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What If We Ran Universities Like Wikipedia?

cryokinetic2 Re:Jaw-droppingly bad idea (380 comments)

Someone give me some mod points so I can mod this up! The University of Phoenix style of learning is completely USELESS for someone studying geology, remote sensing, and other related fields (e.g. ME). You business majors and generic programmers can have your fun with these degree mills. I'll take my chances with a real college.

about 4 years ago

Ubuntu 10.10, Maverick Meerkat, Now Available

cryokinetic2 Re:my test (473 comments)

I'm just about in the same boat as you (ability-wise). Java install in firefox and chromium under 10.04 went off without a hitch for me. Hopefully the same can be said of 10.10.

about 4 years ago


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