Zone Over Japan-Controlled Islands, Issues War Threat

crashumbc Re:Most of this will be about internal politics (519 comments)

like Saddam Hussein because, you know, he was a US puppet, wasn't he. .

Saddam Hussein wasn't a "US" puppet, why do you think we took him out? You don't actually believe the drivel about "weapons of mass destruction" or "saving the Iraqis from tyranny" Do you?

Bush took Iraq out for two reasons, because Hussein wouldn't be HIS puppet and so Bush could funnel millions to he friends in "war industries".

about 8 months ago


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