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Publications Divided On Self-Censorship After Terrorist Attack

cryptolemur Re:Answer: (512 comments)

Apparently it wasn't that effective, since nobody has been able to verify this "myth". The young moros may have committed in less juramentados merely due to improved conditions and infrastructure, and seeing US troops as less of an enemy.
Anyway, they were still doing it in 1940, they were doing it to japanese, the last incident was in 2011, so the habit still exists...
And apparently pighides or pork having nothing to do with getting to heaven is an absurd idea. To a Muslim, that is.

about two weeks ago

The Luxury of a Bottomless Bucket of Bandwidth For Georgia Schools

cryptolemur Re:They've finally built a 100% uptime cloud? (117 comments)

I believe it does not mean it's uptime and accessibility is 99.99999% (or better) but that since it's not private third party shenanigan, it can't go bankrupt and disappear overnight. Or be closed by FBI without warning.

about three weeks ago

Finnish KRP Questions Suspected Lizard Squad Member

cryptolemur Re:Script kiddies at work (62 comments)

If you seriously think that causing a minor inconvenience warrants beating someone to pulp, then I think you're bigger threat to society than this kid is.

about three weeks ago

Cyberattack On German Steel Factory Causes 'Massive Damage'

cryptolemur Re:Fundamental failure of process design (212 comments)

For three hundred years people were able to run them furnaces without the aid of computers just fine. But after the 'puter takes over, you can't do anything without it, even if the damn thing goes south... I'd say it's not a very good design.

about a month ago

Investigation: Apple Failing To Protect Chinese Factory Workers

cryptolemur Re:If the manufacturer added more value... (201 comments)

Yes, that's the naive version of how "free market" works. In reality, since competition is not for the benefit of the companies, they do whatever it takes to not compete. Because in fully functional "free markets", it would be practically impossible to make profit, which means that the very driving force of the innovation and manufacture will diminish the better "free markets" work. The "free markets" will fail by design, by becoming unfree and uncompetitive.

And competition is not, by definition, efficient. It's immense waste of time, effort and resources. What it produces, on the other hand, might sometimes appear to be efficiency, if look only at the winner. If you look at the whole picture, it would take some mind bending acrobatics to believe that having to write the same software for three different operating systems and three different phone platform is in any way efficient use of developers' skills, time and effort.

about a month ago

Warmer Pacific Ocean Could Release Millions of Tons of Methane

cryptolemur Re:Peer reviewed (329 comments)

Many times, these denier sites all quote one study, and in the cacophony confusion arises.

I would like to add that often these sites quote a study that does not say what the site claims it says, usuallly the contrary. So always check out the study, too. If you don't know the lingo, or can follow the science, there's usually some discussion to be found handling the misquoting of the paper.

As there very seldom is "conclusive" studies in anything -- and especially so in a cross-discipline field covering physics, astronomy and biology -- you'd be better off starting with Spencer Wearth's Discovery of Global Warming, me thinks.

about a month and a half ago

Renewables Are Now Scotland's Biggest Energy Source

cryptolemur Re:AND, notT OR (235 comments)

The life-cycle carbon footprint of different energy production is very extensively studied, and if eco-freaks don't cre about those, nuclear-freaks tend to come up with very fantastic numbers, manaking to make nuclear almost as clean as renewables by creative and fantastic accounting. For example, there's often some unknown technical magic happening when moving from high-grade uranium to low-grade uranium that requires no extra enrichment. Or by stroke of other kind of magic, we turn all uranium reactor to thorium or other unproved stuff reactors overnight. The biggest issue, though, the nuclear is facing in this new landscape of energy production is the fact that it's rather incompatible with the renewables in the grid. Unless it scales itself down succesfully.

about 2 months ago

Coal Plants Get New Lease On Life With Natural Gas

cryptolemur Re: It's still reacting carbon and oxygen... (143 comments)

The problem with nuclear, without even going close to the radiation boogeyman, is that:
- it requres huge investement before nothing happens
- it takes years to construct a power plant
- it's pretty much unflexible regarding any peaks or lows in consumption
- the latest generation concrete housings' carbon foorprint takes a decade to offset
- provided the fuel mining, enrichement and transportation is almost carbon neutral
- the nuclear plants require a lot of sweet water for cooling, 24/7, and the world is running out

Oh, and nobody is willing to foot the bill, including insurance and decomissioning, so techically greenies don't really need to freak the hell out or start screaming, because mostly nuclear power is off the table due to practical issues. Which probably is why I don't know any greenies who do run around in circles. Actually, most of the greenies I know are free-market liberals. Now, *that* doesn't make any sense...

about 2 months ago

Denmark Faces a Tricky Transition To 100 Percent Renewable Energy

cryptolemur Re:It is all about baseload (488 comments)

That could be because in the real world nuclear is pretty much incompatible with renewables, being so darn inflexible in every possible way. And that is the gist of all this "baseload" power generation -- it's old thinking stemming from the fact that neither (old) coal or nuclear power plants can adjust well to the demand, so you have to run them at 80-90 percent of capacity all the time, and add some way more adjustable gas generators in to the mix to take care of the peaks.

