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Displayport V1.2 To Take Giant Leap Over HDMI

crunchly Re:can somebody explain to me... (345 comments)

Try this: http://techresearch.intel.com/articles/None/1813.htm

about 5 years ago

Is OpenOffice.org a Threat? Microsoft Thinks So

crunchly I really wanted to like OOo (467 comments)

When I switched to a Mac as my primary machine, I decided to move away from MS Office on my PC and try OpenOffice. It was ok for some casual things, but when I started creating more serious documents (like my resume), I ran into many issues. Formatting was not always consistent and printing did not always match what was on screen. Often times, there would be display problems, like incorrect screen redraws when scrolling. These are important on any platform, but were particularly annoying on OS X where display/output consistency has traditionally been a stong point.

Another issue, although not OOo's specifically, is that .doc is still the format required by many sites and the filter used by OOo doesn't always produce correctly formatted documents.

Now I realize that these issues may be specific to the Mac port of OOo, but they were enough to deter me from it. I tried very hard to avoid MS Office (even tried iWork, but lack of .doc was a killer), but until other file formats (like OpenDocument) become more accepted, it will be hard for other products to be competitive.

about 5 years ago

Why AT&T Should Dump the iPhone's Unlimited Data Plan

crunchly All wireless carriers need to get a grip... (501 comments)

...on the future. This future is the fully connected device, whether it be a smartphone, netbook or something completely different. Now I'm not saying that all data will live in the cloud like many vendors do, but enough will that an always connected device will pretty much be a requirement. And these carriers are all very quick to sell high end packages and lock customers into long term contracts. They also want to partner with manufacturers and offer devices and services to sell even larger packages. Unfortunately, I think they are unable to understand data use trends and still think of mobile devices as having the functionality of the cell phones of the 90's.

Now I understand that AT&T may not have been able to guess at the popularity of the iPhone and how it would be used when they signed the original contract with Apple, but if I was a wireless carrier, I'd much rather have the problem of too much usage on my network than not enough (think Sprint).

My advice to AT&T: Get to work! And remember that if you are going to build out your network, don't build it for tomorrow, build it for the next decade.

more than 5 years ago

Flash CS5 Will Export iPhone Apps

crunchly I'd prefer it if Flash went away entirely (154 comments)

Aside from the occasional clever game, I could certainly do without Flash in general, let alone on the iPhone. And even if Flash were available, I suspect that most Flash apps would have to be rewritten to work well on the size screen and the touch interface of the iPhone. If you are going to write an app for a specific platform then, use the appropriate tools for the job. Certainly, Apple tries its best to keep all aspects of its machines under its own control, but anything to reduce the annoyance of Flash is a good thing IMO.

more than 5 years ago

Schooling, Homeschooling, and Now, "Unschooling"

crunchly Related experience (1345 comments)

I don't have any experience with unschooling, but am currently trying out unworking.

more than 5 years ago

Illusion Cloak Makes One Object Look Like Another

crunchly I think it's been done before (219 comments)

Because I've definitely seen elephants that weren't really there. And the weird thing is that they were always pink. And only showed up after I've had a few... Hmmmm.

more than 5 years ago

Apple May Bring a Non-iPhone To Verizon Wireless

crunchly LTE (194 comments)

I think LTE may be what Apple is after, as it seems that Verizon is being more aggressive with that technology than AT&T. It would be a data-only device, probably bundled with Verizon's VoIP service. I could hope that somewhere down the road, you would have a choice there, maybe Skype, Vonage or any other VoIP provider.

more than 5 years ago

Your Favorite Tech / Eng. / CS Books?

crunchly Internetworking with TCP/IP (517 comments)

by Douglas Comer. Got me started in networking and I learned as much from this series of books as any other.

more than 6 years ago

Gmail Reveals the Names of All Users

crunchly Dammit. (438 comments)

Now everyone will know that I have nothing going on every Friday and Saturday night for the foreseeable future...

more than 6 years ago


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