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"Canadian DMCA" Rising From the Dead

crucifer Re:please be broad-minded (211 comments)

I contacted my MP, he's in the "Bloc Quebecois" and he assured me that his party was going to second the conservative's motion to pass the bill. So unfortunately, this horrible disaster is going to pass.

more than 4 years ago

Finding New and Unintended Ways of Playing Games

crucifer StarCraft with nothing but the most useless units (346 comments)

I actually finished SC and BW campaigns doing nothing other than zerglings for zergs, zealots for protoss and firebats for terran (marines are too powerful; so I decided to go for firebats). The entire game was quite easy even with this unit choice handicap. But when I arrived at the last mission of the expansion pack of BW. It was hell. The mission is as follow : You need to kill 3 overminds; each one with a special ability : 1- Your entire base is surrounded by invulnerable sunken colonies. The only way to reach that overmind is through a very long path of invulnerable sunken colonies. 2- Once ever 2-3 minutes a boss ultralisk would spawn and attack your base. That ultralisk takes only 1/2 HP damage per firebat hit, has 800HP and kills the firebat in a single hit. 3- Guardians and mutalisks attacks. Pretty hard to kill guardians with turrets since they have bigger ranger than turrets. I spent 8 hours in that single mission. I mined almost every last mineral of the map (some I couldn't reach because I could not build shuttles). t was absolutely awful, but I couldn't stop there. I HAD to be able to say I finished the entire game building nothing but the most basic units of the game.

more than 5 years ago

So You Want To Be a Game Designer?

crucifer Re:It's easy (204 comments)

Sorry ... it is indeed the right number ...
I was confused since I was working with the already XORed number.

more than 9 years ago


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