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2600 Distributor Withholds Money, Magazine's Future In Limbo

cravey Hello, McFly (59 comments)

Has anyone pointed out to the distributor precisely who the target audience for the publication is?

Next week on pastebin: All of their dirty laundry.

about 7 months ago

Twitter Hackers Take Down Baidu

cravey Re:!Florida, Texas. (70 comments)

It's not an ISP either AFAIK. They claim to lease servers from ThePlanet.

Forgot to log in. :/

about 5 years ago

The FBI Wants To Know About Your IT Skills

cravey Did any of you actually READ the link? (211 comments)

They only want information about the IT skills of their own members. How else would they process ONLY 28,000 responses at 2 minutes each? This doesn't even seem to apply to all Infragard members, only:

"Public and private professionals
self-identified as having information technology expertise."

This would also be why it's called:
"InfraGard Knowledge/Skills/
Abilities Profile"

IT seems kindof obvious that they might want to know what the skills of their own members are if they need assistance on something. Not like the FBI knows anything about technology.

Perhaps they're looking for resources for the next time they have an IT issue/project they need to not fuck up. According to their website, you need a background check to join. Seems like a good way to build a database of IT professionals that you don't need to do background checks on after the fact.

about 5 years ago

Hardware Firewall On a USB Key

cravey Re:USB2, yes. (203 comments)

I suppose if it's pushing data from /dev/null, but their claiming it can do it with stateful packet inspection and protocol analysis. I wonder what kind of latency it adds. Either way, the odds it can accept data, analyze it and push it back out at anywhere near 100mbps is close to 0;

more than 7 years ago


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