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Amazon Reviewers Take on the Classics

crayz Re:Trolls, go back to your bridge! (272 comments)

As with any comedy, some of its great and some of it fails, and a lot is in between. But some of the people on Amazon are basically review comedians, and they're really really good. And maybe the best funny-per-word ratio, of uranium ore:

I purchased this product 4.47 Billion Years ago and when I opened it today, it was half empty.

more than 4 years ago

Shifting Apps To ARM Chips Could Save Laptop Batteries

crayz Re:And this is how Linux will win. (326 comments)

Right. As computing devices with a user-facing operating system become more and more ubiquitous(at least in the short term), Linux will win from the bottom-up. The price of a device will be inversely correlated with the manufacturer's willingness to shell out the money for a Windows license, and the price of computing is continuing to fall (obviously)

more than 5 years ago

New Paper Offers Additional Reasoning for Fermi's Paradox

crayz my hypothesis (774 comments)

In the same way that humans are the only technological civilization on the earth, we're likely the only technological civilization in the universe as well. The time scale of evolution pales versus the time scale of intelligently-directed technology, so as soon as one group develops technology it will near-instantly spread and conquer ever-larger areas of space. In the same way that we've come across other intelligent but non-technological species (primates, whales/dolphins, birds), we'll likely come across other intelligent and non-intelligent species as we conquer the universe in the relatively near future. Maybe even technological civilizations inferior to ours (there's still a small window of opportunity for another civilization to beat us to the punch and take over earth), but we can predict the general shape of those encounters by looking at the history of such encounters on earth (the first being the destruction of neanderthals)

What's funny is this is practically just a restatement of a fermi paradox, except instead of asking "why aren't they here", it takes into account what would likely happen if they were here - we'd be gone

more than 5 years ago

Chrome Complicates Mozilla/Google Love-In

crayz Re:Hmm. (307 comments)

Does anyone think the web per-se will still exist 25 years from now, much less 100? Clearly to some extent all the major players(Mozilla, Google, MS, Apple) want to push the web in a variety of directions. Can Mozilla give us a vision of what sort of Mozilla product we'd be using say 15 years from now to browse the "web"

That's not sarcasm, I'm genuinely curious. 15 years ago Mosaic had just been released. Today people can message each other online using a wireless network that didn't exist back then, on a tiny iPhone that's an order of magnitude more powerful than desktop computers from 1993. Can Mozilla really write a business plan that looks even 15 years into the future and tells what it's place will be?

more than 6 years ago

T-Mobile May Offer Free Gmail Data Access On G1 Phone

crayz market opportunity (71 comments)

You could use gmail as conduit for other data. e.g. email a URL to gmail, some server-side app checks the mail account, loads the page for you, and sends it back in a reply email. You could presumably also have an Android app that hides the mechanics of this to allow you to just load web pages or other data through gmail, free of charge

more than 6 years ago



Warner Bros backs BluRay, format war will soon end

crayz crayz writes  |  about 7 years ago

crayz writes "The NY Times reports that Warner Brothers will discontinue releases on HD-DVD starting this May, becoming another Blu-ray only studio. The LA Times also has a helpful graphic depicting the new breakdown of studio support, and HD-DVD is losing badly. With Blu-Ray also consistently selling twice the volume of discs, and holding a dramatic lead in purchased devices(mainly due to PS3), is there any doubt as to the eventual winner of this format war?"
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