The more the almost immediately adjustable renewables take care of the power production, the less the is room for old technology in the grid, since the whoe baseload issue goes away. And this is starting to hit the luddite utilities in the Europe who refuse to take advantage of new technology...

about 2 months ago

Is Public Debate of Trade Agreements Against the Public Interest?

cryptolemur Re:There is some place for secrecy (219 comments)

Most of the nogotiations are, or should not be, a game, where you try to achieve advantage over the other "partners", but try an agreement that benefits boths sides, or all, sides of the agreement.
Beides, while at least telling your subjects what you are negotiating about, would not necessarily require revealinh all your cards, au contraire, public discourse may give you other leverage, or even more opportunities for bargaining.
I don't think there's downside in open trade negotaitions. Not open trade. Or, you know, open, free markets. There are many downsides to secretive, backhanding, misinforming, lying, deceiving martkets, though.

about 3 months ago

"Police Detector" Monitors Emergency Radio Transmissions

cryptolemur Re:someohow I think (215 comments)

They don't have to ban them, they can ask for money to either cover urban areas with simple beacons overwhelming the "system", or even better, have a fleet of drones circling around making these things go "bong" completely randomly...

about 3 months ago

Scanning Embryos For Super-Intelligent Kids Is On the Horizon

cryptolemur Re:Consistency (366 comments)

Ahum, Stephen Hsu is a theoretical physicist, the breed that seems to think that everything else in science is a subset of their discipline and thus within their realm of understanding. Which is rarely the case.

Meanwhile, the genetic researchers have already started serious discussions about the fact that since we now can fix some defects already on the embryo level, should we? If you cull them, then that discussion will be controlled by hapless physicists...

about 3 months ago

Nearly 700 Genetic Factors Found To Influence Human Adult Height

cryptolemur Re:Not news: GWAS Often Fail (68 comments)

Talk about name dropping...:-)

I hope you're not thinking all these authors contributed equally. They did not. I'd venture a (well educated) guess that most of them "merely" had part of the data, and provided that in exhange for a name in publication. Most probably made their undergrads to do the analysis, so they could only share the results for meta analysis, instead of the raw data. So the the undergrads got their names in, too.

Furthermore, all the authors are using the same method (GWAS) so it's only relevant to question that single method, not the smartness off all the authors put together. And it's apparent that even you don't think much of the method, since you require those that challenge it, to come up with the proof (actual genetic/biological/chemical mechanism) that the method provided a correct model of reality. And within a generous week, which, of course, is much less time that it took to churn this statistical model out of the data.

That doens't sound fair, me thinks. It'll take years of wet lab to find out if this model has any relevance to how the world ticks. Computers and undergrads are cheap, labs and professionsal are expensive, so we get a lot of statistical biology nowadays. It's not bad science per se, but it's a very limited approach, because it's (totally) data driven.

about 4 months ago

News Corp Australia Doesn't Want You To Look Closely At Their Financials

cryptolemur Re:Rupert Murdoch Streisand (132 comments)

In a free market society they would have to disclose all information, of course. Otherwise the market would not work properly, because the consumers could not make well informed decision...

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Resolving the Clash Between Art and Technology In Music?

cryptolemur Re:Union tactics (121 comments)

I may be protectionism, or it may be serious consern for quality. Or both. You do know that the luddites didn't oppose machines, but machines that produced poor quality stuff -- they were afraid that people would be fooled to buy third grade crap instead good quality products.

Too bad they were beaten, shot and hanged for it, and we have the world we have now...

about 7 months ago

Americans Hate TV and Internet Providers More Than Other Industries

cryptolemur Re:Not me (255 comments)

If we started to assume that business is not supposed to behave the most sosiopathic and misantropist way possible, the world might become a better place.

In other words, the bottom line is no excuse for anything. Not even in business. A creepy bastard is a creepy bastard, even if it's for profit.

about 8 months ago

Water Cannons Used Against Peaceful Anti-TTIP Protestors: the Next ACTA Revolt?

cryptolemur Re:Silly Peasants (142 comments)

I a perfect, "special interest free", scenario we'd only get to accept or reject a whole preselected parliament, or senate, or whatever institute does the democracy theater in your country.

about 8 months ago

US Navy Wants Smart Robots With Morals, Ethics

cryptolemur Re: Ethics and Morals ? (165 comments)

The objective of war is to impose your will on the others, not to kill people, since you can't impose anything on dead people.

You only care about body count, or spectacular victories ("let's put the fear of God to them"), when you don't know what you're imposing if anything, or to whom you're imposing it on. Then body count becomes the only measure of prgress that you can use. It's like your fighting a war either because you can, or because you don't know what else to do...

Besides, what made Red Army relatively easy picking for the Wehrmacht in 1941-42 was the very fact that it won it's two previous engagements (Khalkyn-Gol and Winter war), the first one spectacularly, which pretty much prevented any constructive critique or learning from mistakes and casualties.

about 8 months ago

Oklahoma Botched an Execution With Untested Lethal Injection Drugs

cryptolemur Re:Time to move into the Century of the fruit bat. (1198 comments)

It could be that the point of capital punishment is to tell people that at times it is OK to kill a person that has offended you...

No, wait...

about 9 months ago

American Judge Claims Jurisdiction Over Data Stored In Other Countries

cryptolemur Re:US Court did *not* say corporations are people (226 comments)

Amusingly enough, "corporation" comes from latin word meaning a "group of people"... so where's the difference?

about 8 months ago



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