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Gamers dress as zombies to raise R18+ awareness

crocodill Might be counter-productive (1 comments)

Somehow this doesn't seem like a good way to prove the point that video game usage doesn't correlate (which equals cause to most people unfortunately) with real life acts.

It'd be dumb to think something done in humour like this would give them any ammo, but this is kind kind of logic we're dealing with.

more than 4 years ago

The Problems With Video Game Voice Acting

crocodill Re:How about just not having voice acting? (251 comments)

What is the problem with reading the sub-titles on the screen? I remember silent film characters "sounding" a lot better in my head before voice acting started. This is especially relevant for the teletubbies. I guess I don't mind in an action movie if the characters are voice acted so that it doesn't tear you away from the action but for the teletubbies and slower programs I'd much prefer to just read the script.

more than 4 years ago

Human Males Evolve At a Faster Pace Than Females

crocodill Re:The cynical... (454 comments)

I completely agree with your point, but I think your first sentence might be biting the troll(/dumb cunt). It sounds like you're now the underdog trying to get back in power... not giving you shit.. ok .. I'm actually agreeing with your point. I'm Australian and have also noticed the trend with American sitcoms etc with the dopey husbands i.e. everyone loves raymond, and that king of queens guy, and it's a bit dumb. Even going back to 'Home improvement' that was the same shit. (Also the Simpsons, I'm sure there are further previous examples too)

There's good intentions... I see it similar to 'affirmative action', which I think is a good thing that most people don't really understand, either that or I've got my own idea of it. The way I see it is the scales need to be tipped way over to the other side for a little while to balance other things out overall (not be even atm!). This doesn't make things fair at the moment, it's about long term change, most people miss this point, they see it as some set rule forever which misses the point.

But anyway, back on topic from the little I know about American law it's time to treat men a little bit better in the family court. From the little I know that I've read so far, the American laws are quite fucking ridiculous. Things such a wife ending up with great benefits for divorcing (this I've read from actual cases). The fact that it's as acceptable to display on another sitcom such as 2.5 men with the bitchy wife is fucking ridiculous. Alimony? Paying for her own personal shit, wtf??

I also agree with your final point, I think it does confuse 'the kids' a bit. I think both sexes should definitely be treated equally, but the default bagging given to chaps does create problems for some people. The sexes deserve equal rights, but there's no need to pretend that out personalities are the same and we should divide jobs 50/50. I'm yet to meet a good female in IT and male in nursing. Doesn't mean they don't exist, but we have natural predispositions to certain areas based on millions of years of evolution.

Luckily us allies it's are unliely to get invaded by land in an old skool style war (at the moment), cause we're getting really fucking soft compared toto 'the others'.

about 5 years ago

MS Pulls Windows 7 Tool After GPL Violation Claim

crocodill hey beavis... (186 comments)

they pulled their tool


more than 5 years ago

New Threats Against Pirate Bay Owners

crocodill Oh dear (335 comments)

Sweden stayed neutral during WW2, but have caved to the *AA type mofos. Therefore *AA mofos = worse than the nazis? Indeed, it is to ponder.

more than 5 years ago

Texas Makes Zombie Fire Ants

crocodill The Selfish Gene (398 comments)

Richard Dawkins talks about ants doing this kind of stuff in his book: The Selfish Gene.

It's an awesome book to read if you want to learn more about the world you're living in and also reasoning behind a lot of human behaviour.

more than 5 years ago

Attackers Infect Ads With Old Adobe Vulnerability

crocodill Tech support question (70 comments)

Can someone please tell me how to change the font when I'm typing a document in microsoft?

more than 5 years ago

How Big Should My Swap Be?

crocodill Re:Just test? (900 comments)

I disagree. I think people should use a swap size that is wrong for them.

more than 6 years ago


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